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Rose Petals, Jesus and a Meeting

Rose Petal from the Tomb of Jesus

In my light work at various body, mind and spirit expositions in the United States during the last few years, I have met a wide variety of people and had many amazing divinely guided experiences.

I have learned that every object has a vibratory rate and energy essence, as taught by Archangel Michael. Sometimes rose petals of different colors are given as symbols in a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy session. Each color petal – white, pink, yellow or red – of the ones I have been asked to give a client, each has its own meaning:

  • the white rose petal’s essence helps invoke a sense of calm,
  • a pink rose petal’s essence is joy of the heart;
  • a yellow rose’s essence is happy love;
  • the red rose petal’s essence is unconditional love.

“Love is composed of many petals.”– Archangel Michael.

Perhaps my knowledge of how to use rose petals in Star Healing was a pre-teaching for what was to follow.

A middle-aged man came to my booth for a private reading over a year ago at one of the events where I was speaking and exhibiting and began asking for Archangel Michael’s help in locating some gold. The gold he was inquiring about he hoped with my help to locate, excavate and use in furthering cures and funding for AIDS. This was validated with the help of Archangel Michael. That, indeed, these were his intentions. They were not self serving.

Near the end of several consultations during the weekend event, after I suppose I had earned his trust as someone who is divinely guided by Archangel Michael, he opened his wallet and silently handed me a business-card sized, plastic-covered card, with what looked like a dried red rose petal pressed between the plastic with a long Latin-sounding name faintly typed on a tiny piece of paper which was attached  to the card–Mary, followed by a long Latin name I was unfamiliar with.

I held it with all the sanctity in which it was shared with me and  asked Archangel Michael what it was and what it meant. Archangel Michael said, “This is from the tomb of Jesus.”

I was filled with awe and reverence. It was as though I was involved directly in the  “Da Vinci Code”–a sacred holy object held in secrecy was being shared with me.

Was this a piece to the “real’  story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Could this be a clue to the  final whereabouts of the Holy Grail?  As founder of Star Healing, a new 5th healing system, I was guided to use and teach practitioners to use the Nautilus Shell which contains the Fibonacci sequence. Dan Brown features the Fibonacci sequence  as one of the many clues left behind by Jacques Sauniere, the Louvre curator. I wondered what part, if any, I was to play in this mystery now having seen and entrusted to view the object? I trembled as I knew what the angel had shared with me was true.

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