Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Day 2 Travels with Kelly and Friends Mt. Shasta CA

Aug. 6 2013: Today is my first full day in Mt. Shasta CA and there is so much to share! Just looking at the sunflowers while driving on the way up from Sacramento yesterday is one such remarkable thing to share. Natural beauty all around! There is so much spiritual wisdom in sunflowers! Archangel Michael has advised many of my clients to put sunflowers in their homes to elevate their space as one example of this wisdom.

My friends on this journey, Jerry and Gwendolyn, (two light workers) as the universe would have it, made room in their schedules at the last minute and as of my writing this evening  we were all made wizards. Yes, wizards! Just like Harry Potter! It all began with a channeling ceremony this morning outside the Gatehouse where we checked in upon arrival which rests comfortably close to the foot of the mountain Archangel Michael calls one of his hones. Other divinities like St. Germain,  fairies, spirit guides of course, reside here too, but ask anyone who knows anything about spiritual lore and if you say that you are headed to Mt. Shasta, 99% of them will say, “Oh, You’re going to Archangel Michael’s home” and then proceed to tell you why they know this to be so.

Jerry was lead by spirit to bring 3 stones with him on this trip though he didn’t  know what for– a light blue scarab from Egypt, a larger fossilized grey stone and a smaller heart-shaped tiger’s eye (which AAMichael suggested he bring prior to him leaving his home. It was the same type of stone that resonated with Jerry as a tiger’s eye was first stone as a young boy.) We each selected the stone that is now ours: mine is the fossilized stone with a star shape on it, Gwendolyn selected the scarab. BTW. The scarab stone Gwendolyn selected was given to help her remember her Egyptian knowledge as her ancient heritage and  to assist her focus during our leyline work which was to come later in the day unbeknownst to us at the time, while mine’s power was in offering protection. When asked why I would need protection, Archangel Michael replied that even though we were in an area of high vibration that there were hollow places in the trees where negativity might burrow like ants eating away at the inside of a tree as a metaphor for fractured elemental beings. We joyfully accepted our gifts from the earth and Jerry as well as our spiritual guidance from Archangel Michael and decided to head to the mountain.

 Initially, I learned in earlier connections with AAMichael that we would be doing some toning…both as a group and for my personal advancement as something new in my spiritual development as well as for inclusion in the next level of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM. We asked Archangel Michael to guide us to the place on “his” mountain where he would like us to begin toning and he did. It was rather evident looking spot by  the way the land was presented before us as we started our short treck following his instruction. Gwendolyn carried her sound instruments, an impressive looking microphone and is very accomplished in toning using crystal bowls, which Archangel Michael recommends in Ascended Spaces for your homes, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy and as an all around beautiful 5th D sound for connecting with source since we are in the crystalline age. She also brought some Tibetan bowels which we (I) decided carried too low a vibration and after a short time trying my hand at creating sound with them laid them aside to absorb the wonderful coding messages and frequencies Gwendolyn was bringing forth.