Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Understanding the Healing Power of Stones and Gems from Archangel Michael

The study of gems and their healing properties has occurred in mankind’s mind for centuries and will continue to occupy mankind’s mind for centuries to come. It is important for all souls to immerse themselves into some form of healing practice to help raise the collective consciousness during the shift and to help transition into the Ascension. For those unfamiliar with what I mean by the Ascension, I mean the time of now and the decade beyond 2012. Ascension is a muti-dimensional, multi-galactic rise in vibration. More channeled information will be available about 2012 and the Ascension in the future. I am simply trying to offer a context for the study of gemstones, as one such healing tool during this time.

There are certain stones, gems and gemstones that have been in awareness for many thousands of years. What I hope you will also consider before we examine some of them and their use, is to also know that new gems and gemstones will be found on other planets as interstellar explorations speed up. This is very exciting indeed! An entire new horizon of healing awaits discovery! No one be afraid of these discoveries as they sift to your planet. Instead, embrace them with all the hopefulness of greeting a new friend.

An introduction.

Before I explain the healing benefits of specific gems and gemstone, I also plan to explore the use of them in collaboration with one another not just simply noting the properties of one versus another. Why is this noteworthy? I believe that it is noteworthy in the context of understanding that any negative situation, encounter, person, place or thing can be corrected vibrationally through the use of stones, gems and gemstones. Think of the implication of this. For some of you this may seem impossible and for others it may seem primitive. However, I will seek to enlighten the majority of souls in new and profound ways.

Now let us begin at the beginning.

The beginning to me is the time of the Great Collision. I am speaking of the Great Cosmic Collision which created the galaxies. From this first moment of creation, the stellar and interstellar birth was applauded. During this time, many unusual stones, gems and gemstone were formed, some of them being Herculite, Paconite, Dragonian and Plutonian gems. Stones and gems were not categorized until much later. This is important to understand as our basis so that we can move forward to the present and then into the future. Creation is constantly creating, there is no end to this. In fact, during the time you are living in is considered to be one of the most spectacular and novel expanding times in mankind’s history. Think of this. As you age and change bodily form so does the environment around you. In trying to make this parallel, I am stating that stones, gems and gemstones undergo a genetic metamorphosis similar to the evolution of mankind, that is, they are living organisms which like mankind, will continue to grow and evolve and emit greater and greater frequencies or healing powers.

The internal infinite mind.

Who or what is responsible for this tremendous force, you may ask? Is it the angelic realm? Is it God? Is it purely and simply stellar in nature? I say to you that yes, each of these statements is true and none of these are true. Have I thoroughly confused you by now? I certainly hope not. To some degree, all living organisms have an internal infinite mind. Therefore, if there are eight million galaxies with 8 million stars, planets, asteroids and other galactic forms, then I am saying that there are eight million separate infinite minds for each.

I will pause here for your consideration. Let me resume this theory will you a bit later in this transmission. It is these infinite forces which keep creating and forming new worlds, new earthly plates and new electro- magnetic grids. More simply put, as the universes expand everything in it expands. So when thinking of the healing powers of stones and gems, I ask you to open your mind to these possibilities.

I will go on to state that if a person is suffering from a common head cold instead of applying pressure to the nasal cavities as one healing source, they could just as easily and more effectively use a combination of crystals and stones. For this specific example, the stones and crystals would be lime, cobalt and magnesium in combination. You may be saying, angel, why would I choose to lay heavy stones on my face to heal this condition and I would respond, it would be unnecessary to lay them on your face, but to circle the head in them.

Perhaps you are asking yourselves, angel, I thought that you have taught us that all bodily aches, pains and diseases first begin in the human mind, so why would you lead us to a healing tool like this instead of thought correction? To which I would reply, because for some, thought re-correction is difficult, time-consuming or not believed. This is simply a healing alternative once a condition is present.

Alternative healing energies.

Let us continue by citing additional examples of some common ailments for your understanding.

To heal a surface cut or speed the healing of a surface cut of the skin I suggest using blood stone which has been energized. What do I mean by energizing a stone or gemstone? I mean using one’s own innate healing power to draw out the energy. Isn’t it so much more powerful to realize one’s own power than to give it over to another source? So activation means in this transmission, holding the stones or gemstones within one’s hands to collect, revitalize or rejuvenate the healing life force properties within the specific stone or gem. It’s a bit like sleeping in your own bed and warming up the cover before slipping into them. To further your teaching in this example, how many activated Blood stones would one use depends upon their size and inherent qualities. This experimentation is an active element in creative solution. What I am attempting to say is that experimenting with the stone in this example will ignite the life force of creativity.

You may find it helpful to know in advance, that each and every bodily ache, pain, illness and disease can be corrected by knowing the best combination of healing stones and/or gems. What is also very exciting is that the stones and gems which will help in healing AIDS in your world is going to be found in what some of you may call “outer space.” Yes! The healing solution to your world’s devastating disease which attacks blood cells is going to be found in the new gems and stones which will be discovered within the next two decades. If I shared with you that there is going to be a major breakthrough in many of your word’s most devastating diseases during this time will I have excited you at all? My wish would be yes!

There are colonies in space which exist now that are growing new forms of gems and stones with this advanced intelligence, much like corn, cotton, and beats are planted and grown in your world. Imagine this for another moment—there are colonies of highly charged gold being propagated, colonies of highly-charged or magnetized plutonium, calcite, manganese and many of the commonly mined stones known in your world today, in addition, to many dozens of new ones.

If the medical communities in your world would embrace this idea that stones and gem stones have more healing power than surgery, imagine what a profound change this would be. There will be a time in the not so distant future, where this begins. We are working on this now. We hope, by the time, 2012 has arrived, that at least 10 per cent of the medical community will be implementing this wisdom.

What stones aid in healing what?

By now, some of you may be asking, well, how do I learn what stones aid in healing what? I say to you that I will supply a basic list of stones/gems for your understanding with the hope that many of you will use your strong powers of intuition to refine the number, size and placement of them. Lastly, before I list these I wish to share that additionally there are combination of stones and gems like a combination lock which will serve mankind’s healing in the future. So, I say, experiment, experiment, experiment. Each of you has the infinite mind/infinite knowledge within you to heal the tiniest of scrapes to the largest growing tumor.

In no particular order the most powerful stones and gemstone to acquaint yourselves with are—

Gold, silver, cooper, quartz crystal, blue- veined crystal, gold-veined crystal and violet-veined crystal, opalescent pearl, talc, blood stone, tourmaline, and green Mars stone.

I know many of you will debate this with me and state that you have had miraculous healing or improvements with other stones and consider them to be most powerful to which I would acknowledge. However, the point of this transmission is to open your eyes and ears to the wisdom that as the world shifts, changes, and evolves so does the healing capacities of stones and gems.

If one is open to the listing of “most powerful” stones and gems listed here, then next I ask you to be open to the idea that these particular stone and gems of which I am speaking are those which have been mined within the last ten years. How does one know the age of a stone for healing? It’s easy…simply ask it. Yes, I said ask it. Remember, it is a living thing such as you with a living life force. If you are willing to embrace this idea then you are ready to start healing. Many aboriginal cultures have known this wisdom for eons upon eons of time. Other vanished civilizations also did like Atlantis and Chiron. Also those who know Gaia or Mother Earth will find this information very easy to digest.

It will be easier and easier to connect with your authentic self, your source, your knowingness as the world approaches 2012, with many of you already noticing a marked expansion of your telepathic, or “knowingness.” For those that have, I honor you and for those that are yet to expand in this way I suggest you experiment today.

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