Kelly Hampton Energy Healer


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Let Kelly Hampton guide you toward the stars.

A healer/teacher who first connected as a child with both Christ and her Pleiadian family, Kelly Hampton shares channeled wisdom across all dimensional planes to transform your life and lead you on a Divine path to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being during this time of Ascension. Through multiple programs including the Christed Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Ranking of Angels, and Mother Earth and Elementals, you will find her work heart-centered, expansive, and as varied as her own nearly twenty-five-year personal journey since first seeing the vision of Christ appear in a glass of water

Glastonbury & Tintagel Sacred Pilgramage 2019

Mystical Italy:
September 2019

Lake Louise
Banff Canada 2020


Angelic Sessions

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy

Kelly offers private Star Healing Intergalactic Energy  sessions in person and remotely all over the globe to help you and your animals. She also trains healers in these magnified healing systems.

Mediumship Reading

As a divine channel, I have the ability to connect to and communicate with loved ones and pets who have crossed to the other side. These connections can bring closure, peace, and love. 

Ascended Spaces

Ascended Spaces™ Home Attunement System uses sound, harmonics, gems, oils, imagery and energy techniques to raise the well-being of a home or office. 

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