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Testimonials from Channeled Angelic Sessions and Mediumship

I am grateful so genuinely …

to you and Archangel Michael for the words of love and healing. Namaste.

Excellent reading …

and accurate. Thank you for the insight!

Amazing! Great connection …

and speed, very clear, and I really appreciate the insight! Thank you so much!

She has this way on how to deliver her answers …

so that the messages are correctly communicated. I love talking to her because she chooses the right things to say so that you totally know she could not have made this up. Not only is it important to have the correct message to deliver, but the delivery itself must be eloquent, and she does a great job of this. This is why I call her all the time.

Highly recommended source …

of very high-level insight and advice – in addition to quick and accurate answers, her readings often simultaneously address needs and desires not even expressed, including one’s innermost hopes and dreams and how to achieve them. Always a healing experience, often a growth experience, always wonderful! Always helpful and uplifting – a unique experience – very personal and real, yet also divine and inspirational.

I have no words to explain the experience …

I had reading with Kelly. It’s been a blessing to have you and hear the words of St. Michael. Very interesting experience! A lot of people came through in my mediumship reading as there are many in my life who have passed away. However, each one validated the fact that is was actually them.

Contact Kelly to contact your loved ones …

for a feeling of overwhelming love and connection.

Extremely detailed, high-level information …

that I know I can count on for my highest good. She is wonderful, thanks so much. Will definitely arrange another session.

Hi Kelly: Great news! I read with you last week …

and I was the one where my dad took up most of my time in my reading. One of the things that he said he would send came. A RED STRING! A few moments after I happen to look down at my feet and there was the string. I asked my sister what was it and she said it was a string, from her dress that was irritating her the other day, so she cut it but never threw it away.

I think you are the best psychic I have ever spoken to –

simply beyond amazing, with such accuracy and details. I was blown away!

She is beyond fantastic! So wonderful and sweet.

A million stars is not enough. Thanks to you and Michael for the advice. Much love.

I had a wonderful, spot-on reading …

with Kelly & Archangel Micheal. The information and answers given rang true to heart. There were many things that I had thought on, and to have [the information] validated was most incredible. It was a truly moving experience that will be with me always. I plan on getting on board and will order Kelly’s books.

Just wanted you to know that your prediction came true.

You (AAMichael) said that I would be continuing treatment with the physiotherapist that I am with (who happens to be the guy I’m in love with). You said, “You’re not going anywhere.” I thought the insurance company was going to put me into secondary treatment for my injury, which is a more intense form of treatment. I thought I would be leaving, so I was preparing to tell him how I feel. Since I am staying, I have decided to wait on that front… let the next 8 weeks that I have with him bloom and blossom. That takes me to about the middle of May. I will call you shortly before then.

I wanted to thank you for your brilliance and insight.

AMAZING and WONDERFUL! Incredibly detailed – accurate – so on target. Tried and true – a life-changing source of guidance! Have consulted KH and MICHAEL for 3 years – always a blessing – would trust with any question. Here you will find hope, joy, inspiration, wisdom, respect and some pretty darn smart ideas! Having a high-ranking, holy angel in your corner is just the best!!

Trustworthy, very clear and always 100% on target …

at providing what is most needed and most helpful at any given time.

Kelly and AAMichael, thank you so very much for the amazing messages yesterday!

My heart was filled with so much love and peace after the messages from AAMichael, hearing from my mother erased the pain I have carried in my heart since I was a little girl. The messages from her were so accurate that I knew it was her, beyond a shadow of a doubt. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude for you and AAMichael. You validated so much of what was ringing in my soul. I know I can now live my divine purpose. Thank you,

Just the Spiritual reading I was hoping for.

Lots of accurate details and perceptions, and she even knew a vital fact I never mentioned. Will definitely resort to her gifts again!

Always so helpful, relevant, and straightforward.

During the several years I’ve been speaking with Kelly and Archangel Michael, I’ve grown in ways I never would have imagined – ALWAYS for the better. Thank you again!

Fantastic, as always.

Michael’s guidance is gentle yet straightforward, accurate, and has always led me in the direction of my highest potential. Thank you so much!

Fast and accurate don’t really do justice …

in describing this incredibly on-target, personally meaningful and helpful divine guidance!

Brilliant, divinely guided insights …

and guidance from this source!

Highest recommendation – divinely guided – amazing …

and wonderful help each time we speak.

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