Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Create Abundance in Your Home.

The Divinely Given Ascended Spaces System is a Powerful Tool for Creating Abundance in your Living Space.


Experience this amazing teaching, divinely given to Kelly in 2011 – an extension to many of the concepts from  Star Healing Intergalactic Energy to create more abundance in your life. Ascended Spaces is Ascension energy that uses commands, crystals, oils, sound frequency and harmonic clusters to rid your home of attachments and create the higher vibrations of  love and prosperity. “The teachings are rooted in ancient wisdom.” – Archangel Michael.

Before Jennifer (a certified practitioner) came to my house there was a constant negative feeling in my home. At night I would always leave a couple of lights on and I could never get a good night’s sleep. During the night I would hear noises like people moving around, and sometimes I would hear voices. I felt afraid in my own home. The negative energy in our house made both my boyfriend [and me] irritable, and we would argue a lot.

There was a drastic shift in energy from bad to good. My boyfriend and I are much happier and no longer argue like we used to. At night I sleep like a baby and no longer feel afraid to shut all the lights off. My home is now calm and peaceful.’

When something is out of balance …

People call for space clearing when something is out of balance and they want to enhance beneficial energies in their lives. As an angelic, ascended masters and inter dimensional channel, Kelly often hears from clients who need to restore balance, wholeness and harmony into their lives – whether with healing or spiritual mentoring, or by more fully understanding energy and the energies in their homes. Archangel Michael stated, “I can give you a facial, (Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM) but if you play in the dirt (your space), you will need another facial.” The dirt in this case,  may be your home and or small office.

How the process works.

For private home or small-office attunements, the process begins with an intake form. Usually, our office emails you this form in advance of your scheduled time, so that you can complete it and return it prior to your home visit. The information shared with Kelly will be helpful when she comes to your home.

On the day of the attunement, Kelly will use the angelic wisdom given to her in this system to clear your space of negativity or attachments* if they are present. Energy movements, sprays, crystals and harmonic clusters (candles and candle holders of a certain type and color), will establish a foundation for the work. They have great power in raising the levels of harmony, peace, joy and abundance within the dwelling space and are crucial in detoxifying unwanted energies.

You will need to purchase the harmonic clusters – either from Kelly, for an additional fee, or on your own – before or soon after your space attunement. (Other lease options are possible. Contact Kelly for terms and specifics.) Beyond the harmonic clusters, you may also purchase clear quartz crystals from Kelly. If you’d like to secure some of the tools yourself, please request the supply list in advance once we have your appointment deposit in hand.

How many attunements will my living space need?

Possibly, more than one. As Archangel Michael states, “Reexamine the space no sooner than two weeks after the attunement/clearing unless in more severe situations.”

Learn Ascended Spaces for yourself – or get certified and expand your abundance.

You can learn Ascended SpacesTM exclusively for your personal home use, or become a certified practitioner of Kelly’s Ascended Spaces System. If you are already a spiritual practitioner, certification would offer you an exciting new income stream. You will be bringing a solid, harmonious system with ample social proof into client’s homes and offices.

If I get certified, what types of clients will be interested in my services?

Clients will come from all walks of life – families and singles, business people and retirees. Some will seek your professional services to help them enhance their personal home environment; as we mentioned above, real-estate professionals, people who do home staging to sell houses and lots of other folks in related fields. Further still, individuals, B and B’s and organizations who may feel attachments are present in their spaces – and holding back their progress – will be eager to get rid of them and move forward in every aspect of their careers and businesses.

“One happy home here, meditated with all candles lit after u left. Went out for bit when came back in…noticed even light joyous feeling even when I got out of my car outside.”

Online certification

Includes the guidebook, instruction support from Kelly and reporting of properties served as part of your course curriculum.


Your special invitation!

A 60-90 min. session in your home with Kelly Hampton. Additional travel fees may apply outside a 20-mile radius of St. Louis, MO 63017

Or, learn to do your own, whenever you want, right at home, with the Ascended Spaces Home System.

Kelly Hampton d/b/a Healing Enterprises, LLC, is the only entity legally permitted to conduct Ascended Spaces workshops and lectures, whether remotely or in person. Make sure you are attending a certified course teaching. Certified Practitioner, Healing Enterprises, LLC and its employees and managers are not liable for claims of any kind arising from these home/office sessions, whether known or unknown and whenever occurring. *Attachments are energies that are unwelcome. This is NOT a system for demonic clearing. Neither Kelly Hampton, Healing Enterprises, LLC nor any individuals representing Ascended Spaces will be liable for any damages that may result from a space attunement.