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Reviews for Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™

This is a very profound healing method.  I say that after experiencing a lot of profound methods.  ArchAngel Michael’s Wild Ride!  So powerful!  I am filled with gratitude.   My vision is improving.  Less problems with glare and focus. My sleep was improved.  Just did the Golden halo exercise for the first time.  Wow!  Beautiful Light frequencies that feel so so good are streaming through my crown and into my heart.  They seem to be working there.  I can feel some trickle into other areas, but mostly for now staying in my heart.  What a great tool!–Love, Lynn Reninet

“I have been blessed in my life to meet up with some of the finest healers on our planet, and trust me, you are truly one of them. ”
“Your purity, kindness, compassionate loving nature made you the perfect pick for our arch angelic and ascended master friends to channel through. Out of all the speakers on the radio shows I sometimes listen to, my Spirit called out for you. My body feels much stronger and massage has been wanting to come through my hands again, so I’ve given a couple with great success. AAMichael is again making himself known and I am thanking him often, especially for bringing you to my awareness. I honor you and am so so grateful for the many lives you are changing through love.” —  May you always be blessed beyond your own expectations, Lisa Silverhand

“No more anxiety or panic attacks.”
“No issue of anxiety or panic has come up. I have not felt again the anxiety and anguish; all is more tranquil.  Likewise, with the panic attack – it has not repeated, and at my home everything is more calm.  No issue of anxiety or panic has come up, for which I am very happy and grateful! In the mornings I awaken very calm, not like before, when I had felt restlessness and sadness.” – P. from Peru

“Guilt I carried for years is gone.  I am finally living my life for myself.”
“I believe star healing is a wonderful  healing system and I feel it healed my stomach issues and also my emotional issues.  I have given up all the guilt and silliness I carried around for years for no reason at all and it has made me a lot more peaceful and joyful. I feel like for the first time in my life I am going to live my life for myself and I think that is one of  the healing aspects I got from this star healing was peace in my soul and it really helped liberate me and lead me to my true essence.” – Thank you so much, Nancy Upshaw

“Insecurities and sadness left with the energy causing my headaches.”
“When I got up after my ½ session, the pain and feeling of “misalignment” in my left leg was gone. When you removed my 4th D layers I felt my insecurities and sadness leaving as you did this. My back was straightened and I felt the energy moving out causing my headaches. I saw and felt gold dust from Archangel Michael’s Golden Umbrella sift into my DNA! I experienced a deep feeling of joy being in Pleaidian energy again!”
– Isabelle Doucet

“Anxiety is gone, insomnia and digestive issues have gotten better and I’ve lost 15 pounds!”
“Definitely feeling more peace & calm. During the session & ever since, I noticed it was easier to breathe. When Kelly said she was removing the Saran Wrap around me, I instantly felt expanded as if I the “shrink wrap” packaging had been totally removed. This has continued & I feel less sensitive to environmental allergens. The next thing I noticed was how “chilled out” I became. I seem to have a Type A (and lately it was Type A+++!) temperament & after my session, I felt so “laid back” Type B. I always admired how relaxed the Type B’s appeared & wanted to be that easy-going, comfortable & relaxed–and now I am—I’d say 85% of the time! Amazing!! Along the same lines was my issue of harsh & critical self-judgment &subsequently judgment & evaluation of others & their actions. Even though I kept my opinions to myself. I still felt badly for having these feelings & then criticized myself for doing this. It seemed to be almost a reflex behavior as I didn’t set out to be or want to be the evaluator of the world!!Well, that is all GONE!!!  I first noticed it within less than 24 hours! This attitude has continued with noticing things, but not going to judgment. I used to awaken nearly every night with varying degrees of anxiety from disorientation to absolute panic. This has completely disappeared. Again, my absolute gratitude!!!!

I awaken refreshed & feel I sleep better now. Reduced craving for sugar & carbs. I am also eating no carbs (except those found in low glycemic veggies) & not missing them. I don’t feel any nervous energy around needing to snack or go rummaging for food. Bringing more JOY into my life. Spending my days in more joy-filled activities. Very excited to re-focus on stones & crystals–a lifelong love of mine.  I am back to my “get-er-done” mode of operations. I had fallen into such a perfectionist, procrastination state of delaying & anguishing to do things perfectly–and never doing them! Now when I think of starting to postpone, I check myself & say, “just do it” and it is done well–and most importantly, it gets done!!!;) This seems to relate to the releasing of self-judgment. Again, how freeing this is!!!!

Have released about 15 pounds since my Star Healing session a month ago. (After one session) My insomnia is very much improved. Digestive problems are very much improved. I do not get acid reflux as frequently as I used to. “—Joanne Herrmann, USA

“I’ve been given ‘new legs’ and have an increase in clarity.”
“So much lightness and increased clarity following (our Star session). This is Day 4 which is the day given by AAMichael and the Council of Light as the processing and integration time line for the healing of my legs. I purchased your package from Darius YOU WEALTH REVOLUTION. It is still flowing in light language, geometric shapes, colour and codes. My NEW legs lol feel light and stronger. My whole body/mind/ soul/ spirit feels revitalized /renewed. Seeing Metatron’s cube and the flower of life and seed patterns and Pyramids especially the Great Pyramid when you opened the Star Gazes for me to go through. The Pleiadians can do their cellular repair at the speed of light. Much Love xoxo”
 -Lorrie M. Ontario Canada.

“I can see energy movement around things more regularly and I’ve attracted new opportunities into my life!”
“​​I have had a the greater sense of peace and calm in my life since my first healing appointment as well as the ability to reset myself more easily when I am upset or feeling negative about something.  I also feel like my vibration has been reset much higher than it was when I started and I am actually seeing more energy movement around things which is something new. It’s as if I can see the life force or vitality being radiated in the air between me and something else. I used to see it randomly but now I see it regularly. It is very powerful and sometimes I think I have seen the outline or shape of other light beings. The other thing that has happened since my healing is that I have attracted or manifested a couple of opportunities to me which I feel is a direct result of being clearer as well as vibrating higher.Thank you and bless you!”​–Kasey Capener, USA

“My self-esteem and courage have increased as well as my self-love.”
“I am happier and feel lighter overall (since my Star Healing sessions). I love the angel wings and halo I received as well as the springs and my feather of protection! My self esteem and courage have increased and my self love has as well. I am inspired to lighten up my space (using Ascended SpacesTM) and I am perfectly healthy now. Thank you, thank you.”
–Maria, Northport FLA

“This is the “something more” I’ve been looking for.”
“This is so fascinating. I have studied many energetic healing’s–Theta, DNA and I feel as if I have been waiting for something more. What Kelly is saying makes so much sense to me….one of the children time travels in his sleep and he is clairaudient and clairconsciouness and I know I need an upgrade! Thank you.”
Cynthia, Greenock, Scotland

“My physical problems are gone or have improved.”
“The Star Healing session with you was a wonderful experience! During my healing session I was seeing colors and forms. At first there were sprays of green shooting upward. Then I was seeing cube shapes – transparent colors with symbols inside. The first ones were green, then appeared in a succession of colors with different symbols inside each color (the actual symbols did not register consciously), ending with pink cubes containing red hearts. The physical problems you worked on were: Clenched jaw. The next morning I woke up with my teeth NOT touching for the first time in years! Foot alignment (esp the left foot): I can tell that correction were made structurally, because I had some muscle aches in my left leg, just like when the podiatrist prescribed shoe inserts–muscles realigning because the foot is held in a different, corrected position. Now, I am feeling a pulling sensation in my left knee when I sit back on my heels- like in yoga class. Thank you so much for bringing this new healing into the world.
“–Debbie Antantis Jurate, Reconnective healer comments on her first experience with Star Healing.

“My social anxieties have improved – standing up for my own needs and experiencing more peace.”
“Much less anxious socially, noticed it in women’s group. Decreased critical voice, decreased thoughts about the negative past. Increased self acceptance, understanding and kindness toward self. Taking initiative in approaching people, expressing self to people I previously was anxious about. More frequently standing up for my own needs. My life seems more peaceful and smooth, with clearer communication with myself and others. Thank You So Much.”
—Nancy Renn

“My knee and leg pain have improved!”
“Since the healing I have been feeling peaceful and calm. My legs have been a lot less painful, particularly my knees.”
–Pauline Rieniet USA

“More powerful than The Reconnection.” —Linda Pullano. Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

You shape shifted into AAMichael, then Christ, then Ashtar. I don’t know who you are, or what planet you came from, but I am so glad you are here.” — Poco Taylor, Star Healing Certified Practitioner

In my 45 years as a healer, this is the most powerful healing system I have ever experienced!” –Gwendolyn Hill, Certified Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner, New Mexico, USA

“My pain subsided and I felt more joyful, peaceful and filled with wonder.”
“My jaw pain got better from cavities. I felt more joyful, peaceful and filled with wonder, having a lot of synchronistic events during that week as well. I noticed during the reading as Archangel Michael answered my questions I could hear the air pressure around me change which reminded me when I tune in to my own angels.”
–Melissa Mayhew

“Wowie  Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing. “
“I had a channeling session with (Kelly Hampton) and a week ago had the healing.  Wowie  Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing.  People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves! Abundant blessings.”
—Laura Dillard

” I don’t have the sugar cravings as often & don’t feel as hungry.”
“I do have more peace & calm. I don’t have the sugar cravings as often & don’t feel as hungry.  I do the offering love & kindness and also have used the Golden Halo. I have done the home attunement but need to go around the house again this week. I am so glad I did this, thank you so much!”
 Bonnie Gogerty
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Review from Small Animal Guardians

I felt Puff’s new sense of self-confidence and empowerment.
The most profound change I noticed was the issue of my daughter’s dog chasing him. I was out on the patio with Puff and the dog, Brody. Neither of them even flinched. Puff sauntered around and Brody barely noticed him. At one point, they were staring at each other. I felt Puff’s new sense of self-confidence and empowerment. It was really awesome. I didn’t tell anyone else in the house about the session just to see if they noticed anything different. My Son and Daughter both first commented on how much Puff was sleeping and then on the shift in relationship between Puff and Brody. That was the point that I told them about Puff’s session. We are going to schedule a session for Brody soon. Thank you so much! – Much Love, Shelby Holter, USA


Our cat no longer bites and wants to be petted all the time.
Khloe is an indoor cat (calico) that is 4 years old.  She was a kitten when my son found her in a storm drain.  She has a bad habit of biting people when you go to pet her or bite their ankles.  She always held up her right paw all the time and I didn’t know why.  She wasn’t that affectionate over the years and I always wanted her to be.  I have never heard of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy for Small Animals™ before, but I wanted to give it a try.  The thought of Khloe receiving 5th dimensional energy, which is pure love and upgrading all her cells, sounded wonderful.  After Khloe’s remote session, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  That week, I noticed that when I went to pet her, she didn’t bite me or anyone else that came into contact with her.  She made me laugh, because one day I saw her hold up her left paw.  I said to her I thought it was your right paw that you always held up; she switched it to her right one and then put it down.  She no longer holds her paw up.  Khloe has been so affectionate and loving ever since her session.  She wants to be petted all the time and purrs loudly.  She is definitely much happier than I have ever seen her.  There is a peace and calm in her and it makes me so happy to see her that way.   Thank you again, Gina Pirone (Certified Small Animal Healer) and Archangel Michael for bringing this wonderful system to all of our pets.  — Ann T – NJ

Arthritis has been relieved!
After Kelly’s remote Star session with Jasper, my beloved cat who had arthritic hips and wasn’t eating, all have improved. Thank you, Kelly and Archangel Michael. — Julie Ann T. Michigan

After one session, the cataract in his eye disappeared  and he was more lively than ever!
I saved my dog, Jordan, from a life of a stud at a puppy mill.  He is a Cocker Spaniel and was kept in close quarters so that that one of his ears was bit off.  He came to me with many phobias, especially with noises, boxes, anything out of place, people, especially children and especially if a person had anything in their hands or a hat on.  He always had a sad look in his eyes and stayed near me at all times.  When someone came to the door, he would run, hide, shaking with fear.  He used to lick at his paws and feet out of nervousness.  He also suffered with typical Cocker ailments and had to have a handful of teeth pulled this past winter which traumatized him further as he was terrified of being in a car and going to a place that was not familiar to him.  It took him months to get over it.  He suffered from smelly ear wax and a cataract in his right eye.  He is now approximately 10 years old. After his first session with Gina Pirone, I took one look at him and noticed his big brown eye did not have that sad look any longer and also noticed that both eyes were big and brown.  I looked and saw that the cataract had all but disappeared.  I gently moved his head toward the light and sure enough his pupil constricted.  I was delighted.  We went out for a walk, but it turned into a run.  He has never been so lively, as we met other people in the street and his tail wagged faster that I could see.  We even met up with some kids riding bicycles, I was nervous but Jordan was not.  He was alert, eager to see what was going on.  The “Spaniel” has come out in him as he has his nose to the ground, to the air, sniffing out anything that might interest him.  His ears have stayed clean since the session and he sleeps and rests calmly.  I love Jordan as if he were my child, but seeing him so happy brings tears to my eyes.  It’s as if, when he looks at me, he is looking at me with a smile on his face.   Julie Calvey – IL

In just two days, my cat’s aggression and anxiety were gone!
I was very happy when Max, my cat had, his remote session with Gina.  He is 13 years old and has had issues about being very aggressive, afraid of everything, anxiety and arthritis in his back hips and legs.  I had heard about the Star Healing system through a friend and knew that he would be in good hands.  The system is done remotely so I didn’t have to be there.  Gina explained what she was going to do with Max.  After Max’s session, I saw that he was shedding and shedding.  Gina explained about the toxins that are releasing from his body.  I saw a difference the second day.  He was not aggressive anymore.  After about two weeks, the aggression was still gone, along with his anxiety and I could not believe how much better he walked up and down the stairs.  He didn’t look like he was in pain anymore.  He even runs around and plays more.  Thank you Star Healing for making my life so much happier!  Joe D. – NJ

In just 3 days, my cat’s eye ulcer was gone!
Last week AAM did an energy transmission for my kitty. His left eye had a serious ulcer. Initially, the emergency veterinarian mentioned to me that if I had not brought him in for treatment there could have been risk of me having to take him to an ophthalmologist and risk of him losing his eye. 3 days later, I took him in for an evaluation from his regular veterinarian, they said that there was no trace of the ulcer and all was fine. He was to finish out the rest of his meds, to just keep an eye on him and he could return to his regular activities, minus the awful collar he had to wear.  In 3 days? I absolutely think the healing was a miraculous help! We both thank you very much. He is such a blessing to me and shows a lot to me that I need to learn, so his well being means so much more than I could explain.–Lucy and Juniper, CA

My anxious calico immediately calmed down.
I did Rocking the Baby over my anxious calico as Kelly taught us and he immediately calmed down. I am impressed it worked so quickly and easily!—Kelsey and Big Brown in the UK

He is more playful and confident.
As a puppy, Geedo was abused and neglected. He sleeps on my bed and always did a lot of tossing and turning. I also had to keep the door closed because this made him feel safe.  Since his Star Healing attunement he now sleeps soundly throughout the night and the bedroom door is open.  He feels safe and secure.  He is also more playful and I can see an air of confidence about him. Thanks to Star Healing my dog is happier now.  –Kathy – Grayslake IL

Calmness has been restored!
The jealousy has stopped between Lilly and Mocha. They were always competitively vying for my attention and now they are so much calmer.–Patti R, USA

My cat has more flexibility and energy.
Patti gave my sweet Leroy a beautiful Star Healing session. Now his back seems like it’s lengthened instead of being scrunched up. He hasn’t been as stiff walking. He has been a little bit more snugly. His energy levels have seemed higher. His coughing is less.  He seems more active and just all around happier.  His breath doesn’t smell as bad as it used to either (due to his infected tooth). He’s doing great! Extra sweet. Thank you so much for this amazing gift!–Erin, Seattle WA

After one session, our dog is more affectionate.
After Luke’s Star Healing session with Patti, he has been very good this entire week A couple of days after Luke’s Star Healing he looked more relaxed. Last night and let me give him big hugs and kisses without trying to get away from me. He was a love bug this morning and sat with me and allowed me to give him more hugs and kisses. His demeanor seems “softer”.

Luke never let anyone touch his paws. But since his session he has not licked or chewed his paws at all. Last night I put a sweatshirt on him because of the cold weather. He let me touch his feet to put it on and he was fine.  He came up on the bed with me and we just relaxed together.  He told me’ he has never been on a bed before’.  Today is the first day we are leaving him and Derby (our other dog) loose in the house together. Luke is normally in the hallway with a baby gate up to separate him and Derby because they had gotten into fights.  They were checked on at noon and everyone was good. – Shayne NH

Trust issues are gone.  She has come out of her shell.
Maya came to me under nourished and afraid of everything and everybody and did not trust anyone.  For me to win her trust and confidence I figured it would be a difficult thing to do since she has been in a unloving environment for such a long time. Patti, since you gave her Star Healing, I see her coming out of her shell more and more every day.  Maya has 2 beds one in the living room and one in the bedroom and usually she would never leave my side or the room I am sitting in but recently she has been going off into the bedroom and laying in the other bed to be by herself. This is a big change for her and I feel this shows that she is not fearing abandonment any more. She has gotten better at social skills (other residences in the bldg) she welcomes any sign of affection anyone gives her. Maya has had many changes in her life in the past year and you working with her has improved her life and has given her emotional independence and I pray she finally realizes that she will never be hurt or unloved ever again. Thank you Gloria, IL

Severe nerve pain gone in 3 days – no more medication needed!
My dog Tess was in severe pain…yelping a lot.  Took her to the vet and he said it was possibly a pinched nerve or meningitis.  He was unable to really check out Tess because she was in such pain and he didn’t want to hurt her more. He just gave her meds.  Patti gave Tess one Star Healing session. The next day after Star Healing she didn’t yelp as much…maybe only once a day.  She seemed to be in less pain. Tess had her session January 4, 2015 and as of January 7, 2015 Tess was back to normal. She was in almost no pain and off the meds.  Because she wasn’t in such pain, I decided to take her to the vet. He was able to determine that she hurt her shoulder.  Before he thought it was a pinched nerve or meningitis, which it obviously wasn’t either one. He couldn’t check her out before Star Healing because of her severe pain. As of 1/24/15 she is completely healed and back to her old self…running around and enjoying life. Gayle Ingelside, USA

My cat seems so much happier.
Thank you so much for the Star Healing session on my cat Phoebe. She always hides when people come around, but now she seems to be more relaxed.  She also seems happier. If Phoebe were to speak she would say “I’m so happy”.  “Thank you”.  Thank you, Patti, for your authentic and loving work with Star Healing.   Yvonne and Phoebe Toronto Canada

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Reviews from Horse Guardians

One session and my spooked horse is so calm!
Tonka was scared of everything…the wind, crossing water, and he wouldn’t stand tied very long.  He would spook at the slightest things especially when we were on the trail. After one Star Healing with you he is so calm now! I can’t believe it’s the same animal. Thank you, thank you!!!!-Lucy and Tonka, USA

One session erased 7 years of challenges!
Nexus (my horse) does not stand tied EVER. Someone always has to hold her when the farrier is there. Kris (my ferrier) said he noticed a big difference in Nexus after her Star Healing. She usually prances everywhere, but this time she did it once and Kris asked her to stop and she did.  I’ve had her for 7yrs and this is a first!  I am so happy!! — Shayne Gray, Certified Star Healing Equine™ Healer

We were going to have to put him down this spring, but now he is riding him!
The farrier came to our barn today and Susan asked him how his horse Clayton was after his Star Healing Equine Session and his response was, ” He ran away from me the other day.  All the way back to the paddock.  Someone asked him if that made him mad and he said no, it was a miracle!  He was bucking yesterday.  He said he didn’t know what u did because he didn’t believe in that stuff but it is working. All I can say is wow!  His arthritis was so bad he was going to put him down this spring because he was out of options and now he is riding him!  Simply amazing!”–Shayne Gray – Certified Star Healing Energy Equine Healer

More lively…and less wild.
Kiwi seems springier walking down to the shed when I watch him.  Nex has been very cooperative.  She turned to kick at Dancer and the fence yesterday and I shouted “No” and she didn’t.  She doesn’t seem as wild.—Sue

Our connection has been restored and he no longer favors his hind leg!
Johnny is softer and quite relaxed and is very calm. Johnny is looking at me with more interest now and communicating and whinnying to me and I definitely feel the same towards him. The Star Healing has restored and renewed our connection to each other. I am so glad that I was here for it. The farrier noticed and remarked that he was much freer in his hindquarters and it wasn’t a struggle to lift his hind leg for trimming his hoof. (He has had arthritis for over a year now where he was very reluctant to raise his hind legs up on the stand for trimming his hooves. –Dawn Riley,


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