Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly Hampton FAQS—Star Healing for Small Animals

What types of conditions can Star Healing Intergalactic Energy for Small AnimalsTM help with Archangel Michael?

  • Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM uses the same 5th dimensional source of energy, the Star or Pleiadian Galaxy, as its source as does the healing system for the human body, so many if not all conditions that plague cats and dogs primarily, can be totally eliminated or improved. As implied, any and all health concerns even the most grave, can be made more whole, more well, if not lessened or eliminated through this system from the Star Family.
  • “Unless a pet has made a contract to experience an illness for their learning, we, the collective consciousness of angels, as well as the high council, feel that as a result of the healing frequencies coming to your Mother Earth, and because of the heightening vibration of many on the planet, that the small animal kingdom will be served more fully and more completely by this system than at any other time in mankind’s history.
  • Let me go on to say that some of the older cats and dogs, are allowing for new healing systems like Star Healing for Small Animals to expand across the globe through their telegraphic communications. Just as many humans are expanding their consciousness telepathically, so are your animal friends. Many of them, have told us through this telepathic communication that they are excited and ready to experience a pain free, peace and calm existence upon which to live as a result of being in this 5th D, Pleiadian energy.”—Archangel Michael

What is Pleiadian Energy exactly?

  • “Pleiadians and Pleiadian energy is wise and powerful. It originates in a galaxy light years outside of your own. It is pure love, 5th D energy. The 5th D is also the lowest dimension upon which I reside. Think of this system as turning your animal’s body into a crystalline light body. Soon all souls, all animals and the plant kingdom will be pure crystalline energy. For a more in-depth examination of this loving galaxy you may wish to read my words.” (2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael) —Archangel Michael

Will I need any materials to conduct a Star Healing session with my pet after enrolling in the online course?

  • Yes, Kelly’s office will send you a recommended list of supplies as a pdf once you have enrolled in the online course along with your guide book, both of which may also be snail mailed to you for an additional fee, including mailing to outside of the USA.

What are the tools needed and how much do they cost?

  • The majority of the tools used in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy for Small AnimalsTM are the same as the tools used in the system for the body, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM of which this is an extension.  They are gem stones, crystals, sound tools. Most clients report that their investment in the tools is near $100.00 USD or less, depending.

What if I prefer that Kelly conducts a healing session? Would she be able to help my cat? I live far away.

  • Yes. These appointments are arranged and priced individually to include travel to you or not.  Private healing sessions, just like with people, who come to this system, may be done remotely. Kelly will be happy to consider all requests to help you and your pet.

How is this system different than the Star Healing system used for treating individuals?

  • “There are many differences, some are subtle and some are more obvious. For one thing, animals are generally more telepathic than many souls and they can communicate with their owners in this manner. Telepathy and how to better communicate with your animal are part of this system which differs from Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM.
  • I think that many of you who may come to Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM  will find that you will also be drawn to the system for yourselves—Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM, which has been in existence since before dawn, but in the hands and hearts of the founder since 2010 when it was given to her.
  • For still others of you who are animal lovers and pet owners I feel as though you will easily to drawn to learn the equine system also. They are comparable but different. I invite you to open your hearts and healing hands to the wonders of the universes”—Archangel Michael

Will this energetic healing system help my rabbit? I’m not sure what small animals can be included in this healing work? What about a bird? Does size matter?

  • “Yes, you may include any and all land animals with four or two legs near the size of a pony, knowing that equines have their own similar yet separate system—Star Healing EquineTM. There will be a new and separate extension for this system coming which will include sea mammals.—Archangel Michael

How long does it take to see improvement in my pet’s behavior?

  • “That depends upon several factors. An animal’s temperament, the owner’s temperament and the severity of the condition(s) all factor into the timeframe of healing. It is my humblest opinion that even the most serious of conditions that may affect the dog and cat and other small animal species can be eased after only one session.”

How is this system different than let’s say, Reiki or any other healing system?

  • “In one sense all energy healing systems are attempts to connect with source energy whatever that energy source. Reiki for animals is a healing system that has helped thousands of animals and will continue to do so.
  • However, more animals, just like humans are entering in with higher vibrations and they simply respond better to a healing system that is advanced enough to help them. Most small animals, dogs/cats under the age of six have entered in with higher vibrational needs, and thus making them similar to the “Aware” children like the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystalline, and Atlanteans.
  • Higher vibrational species of plants and animals are also on your planet presently since the Ascension and will continue to arrive. In the sense that there are more powerful energy sources like Star Healing, it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges.”—Archangel Michael

Does enrollment in Kelly’s online course allow me to teach this system to others?

  • Only if you enroll in the Certified Practitioner’s Course which may be learned remotely or during a live intensive training workshop. There is more than one course. There is also the online course for personal use as well as a third program in development for individuals who wish to apply as assistants to help Kelly conduct larger group training events. We welcome your inquiries, including any regarding hosting a group intensive event.

Does this mean that only small animals under 6 years of age will benefit from this type of energetic healing?

  • “This is a good and valid question. However, any animal from birth to advancing age may benefit from the peace and calm provided by the source energy, which is pure love, 5th D Pleaidian energy as its source.”—Archangel Michael

How can I learn this system?

  • You may simply learn either through enrolling in Kelly’s online program and receive the Divine guide book from Archangel Michael and begin in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world or by attending a live intensive workshop or enrolling in the newly developed remote Practitioner Course.
  • Your online learning of the system will be supported by live demonstration and question and answer support from Kelly via Skype, Facebook chat, Google chat, or any other live video presentation format.

Will there be angelic teaching for us how to connect telepathically with our beloved pets in this course?

  • “ABSOLUTELY. Without this, healing with the small animal will be less than complete. It takes both the animals and their owners or care givers full intent to create significant change.”—Archangel Michael.

My dog has arthritis. I’ve tried everything. Will this healing system help him?

  • “Since Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM uses the same 5th-dimensional source energy as the healing system for the human body, many if not all conditions that plague small animals, particularly dogs and cats can be totally eliminated or improved as with horses and people.”—Archangel Michael.

Is there any harm in practicing several different types of healing to try and help my pets?

  • “We believe that you will not feel the need to return to other healing systems once a pet owner is fully trained in Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM.
  • We support you in all loving attempts to restore health and well being to those animals you love. It is not my intent to limit energetic healing for the planet, only to direct it to new forms.
  • Just as higher vibrational children have come to your planet, and continue to come, the same will be for dogs and cats, which is our primary focus at the moment. That means that there are dogs and cats already on your planet that have entered in with higher vibrational strands. They will be among the animals that will benefit from higher energetic forms of healing…very similar to the need and rise in humans.”—Archangel Michael.