Kelly Hampton Energy Healer


What Is an Animal Reading?

dogs-and-cats-fbAs an advanced channel, Kelly also offers heart centered readings to connect with your animals through clear hearing.  Like a medical intuitive, Kelly is able to tune into your animals’ body, mind and spirit state with the help of Archangel Michael.  In addition, Kelly can connect with your pet directly.  This is beneficial for owners and guardians who want to better understand the needs of their pets and companions including insight on pain level, any diseases, behavioral issues or other conditions of ill health that you may not be aware of; and in some cases, validate the medical community.

During your session Kelly can also connect with animals who have made the rainbow journey.  Readings are performed via Skype, Chat or Phone. Simply bring Kelly your questions and she will relay information provided by Michael and the Angelic Realm.

Used in conjunction with Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ for Small Animals or Star Healing Equine, an Animal Communication Reading can open your connection with your animal, provide divine insight, and guide you and your animal to greater states of bliss, awareness and overall good health.  Many young animals are asking for their messages to be heard as they are the energetic equivalent of Indigo, Rainbow and Crystalline Children.  This is the time of the Awakening.  Many young animals have come here as Star Seeds, to help transmute harmony on earth.  You may choose to ask Kelly what their purpose is, to help not only them, but yourselves.  This is only one aspect of what an animal reading can provide.

Tips to Prepare for Your Reading

  • To maximize your time, kindly come prepared with questions.
  • You are welcome to record your session or take notes as Kelly will not be providing this service for you.  Many clients use or phone apps to manage this task.
  • All appointments are booked in Central Standard Time (GMT-6).
  • No refunds are provided after your consultation – partial or complete.

By proceeding with your purchase you accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS.

Booking Your Session

Select your reading length below and make your safe payment. Sessions are available in 15 min. and 30 min. Once booked, please email  to arrange the time and day of your appointment. All sessions begin in central standard time and a recording will be sent to you afterwards.

Cancellations of confirmed appointments within 24 hours of your appointment time will be subject to a 50% charge of your total payment. 

Kelly is in Central Timezone – Click Here for a TimeZone converter

15 min. reading $120
30 min. reading $198
45 min. reading $299
60 min. reading $380