Kelly Hampton Energy Healer


How Does Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM

Differ From Reiki or

Other Forms of Energy Healing?

There has always been an insatiable quest for healing since before Creation we have witnessed this. Now is the time for souls who are interested in promoting the healing arts to become familiar with a new form of healing which I will be naming Star Healing Intergalactic Energy. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is not meant to replace more familiar forms of healing like reiki necessarily only to enhance it. In some cases however, souls will find that Star Healing Intergalactic Energy offers more benefits than reiki by allowing their clients to become more active participants in their own healing. Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM was set into motion long, long ago, but like a whisper it wasn’t always heard. Now the time is right for all to hear. It is my desire that each of you find much to be grateful for as you extend yourselves into other galaxies and other healing dimensions. I have declared this Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM because the source you will be drawing from is the energy from the Star galaxy. It makes no difference if you are familiar with this galaxy or not. My love goes to all. This energy goes to all, goes through all, and extends to all. If however, you are drawn to learn more, just look up to the heavens and locate the Northern Star. This is the point most visible to locating the Star Galaxy. The energy from this galaxy is very powerful and wise.” –ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

 Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM is healing given to us from the 5th Dimension—the Pleaidian Galaxy, also it represents the lowest dimension upon which the angels resides. Think of this system as turning your body into a crystalline light body. Soon all souls will be pure crystalline energy. This is a powerful healing system using 20plus energetic techniques, 3 sacred symbols. The 4thD DNA is also transformed into a magnificent 5thD DNA and other dysfunctional memories stored in the cells is transmuted.


“I could not feel anything but peace and love, this overwhelming love and beauty. Later in the evening, I saw a bird flying not far from me. It was showing me his wings and I heard ‘Unfold your wings.’ I feel the energy is different. I feel like the energy is also much more fluid. This healing is very powerful.” ~Star Healing Client

 Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM uses quite a bit of sacred geometry and also open star gates. By opening these gates, some souls are able to travel to their original 5th dimensional homes. Star Healing can eradicate aches, addictions, depression, nerve loss and many other long standing conditions.  In addition to sacred geometry, Star Healing uses the nautilus shell. The nautilus shell is a representation of every galaxy in the multi-universes. Should a Star Healing Practitioner choose to use a conch shell, this represents the rising of Atlantis. These tools help practitioners restore the love vibration. Star healing is also available for horses, small animals and soon marine mammals.


“I was filled with a sense of peace, calm and love from Michael. The next day at work, I had an overwhelming feeling of being loved. The sky was filled with big white and gray fluffy clouds, and as I looked at them from my office window, directly in front of me was a perfect heart shape of blue sky framed with white clouds! I really felt like Michael was showing me his love. Thank you so much.” ~Star Healing Client



Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ is for persons between the ages of 3 and 86 and especially suited for souls under the age of 30 as they have entered in with a higher vibration, and therefore, need a higher vibrational healing system.