Kelly Hampton Energy Healer



Hello everyone!

I am gearing up for six days away from my Midwestern home and heading to Mt. Shasta Ca. and the Redwood forests of Northern California for a personal and professional discovery/soul journey. It occurred to me that one of my favorite books of all time was and still is, ‘TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY,” by John Steinbeck. For the uninitiated, it’s a well-written story about a cross country trip with John and his dog Charley.

Now, while it’s doubtful that I will craft a story as well as John Steinbeck or draw world wide acclaim for having done so but he and I do share several of the same intentions: intention of discovery, intention to observe and record, intention to infuse humor when possible and have fun in the process. I consider myself very fortunate indeed, for having the universe carve out this very precious Monday-Saturday time for me to be away from the care of my two teenagers to discover not only the natural beauty of some sacred energies for the first time, but to also be an open and live connector of divine channeled guidance to share with each of you.  I do hope that you find these next five days of road-tripping discovery with me to be at bare minimum, a better way to spend some time than cleaning out your garages and on the high side, life changing and  enriching.

I intend to deliver the divinely given messages as purely and without judgment as they are given, whether from rocks, trees, water, fairies, sky, Archangel Michael, (MANY ALL OVER THE WORLD CONSIDER MT. SHASTA ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S HOME OR ONE OF THEM BUT MORE ABOUT THIS TOMORROW) other archangels, Ascended Masters, light beings, council members or God as I continue to seek, learn, and share what my Pleiaidian family desires of me. We are all, my friends, made of STAR DUST.

All for now, I’ve got some packing to do!!!