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Star Healing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Star Healing.

What is the difference between Star Healing and other forms of healing, like Reiki or Pranic Healing?

“The beauty of this healing is that it will allow you to access higher vibrational levels than perhaps either the novice or experienced master may have accessed in other forms of healing. This I feel is a flexible, powerful, creative form of healing, accessing a different source. You decide for yourselves. You will know if you are ready.” Archangel Michael.

Star Healing is a fifth-dimensional, cellular, molecular form of healing that Archangel Michael gave Kelly Hampton in 2010. Coming from a fifth-dimensional source, it offers more powerful healing results than fourth-dimensional healing systems like Reiki, and the benefits can last forever. Star Healing also restructures a person’s fourth-dimensional DNA to a a fifth-dimensional vibrational level, which then resonates to the vibration of love. Archangel Michael points out, further, that the significance of the fifth dimension is that the fifth is the lowest dimension where he resides, and as such it sets Star Healing apart as Ascension healing. Another reason the fifth dimension is important to Star Healing is that it gives a person molecular peace and calm. “Where there is peace and calm, there can be no illness in the body,” says Archangel Michael.

What tools does Star healing use?

Star Healing uses sacred geometry. It can open Star Gates for souls to go to their original fifth-dimensional homes, provide key codes and can offer great visionary spiritual journeys. Of course, it can also remove aches and pains, diseases, fears, phobias and compulsions of all types.

What is my role in Star Healing – am I an active participant or a passive underling?

Star Healing is not a silent form of healing, so you can be an active participant in your healing. Ascension Energy means that we are equals—practitioner and those receiving the healing. Ego-centered vibration is leaving our planet. These are just a few of the differences.

Is Star Healing a fixed technology, or will it expand?

The technology is expanding, as our knowledge in every area grows. Michael adds to Kelly’s abilities as she is ready to receive. In 2010 there were only ten techniques. As of 2012 there are 19 separate techniques, three sacred symbols you may receive and two oils. The techniques are almost sure to expand.

What do the nautilus shell and the conch shell have to do with Star Healing?

“The open-chambered nautilus shell which we use in a Star Healing session, represents all the galaxies in the multi-universes. The conch shell, which a practitioner also may use in a Star Healing session, represents the rising of Atlantis and the fifth-dimensional frequencies restored to your planet. This is the love vibration,” says Archangel Michael.

Is it possible to use Star Healing on animals?

Yes. Michael taught Kelly how to use the Star Healing system and adapt it for horses in a program called Star Healing Equine. She teaches clinic sessions where you can learn how to heal your equines with this very system. And Star Healing for small animals is coming!

Can Star Healing cure addictions like smoking and overeating?

Yes! Lots of clients have already received permanent relief from these addictions, as have drug users. It can take up to three attunements for some conditions. Additional benefit accrues when people combine their Star Healing sessions with Ascended Spaces, the new Ascension system Archangel Michael has revealed to Kelly for their homes and small offices.

Who can experience a Star Healing Session?

For the moment, Archangel Michael has limited Star healing to people between ages five and 80. This, however, may expand in the future to include infants and adults over 80.

Are remote healing sessions just as effective as in-person sessions, and how are they done?

Yes. Remote Star Healing sessions work just as well as live sessions. Kelly and her Certified Practitioners conduct them all over the world via Skype. Kelly also teaches the system and does online certification training that way, too.

I am so drawn to this system. What requirements are there to become a Star Healing Practitioner?

There are two requirements per Archangel Michael – you must have previous healing experience, and you must read 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael. “You cannot run a marathon without first having run a race, and you cannot teach what you do not know.”

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