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archangel michael explaining process of mask removal and soul charts

“I have now been granted permission by high authority of the God Mind presence not granted to me previously through the ages, to retrieve soul charts from the Halls of Wisdom for the purpose of recalibrating them.

Archangel Michael, Jan. 2020

You will experience two life changing healing processes in this session with Kelly–starting with a mask removal process followed by your soul chart recalibration

woman removing mask of limiting karma

What is a mask?

“A mask in an energetic falsehood that has either been carried forth from generations, self created, or attached to someone from an outside source which keeps them from prospering,” Archangel Michael. “Whether that prospering is literally money, or success, or love of health or in all matters combined.”

How many masks are there?

“Between 5 to 50 different masks, depending upon the severity of them, how long they have been planted, and their densities. I do not always measure in numbers,” Archangel Michael, “rather frequencies and frequency patterns.”

What are some of the types of masks people can have and be totally unaware of?

“Generalized fear, fear of intimacy, criticism, rejection, betrayal, self sabotage, critical thinking, lingering grief and other forms of sorrow, neglect and not feeling appreciated, the fear of being seen, and disillusionment are a few.”

When these energetic masks are cleared, what can a person expect?

“Each individual is as unique as a snowflake. Depending upon how many masks a person carries, how they are lodged, and how they originated, all factor into a resolution pattern. However, it can be said generally, that once the masks are cleared, it is like driving a car whose windshield has been washed over one which has run endlessly through the mud! A more positive, focused, trusting person begins to immerge. Happiness returns and prosperity typically follows. For some, the changes are immediate. For others, these changes immerge more gradually for a variety of soul reason.”

soul charts lead the way past limiting karma and toward prosperity

“Unless you were born after 2012, you will have dense 4thD karmic lessons written into your chart limiting your life experiences because of the challenging nature of karma.” — AAMichael

What can I expect during my soul chart recalibration process?

First, Archangel Michael will deliver your soul chart to you. Next, he will guide you to the pages where the karmic lessons were written by you prior to this incarnation and share what they are. Then, you will be guided to a process to remove them, thereby removing their influence.  You do not need to have any channels open, though you will be asked to visualize all. After this, you will be guided to source the cover of your sacred etheric book. Next, Archangel Michael will continue to guide you to expand certain pages to restore them to their full power unaffected by karma so benefits can show up in your life. Finally, the angel will share with you how to access your soul chart in the future should you so desire.

How does any soul attempt to learn these 3-4thD karmic lessons lifetime after lifetime?

By experiencing unnecessary tests, challenges and hardships in life.

Yes! I wish to schedule my session!

Private sessions are conducted all over the world from the comfort of your home remotely via zoom, skype, whats app, or f/b messenger if you reside outside of the USA. Otherwise via phone lines. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your transformational energy session. You may experience temporary fatigue afterwards. Once Kelly is notified of your purchase, someone from her office will contact you via email to schedule your  session.  Everyone will receive a replay link afterwards if you desire.

Kelly is in Central Timezone – Click Here for a TimeZone converter


Cancellations of confirmed appointments within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment start time will be subject to a 50% charge of your total payment. 

Partial documented results of what others have said of these two transformational processes

“I would like to share briefly my experience that I cannot find the words to describe its magnificence! It was a magical journey.  When Archangel Michael placed my soul chart in my hands and took me throughout its pages or the stages of my life that would be amplified, the magic began. I have been reshaped! We went through my soul chart transmuting, dissolving, disintegrating all the hard-future lessons that I don’t need to experience anymore. When he released the burdens  of my past written lessons, I felt born again! The visualizations I experienced in this magical journey were full of unique surprises. I have no one moment better than another, but the encounter with my beloved Mother was an indescribable instance. I felt immensely blessed!  Then near the end, energetically hugging my updated and beautiful  chart -like a happy child  hugging her favorite doll- I squeezed it so hard that I heard an Ouch! We all laughed! With my humbled heart I thank you Archangel Michael and Kelly for taking me to the Mask Removal and Recalibration Journey that makes me born again! Namaste”—L.Mirza Gutierrez

Wow! This is so powerful and I felt my masks being lifted!” —  Anne C.  

“I felt like a ton of weight came out of me…not off my shoulders, but from inside my chest.  What happened at the time I was 9 has weighed heavily on my life. I have finally been freed from that and I am so grateful!! Thank you very much for working with me today!”— Catherine W.

“The process of going through the mask removal and recalibration of my soul chart was enlightening, transformational and magical! I have since felt a freedom of flowing more with my desired intentions and dreams where I felt blocked before. A door has opened allowing me to trust more in myself without the doubts and fear limitations we all deal with. There was also magic from the pages and memories known and some forgotten that stirred my soul with tears and laughter…which allowed the blocks to dissolve with a greater understanding. I am very grateful to Kelly and ArchAngel Michael for the guidance and love through both. I definitely feel a transformation and know more will follow as I was guided and assisted in recalibrating certain pages/ages in my life plan to which I am thankful. I happily flow toward and embrace with deep gratitude! Love and a huge smile.” —Wendy D. Canada

“I’m feeling fresher, lighter and more energetic since the healing. I saw many aspects of what was being presented to me. Some “pages” felt heavier than others. When it was complete, my book was lighter.”-Rose A.

“My mask removal and soul chart recalibration were absolutely amazing! When we started, Kelly told me to settle into a meditative state. I started swaying circularly and it wasn’t something I was doing consciously, so I knew this was going to be very powerful. During the session I felt very disconnected from my physical body.  Afterward, I immediately felt so incredibly free from stress, resentment and trauma. Shortly thereafter, I took a nap and had a dream that Archangel Michael was still working on me. I am amazed at the results! When I think about some tough times, both current and past now, there is no fear, resentment or pain. I am so thankful and grateful for Kelly and Archangel Michael. This session has completely transformed me and I will carry it with me always.”–Kelly Wolf

“Thank you so much Kelly for the session! My deepest gratitude to you and Archangel Michael.”–Venkata

“I am so grateful to you and AAMichael for the Mask Removal and my Soul Chart Recalibration session. Never in my life have I received such life changing information from such an amazing teacher AAMichael and Kelly! Every page of my soul chart was like discovering myself, who I really was. This is a priceless gift to anyone who wants to clear his/her karmic burden and review their Soul Chart for benefit in this lifetime!”–Syliva K.

“I recently had a mask removal and recalibration session with Kelly and AA Michael. I found the mask removal to be easy to do and powerful. The recalibration was a process of energetically going through your life and with the assistance of AAM removing the denser experiences life lessons we wrote into our life plan and then expanding the lighter or positive experiences. After my session my boyfriend signed up to have his own session. I highly recommend it.” DP

“It was a gift and the energy was lingering and long lasting.  I am so grateful to you and Michael for the experience. I am looking forward to growth, healing, positive change! It was a beautiful process but the unique part is that you can continue the process on your own with Archangel Michael if you so choose. Anyone who is a warrior of Michael’s army should not miss this opportunity to move forward on their personal journey. Adoni Adoni Adoni.” —Toni Lindgren

“I experienced a powerful mask removal and Soul Chart recalibration from AAMicheal through Kelly Hampton. During the session I was feeling elated as well as being healed as I was removing pages in my book!  The cover of my book was made with velvet, silk and colored jewels. At one point there were pink hearts flying out of the pages, and beautiful rainbow effects on the pages I replaced. It’s amazing how hard lessons could be replaced with love, joy, abundance and prosperity! Thank you so much Kelly and AAMichael for bringing me this gift at this time!”🙏😇💕–Linda Quaglieri

“It was very powerful for me to remove the masks that have been holding me back, and the process of updating my soul chart was very profound. I did feel a bliss-like lightness and energetic release afterwards. I felt that some deep healing occurred especially when you had the vision of Jesus’ face. It was very emotional for me at that point. Much love and gratitude to you and Archangel Michael.” —Linda Graydon xo

“I am very grateful for everything you brought forth for me with Archangel Michael.  Shortly after the call i kept hearing…We are sovereign, liberated, and we are free…heard this many times.  So I started to say these words out loud repeating them as I heard them. Then after heard trust trust trust trust.  So I trust that we are sovereign, I trust we are liberated and I trust we are free. And so it is!! Infinite thank you and blessings to you dear Kelly
Much Love!” — Sonia H.
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