Ascendancy Program for Your Continued Support

Ascendancy Membership Kelly Hampton

The time of Ascendancy is upon us!

New frequencies are reaching the planet and transformations are taking place.  We may refer to this as Ascendancy–returning all to ONENESS. During this process, you may notice mental, physical and emotional changes within yourself or those around you.  Even your animals can be affected by these changes as the vibration is intended to effect planet earth and all her inhabitants.  These changes are part of the normal cleansing and healing process; but are raising questions among those already experiencing change.

In discussion with Source on how Kelly can serve you through this process, she received a program called Ascendancy.  This monthly program will be delivered in ongoing membership format allowing you to receive support through many resources. This support has proven to keep members on track regarding health, love, loneliness and all the human experiences during this important time on our planet. As a member you will receive:

  • Monthly LIVE Universal Information Group Q and A Call (recorded for your benefit).  Call will include wisdom channeled by Kelly to answer your questions. Connect live from anywhere in the world
  • Access to Private Facebook Group where you can post questions or share awareness moments with others.
  • Monthly “Ascension Love Notes” delivered via email.
  • Complimentary pdf copy of Ascended Spaces™ to increase abundance in all of its forms. From Archangel Michael since 2011 to elevate your home space.
  • Automatic e copy of “The Book Of Animals.”
  • Special discounts on all events and telesummits
  • 10% off digital products
  • as always, file sharing of any type is prohibited by copyright

Bonus Gratitude Gift

Beyond 2012 Audio Recording – Volume 1

This teaching is from a previously recorded live lecture where through Kelly, Archangel Michael answers many common concerns or questions including:

  • 2012 vol 2 planet iphone graphicWhat to expect in the years after 2012?
  • What about life on other galaxies?
  • What does Ascension mean?
  • Who are Pleiadians?
  • Where is your soul home?
  • What is meant by the 5thD?
  • Learn self healing techniques.
  • What is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ of which Kelly is the founder and more…

When you commit to consistent support you will receive consistent benefits!

Audio replays (podcasts) can be listened to by using the online player or be downloaded to your computer to listen offline or saved to your MP3 player or a CD. Note: High speed Internet is recommended. You will receive a special link to access the live monthly Q&A Telewebcast.

By continuing with signup, you agree to the Monthly Automatic Billing that will process on your account after the initial 30-day trial, on the same day of the month when you originally registered through our merchant account on PayPal. You may cancel your membership at any time by simply emailing expressing your request to CANCEL MEMBERSHIP in the subject line with no long term commitment.

Proceed with Membership with Kelly Hampton and become a sacred member now!
Cost:  Only $39.00/month