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Star Healing Intergalactic Energy: First Workshop in the United States

It’s been a week now since I completed by first full day workshops teaching practitioners an amazing new healing modality for the Ascension, given to me by Archangel Michael in Jan. 2010. Now with five women certified to teach Journey 1 I feel a great sense of peace and relief, knowing that what the Archangel Michael shared with me does resonate with souls in the US and around the world. I am doing what was asked of me and find great joy in doing so. Just like when ArchAngel Michael visited me six years ago and said that we would be writing our first book together, the telecommunication came without invokation. In other words, I did not ask him to give me a new healing modality, he simply did. I have since learned the other Archangels have come to other souls in other parts of the world, providing them with similar divine knowledge about teaching Ascension Energies, basically, altering 4th dimensional DNA to 5th dimensional DNA, resulting in powerful healing and molecular expansion. AAMichael said that has been done in other quadrants to raise the global consciousness of our world.

In no particular order, here are some of the tools I was led to use for these first workshops–lemons, tomatoes, Tibetan Tingshas, chimes, a fan, tuning forks, crystals, stones and silverware…yes, silverware. I taught the power and meaning of AAMichael’s halo, feather and lead the training practitioners and their volunteer clients to amazing Journeys to the Pleiaidian Galaxy/the Star Galaxy.  I am forever grateful to have had this experience with so many healers in the class who are themselves gifted. Many had incredible visions of angels “supervising” us in the room and of other many helpful and real interdimensional experiences like seeing the structure of the newly formed beehive of the 5th DNA, of seeing and bringing additional wisdom to the group by sharing their abilities to see color far better than myself.

Archangel Michael gave each of us a sacred symbol. In each case a different feather. We were all moved to tears when he came without invocation and showered these sacred symbols upon us, telling us to “Tell our friends, or keep it secret,” that the symbols were in recognition of pioneering work. It was one of the most divinely moving, inspirationally beautiful moments of my life and I would assume, to those also in attendance.  At times, we became a bit lightheaded through accessing 5th dimensional energy x the power of 6 individuals. Michael’s wisdom made provisions for this in advance through my channeling, so the practicing practitioners were given an affirmation to assist in restoring ourselves in order to continue. A practitioner’s phone rang during our work with nothing but 000-000-0000 on it, others were able to take Journeys to the galaxy providing peace and calm, while looking down on their bodies or Mother Earth in space.  No two experiences were alike, except in their divine grace.

This healing modality is physically active. With my next workshops I plan include a bottle of Ben-Gay

…but as Archangel Michael has stated, “Restorative healing for both the practitioner and the student.” Upon our closing ceremony on day two, after signed certificates were handed to Linda, Melissa, Brenda, Mary and Nancy, we gathered in a circle again as we had done to start our workshop, standing with hands held as I channeled. First, the Pleidian energy source came through ( a first BTW), then Mother Mary, followed by Archangel Michael.  It was another touching, grace-filled, loving communication from divine and multidimensional intelligence. When this communication was complete we were all once again filled with emotions, hugging, crying and embracing.

I know that Michael’s wisdom of spreading this new healing modality to many cities and countries will come to pass. I trust this as I trust myself.

For the next workshop, however, I plan to bring a recorder.

With love and joy, peace and healing,


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