Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly Hampton FAQs—Star Healing for Adults and Children

What are the benefits of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™?”

  • The personal healing benefits of this powerful new system from Archangel Michael to Kelly, varies widely from person to person. You are encouraged to read a partial list of testimonials knowing that each healing is unique or discuss with Kelly in advance of your session if you prefer.
  • It is important not to have any preconceived notion of what you will experience or to compare your healing with others. “Benefits will come to everyone differently, like the sifting of flour over time,” Archangel Michael, “some overnight, some in the days and weeks and continue into decades into the future as this is molecular Ascension healing.”
  • In addition, Archangel Michael states that where there is peace and calm there can be no illness in the body. However, some of the benefits include more peace and calm and where there is peace and calm you cannot have illness in your body.
  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ has been effective in helping people with weight loss, smoking, arthritis, ringing in the ears, mental confusion, cancers, hormone issues, anything present in the body including the removal of fears, phobias compulsions and addictions. Though many individuals have received lasting benefits after only one session, it is important to know that Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ may be given up to three times for the same set of conditions per Archangel Michael.

Can Star Healing cure addictions like smoking and overeating?

  • Yes! Lots of clients have already received permanent relief from these addictions, as have drug users. It can take up to three attunements for some conditions, per AAMichael and addictions may be one of the reasons. However, some individuals also receive instantaneous healing during their session! The results vary depending upon the number of “filters” a person has.  
  • Additional benefit accrue when people combine their Star Healing sessions with Ascended Spaces™, the new Ascension system Archangel Michael  for their homes and small offices. Elevating one’s home has always been an important part in well being. You are invited to visit the Ascended Spaces page here for further information.

Who can experience a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Session?

  • For the moment, Archangel Michael has limited Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ to people between the age of 5 and 80. This, however, may expand in the future to include infants and adults over 80. Pregnant women may also experience a session, if they are at least 6 months into their pregnancy and there have been no complications. The Awakening or Aware souls, many of them under the age of 30, are especially benefiting from this healing system as it is powerful enough to reach them. 

What is the difference between Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ and other forms of healing, like Reiki or Pranic Healing?

  • The beauty of this healing is that it will allow you to access higher vibrational levels than perhaps either the novice or experienced master may have accessed in other forms of healing. This, I feel, is a flexible, powerful, creative form of healing, accessing a different source. You decide for yourselves. You will know if you are ready.” — Archangel Michael
  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ is a fifth-dimensional, cellular, molecular form of healing that Archangel Michael gave me  in 2010. Coming from a fifth-dimensional source, it offers more powerful healing results than fourth-dimensional healing systems like Reiki, and the benefits can last forever.
  • Star Healing also restructures a person’s fourth-dimensional DNA to a a fifth-dimensional vibrational level, which then resonates to the vibration of love. Archangel Michael points out, further, that the significance of the fifth dimension is that the fifth is the lowest dimension where he resides, and as such. it sets Star Healing apart as Ascension healing.
  • Another reason the fifth dimension is important to Star Healing is that it gives a person molecular peace and calm. “Where there is peace and calm, there can be no illness in the body. — Archangel Michael.

Is remote distance healing as effective as an in-person healing session and how does it work?

  • Yes, Star Healing is just as effective in person as remotely. This is NOT a silent form of healing, however, so everyone must be able to hear Kelly. This is accomplished easily enough through land or cellular lines or through Skype or Facebook chat for example.
  • You are encouraged to share what you may see or feel during your distance healing as as Archangel Michael states, “You and I are equals.” Archangel Michael very much desires that this new and powerful system continue to spread globally for not only your personal healing, but for the collective consciousness of the planet.

What tools does Star Healing use?

  • Star Healing uses sacred geometry, gems, a few oils, the conch shell, and many energetic techniques shared with me from the angel. It can open Star Gates for souls to go to their original fifth-dimensional homes, provide key codes and can offer great visionary spiritual journeys.
  • Some individuals also time travel for the purpose of spreading love. Some souls travel to the 7, 8, 9, 16, 33rd dimensions as well. Of course, it can also remove aches and pains, diseases, fears, phobias and compulsions of all types.

What is my role in Star Healing – am I an active participant?

  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ is not a silent form of healing, so you may be an active participant in your healing by sharing as much as you wish during a session. It is not necessary to “see” or “feel the energy” however. The same source energy goes to all. When individuals do share they become teachers.
  • Archangel Michael gives visualizations to everyone during a session. He wants people to know what is happening! Silent form of healing is leaving our planet. Ascension Energy means that we are equals—healer and those receiving the healing. Ego-centered vibration is leaving our planet. 

What do you need from me to conduct my distant healing session?

  • Everyone is sent electronically, anywhere in the world, a client intake form, once your payment for your healing session has been made.
  • Kelly requires that the intake form be read, completed, signed, dated and returned, either via a scan and sent as an attachment, or by replying to the body of the email in which it is sent.
  • She will go over with you at the start of your arranged session time. You will be asked, “what fears, phobias, compulsions and addictions of the mind, body and spirit you wish to be released or restored” among other important information.
  • You will also be given the chance on the form to permit your testimony to be used (or not).

How long is a distant healing session?

  • Normally, 60-75 min. Star Healing may be given up to three times for the same set of conditions per Archangel  Michael.
  • Even if you feel as though you have many chronic or debilitating conditions Kelly has been instructed not to extend the Star Healing sessions past 90 min. as this is powerful healing.
  • If a person, after 3 weeks, sees little improvement, they may choose to arrange a second session. This is the minimum amount of time everyone is instructed to wait per Archangel Michael.

What can I expect after my distant healing?

  • You will be asked to keep a written notes for three weeks of the improvements or total erasure of the conditions you expressed on your client intake form and also noting more peace and calm in your life. Archangel Michael calls this the period of self awareness.
  • These notes will be shared with Kelly, normally forwarded in an email at the conclusion of the three weeks.
  • Often, with your permission, these notes are turned into testimonials, but more importantly, they serve as a guideline to determine if a second session may be necessary and advised.
  • Please note however, that this does not mean that after 3 weeks ALL THE BENEFITS were you given are present as this is molecular healing with benefits extending into decades. As Archangel Michael has stated it is mainly for your discovery! You may call it a journal if you wish. He calls it the time of Self Awareness.

Is a second attunement a repeat of the first if I may need one?

  • No, Kelly has been shown by Archangel Michael how to elevate your second or third attunements if they are necessary (and so have her Certified Trained Healers of this system).
  • Kelly has been guided to suggest to all of her clients that if you are presently on medication not to discontinue your medicine.
  • There are certain conditions which do require more than one attunement per Archangel Michael, most typically they are living in “toxic” home spaces, being on “mind” medicines or being depressed, having a history of abuses, addictions, some viruses can be stubborn.
    There are of course, some individuals who have come to this healing system with many of these conditions listed and received total healing after one session.

Will I have any release symptoms after my healing session?

  • Everyone is different. During your closing sacred ceremony, Kelly will be sharing with you the sacred teaching word for word from Archangel Michael, “Your body has been restored in many ways.
  • Drinking plenty of unfiltered water for the next 24-36 hours is wise and advised. You may experience vivid dreaming, temporary fatigue, feel yourself to be more emotional. If you do, know that this is normal and to be expected.” It is equally normal, for individuals to feel none of these most common releases.
  • You will be asked to follow up with Kelly during this time or she you, for a very brief check in noting any releases or simply none.

Why might I need a second or third attunement and are these done in the same manner?

  • As Archangel Michael has guided Kelly, you may need a second or third attunement in order to receive the full benefit largely if your home space and or office space is not also attuned to support high vibrations.
  • You are being attuned or transformed (back) to the 5th dimension during your private energy session which is the love vibration– oneness, infinite love, Christ Consciousness, connected to source.  The 5th dimension which is the source for Star Healing is the lowest dimension upon which Archangel Michael resides.
  • Kelly has had clients say, “You are turning me energetically into an angel,” and she replied, “Yes, you may think of this system in this way.” There are 19 energetic techniques and three sacred symbols which will be given to you during your session. However, Archangel Michael calls your home (everyone’s man-made home space) a baking oven—containing many of the lower vibrations which falls outside of love. “You will have greatest benefit if you eat with both a knife and a fork.” He means experiencing the new system for creating abundance in your home which he has asked Kelly to call Ascended Spaces™. ALONG with a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ session.
  • You will be made aware of the importance of this divine spiritual teaching during and after your session and you will determine if it speaks to you or not. Creating abundance in your home and small office, however, is integrally important spiritual truth Kelly will share with you. More information about Ascended Spaces may be found on her site. It is a simple and powerful system. Some individuals begin by using the home system first and then arrange a private healing session. In either order, Kelly honors your readiness to these angelic teachings to create total abundance in your lives. 

Is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ a fixed healing system or will it expand?

  • The modality does continue to  expand.  Michael adds to Kelly’s abilities as she is ready to receive. In 2010 there were only ten techniques. As of 2014 there are 20-30 separate energy techniques, three sacred symbols you may receive and two oils.  
  • Second and third attunements have expanded the systems as certain conditions do require more than one session. Soon, Star Healing 2 will be downloaded to further expand an already infinite and powerful new healing system for the planet. It has also expanded to small animals since its inception in 2010, and horses. Marine life will also follow. 

Is it possible to use Star Healing on animals?

  • Yes. Michael taught Kelly how to use the Star Healing system and adapt it for horses in a program called Star Healing Equine™ and Star Healing for Small Animals™. She teaches clinic sessions where you can learn how to heal your small pets or horses with this very system or become a Certified Practitioner yourself in this expanding online course. You may also choose to enroll and become a Certified Star Healing Equine™  or Small Animal Healer and join the growing list!

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Effective Jan. 1 2017: For private healing sessions 24 hour notice is required if you need to cancel. If you cancel less than 12 hours prior to your appointment time you may be charged a $75 cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 5 hours prior to your appointment time, you will be charged full price. For workshops and training, course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Your course fee reserves your spot in the workshop or training. Course amount may be applied towards other events or training providing at least 48-hour notice is given.
  • Approved Customer Credits: You are free to use, transfer or gift the credits within one year from the date of original purchase. 
  • Disqualified Cancellation: The full amount will be donated in your honor to one of the charities we support: Adoptive Families/Ties Organization, World Animal Foundation.
  • Digital Products & Online Events/Programs/Courses: All sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges. No customer credit. No exceptions. Please review product details carefully before purchasing.

I am so drawn to this system. What requirements are there to become a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Healer?

  • There are two requirements per Archangel Michael—you must have previous healing experience, and you must purchase and read 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael.
  • “You cannot run a marathon without first having run a race, and you cannot teach what you do not know.”—Archangel Michael
  • It’s also  highly  recommended, that a healer considering enrolling in the certification program have working knowledge of Ascended Spaces™.