Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Channeled Angel Readings and Mediumship

A conversation between you and Kelly Hampton, or you and Archangel Michael?

It’s really the same thing: the best readings are like two-way conversations, with your specific questions presented and then answered.

Of course, if you’re not sure where to begin with your consultation, she will invoke the Archangel – and he will simply begin. She advises that it is wise to ask Archangel Michael what else you may need to know, because the very question will open a path for him to shed some new light on an old situation – or help you prepare for something upcoming.

“Fast, highly accurate and spiritually enlightening . . .”

Clients tell us her guidance is fast, highly accurate and spiritually enlightening.

The divine messages from Archangel Michael or Ascended Masters are full of love, compassion, insight and empowerment. Kelly advises that while Archangel Michael and other angels have guidance and messages for you, you always have free will to exercise the guidance or not. Occasionally, certain information may not be revealed for reasons only known to spirit. The information presented to you during your reading is simply one path. Kelly can uncover aspects of your life including romance, health, career, family and spiritual evolvement.

Energetic Healing.

By accessing divine vibrations she is also able to offer energetic healing. The timing of certain events can change for many reasons, though Kelly has been known for her amazing accuracy and compassion. Kelly is as accurate and compassionate over the phone as she is in person counseling and guiding people.

For your understanding, not all psychics are mediums. A medium can communicate and relay messages to and from loved ones in the spirit world. Contacting a medium such as Kelly can be a very healing experience, though Kelly cannot guarantee that they will come through in a reading. No medium can make that guarantee. Unlike some mediums, Kelly’s voice will probably not alter from her speaking voice, though occasionally this does happen. Both her psychic readings and her mediumship readings will give you the clarity and guidance needed in any situation and bless you with peace of mind. Part of her mission is to help people understand that life is eternal and that love never ends. *An hour to 45 minutes is usually recommended for a first time consult, especially if you have a lot to cover.