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Learn Star Healing for yourself. Or become a Certified Practitioner.

What is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy to support everyone during the Ascension as described by Archangel Michael?

“It is the healing system for 2012 and Beyond. Let me describe an overview of what the teaching will involve since the actual course will vary from time to time and is experiential in nature, taught by a master practitioner like Kelly. I have declared this Star Healing, Inter Galactic Energy because the source you will be drawing from is the energy from the Star Galaxy. It makes no difference if you are familiar with this galaxy or not. My love goes to all. This energy goes to all, goes through all, extends to all. If however, you are drawn to learn more, just look up to the heavens and locate the Northern Star. This is the point most visible to locating the Star Galaxy. The energy from this galaxy is very powerful and wise. Yes, energy has an intelligence, just like you and I. You will come to learn that with this healing the body is seen as a holy vessel. This is common in all healing modalities. The Star is created by locating the navel which is to be seen and viewed as Sacred and referred to as the Sacred Center–Archangel Michael

Who should attend?

Everyone who has a personal or professional interest in health, spirituality,  human growth and well-being:

  • bodyworkers,
  • massage therapists,
  • chiropractors,
  • nurses,
  • and anyone who is interested in accessing divine wisdom.

Graphic: Star HealingThis form of healing will be valuable to those of any age and especially beneficial for those under the age of 30. As the Angel states, “They have entered with new DNA strands.” As long as you have two hands to participate, Star Healing can have a profound effect on your life and help you reach spiritual oneness. Certificates of Completion are mailed after successful completion or distributed in person upon completion.

How did Kelly Hampton discover Star Healing and what makes her qualified to teach it?

As a well-known clairaudient angelic channel, gifted medium and powerful healer Kelly has assisted thousands from all over the world over the last 20 years. In Jan. 2010, while on a business trip, Kelly received the teaching wisdom from Archangel Michael in the same way she received divine wisdom for her book, INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL –The Archangel described it to her and asked her to begin teaching it.

How is this healing different from or better than other forms of healing?

“The beauty of this healing is that it will allow you to access higher vibrational levels than perhaps either the novice or experienced master may have accessed in other forms of healing. Again, make no judgment of this being better or worse, only different as all colors make up a rainbow. This I feel is a flexible, powerful, creative form of healing, accessing a different source. You decide for yourselves. Some will feel more comfortable in the old ways, some will be ready. You will know if you are ready.” —Archangel Michael

How many sessions/workshops will I need to attend?

It all depends upon your intention. If your intention is to restore, rejuvenate healing for yourself, perhaps only one. Benefit can be obtained from one session, although Star Healing Intergalactic Attunements may be given up to 3 times for the same set of conditions. “If I give you a facial and then you go play in the dirt,” Archangel Michael guides, “you will need another facial.” To receive fullest benefit, as stated by Archangel Michael, a soul must consider their home space. He, also gave Kelly a NEW system for this, Ascended Spaces, for creating abundance in your home or small office and to elevate it to Ascension Energies. Learning for this companion teaching may be done remotely through the training manual.

If your intention is to become a certified practitioner of this ground-breaking modality for the Ascension, training can be learned remotely through skype or at one of her live workshops. You are invited to add her to your skype accounts as kelly.a.hampton to participate in the online training program from and become certified anywhere in the world at your pace. Kelly schedules workshops by invitation only.To book yours call our office. Monday thru Friday  9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Central Time, 636-346-7093, or send an e-mail to

What does the Archangel mean by “The Awakening?”

“The Awakening is now. The Awakening is a time for celebration! The Awakening continues to swirl and open up possibilities for all of mankind on a global perspective. The Awakening is a spiritual one. For many under the age of 30 their DNA has been restored to a more divine state. This type of healing naturally lends itself to pulling in and accessing other dimensional healing for this purpose. What is the purpose? To restore love and kindness to Mother Earth and to all those who inhabit her.”–Archangel Michael.

What can I expect to experience during a private healing session either in person or remotely?

The experience for one person may not be the same as for another so resist the urge to compare your experience with that of someone else. Your experience is divinely unique to you! Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM is a mind, body, parallel multi-universes healing modality. It will restore, rejuvenate and refresh many of your energy systems for years to come! For some, a healing session results in cancer being removed/transformed, for some others it means no more arthritis pain, for others it may mean they stop smoking after 30 years, for still others fear and phobias of all types are permanently removed. Testimonials now extend into the hundreds since its inception two years ago. Kelly invites you to read the testimonial page to get a fuller sense of the results being witnessed by people all over the globe.

Workshop Policy

For the well being of my relationships with my friends who attend my classes/workshops, I share this policy regarding cancelation of registration for my workshops and seminars and special events and the refund of tuition and deposits. Deposits for live workshops are non-returnable except in the circumstance that the course is cancelled by Healing Enterprises LLC, Kelly Hampton. Payment is by cash, check or postal order, paypal payable to Healing Enterprises, LLC  or the hosting venue. Full payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to the live course commencement date or at the start of your online certification unless other terms have been previously arranged. Please spend time with the divine wisdom and teaching from Archangel Michael to see if this work is calling you to become a world-class energy healer. Archangel Michael directly calls many souls to do with work with Kelly.

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