Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly Hampton

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Let Kelly Hampton guide you toward the stars, Ascension and even greater prosperity

An internationally respected healer and spiritual teacher who first connected as a child with both Christ (Lord Sananda in the higher realms) as well as her Pleiadian family, Kelly Hampton shares divine wisdom across all dimensional planes to help you transform your life and lead you on a path to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Kelly is here during this time of Ascension to support you in transitioning into the Aquarian Age. She has been guided to do this work for over 25 years and does it through multiple programs and multiple guides, including the Christed Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Ranking of Angels,  Mother Earth, and the Elementals. You will find her work heart-centered, expansive, and transformational.

She has appeared on numerous radio programs around the world (including her own Blog Talk Radio show), has assisted tens of thousands of people and animals to heal and increase their prosperity, sometimes miraculously in the process, and has worked alongside some of the world’s greatest teachers. She is also respected for her highly accurate and empowering channeling and mediumship sessions. Other healers have called her one of the greatest healers they have ever worked alongside. She is an inspiring global leader, motivational speaker, and the author of three renowned books from Archangel Michael.  She continues to lead life-transforming spiritual retreats to power spots around the globe. In whatever manner she conducts her work, she is a conduit for the divine to help open all possibilities for your personal perfection as well as the collective Oneness.

Kelly's New Powerfully Transformational Light Language HiVibe Commissioned Paintings!

Like this powerful sample to offset the negative effects of 5G

Comments about Kelly Hampton’s high vibrational highly charged artwork Created with the help of Archangel Michael:

Beautiful and amazing!

I see dolphins

These paintings are amazing!

In your paining that was created for longevity, I can see what looks like the face of a lion or a leopard emerging from the painting which symbolizes the cat with 9 lives which stands for longevity.

I see Merlin in one of them

So magical!

I can deeply feel these energies. They really touch me.

As a clairvoyant, I see the energies moving And swirling within each of them! They are pulling in frequencies from other dimensions.

Awesome. I see faces animals beings and other things I can only describe this hope and love!

They have beautiful vibrations Kelly especially with the gold!

A feeling of peace and love and harmony flowed over my whole being.

So powerful!

You are so talented. You and ArchAngel Michael make a great pair!

I see many different different objects in your paintings. Incredible. The sound of the pitch in my ear that constantly rings changes when I return to look at this again with more concentration.

Your paintings make me feel joyful grateful and full of love for divine mother beneath my feet and for you and Archangel Michael for bringing these forth. My face and lips are also vibrating


A Few of Kelly's Popular Services & Programs

Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyITM) - Kelly Hampton

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy

Kelly is the founder of multiple 5th-12thD Ascension systems given to her by Archangel Michael in 2010. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ for people, small animals and equines is one such Ascension system.  She trains students and conducts private, individual healing sessions from anywhere in the word.

Mask Removal & Soul Chart Recalibration

Only recently in 2020 has Kelly begun 
offering mask removal and soul chart 
recalibrations as asked by Archangel Michael.
Partly because prior to then, the angel was unable to 
assist in updating soul charts. To learn more and schedule your session, click the link below


Kelly Hampton channeled sessions

Channeled Sessions

Kelly is able to connect with the angelic, ascended masters, elemental realms as well as Christed Intergalactics to help support you on your journey in this important time of Awakening.

In 2020 Kelly begun offering mask removal and soul chart recalibrations as asked by Archangel Michael.
Partly because prior to then, the angel was unable to assist in updating soul charts. To learn more and schedule your session, click the link below


Kelly Hampton Ascended Spaces

Ascended Spaces & Other Online Courses including her monthly program Awakening to Ascendancy

Kelly was given Ascended SpacesTM Ascension system by Archangel Michael in 2011 to create abundance in your life. This is  a Pleiadian based home attunement system thousands around the world have used with documented results.
Kelly also certifies students to become practitioners of this system through online classes. She also offers a variety of expanding online programs you can experience from the comfort of your home.


Kelly Hampton mediumship sessions

Mediumship Sessions

Since a child, Kelly  also has the ability to connect you with  loved ones (including pets) who have transitioned to the other side. She considers these types of sessions extremely healing. She will hear guidance word for word and suggests reading INTO THE WHITE LIGHT for greater understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.