Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Day 1 (sort of) Mt. Shasta/Redforests Travels with Kelly (and friends)

Hello friends!

For those who are just coming to my work, it may be helpful to lay down a brief foundation of who I am and what professional work I do as this Day 1 is mainly travel involving traveling by plane from my eternal Midwestern home of St. Louis to Sacramento CA. From there we will be making (I will explain the we a bit later) an approximately 3 hr. drive upwards in the state to Mt. Shasta, which many spirit seekers and adventurers and lovers of nature ascend upon. It will be my first ascension, though not really. J I find myself wondering in advance if I will feel as I felt when coming upon the Trevy Fountain in Italy for the first time–endless awe and inspiration and surprise at such great beauty? Though of course, the fountain was created by a man and Mt. Shasta was created by the God source/Infinite Mind.

Here is the reader’s digest version: At age 20 I was awakened in the middle of the night by the telepathic knowingness or out of body experience…it was a conversation really… from my dear departed mother who had made her transition to Heaven. From that moment forward my life was forever changed. From that loving thought conversation I knew that life was eternal and that love never dies it only changes forml! The next several years were spent examining and expanding many new body, mind, spiritual teachings and in some cases overturning old teaching that didn’t serve me or my truth any longer. Sort of like when you purchase a dress you thought you liked at the time only to find out a little later that you really don’t like it all that much at all now and end up giving it away. Things change.  I sought out past life regression, studied shamanism, was shown how to connect with the lower world and Native American guides, further developed my mediumship abilities through what I call the “prove it to me phase of my life in my 30’s” with seemingly endless statements like “If this really is you Mother show me, prove it to me exercises to make sure that I hadn’t gone to bed one night sane and the next day awoken mad. After dozens of successful ‘prove it to me’ type transmissions (many quite spectacular I must say!) mainly from my dear Mother that phase drifted away as wispy clouds in the sky eventually do.

Nothing really prepared me, however, for the arrival of Christ while in hypnosis and his lessons of humbleness he shared with me in the years after his first visit. After a series of magical teachings from Christ, including the prophecy that I would be delivering divine messages (channeling) while standing with my eyes open (this I found very funny at the time) I was visited first by Archangel Raphael and then Archangel Michael arrived. Both angels awakened me in the middle of the night. I wonder if they awaken anyone in the day? As discussed in the introduction of my first book, INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, I was in a state of disbelief. It took the Archangel Michael 3 visits, 3 visitations in a row for me to sit up and take notice.  I wonder at times now ten years later if the angels still sometimes shake their collective divine heads and say, ‘SHE SURE WAS A HARD ONE!”

(BTW: Angels can make themselves fit onto the size of a pin head or be as large as the largest tree on earth and then some. There are angels with no wings, angels with pink wings, angels with rainbow colored wings.)