Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Star Healing pricing

Advance booking is required.

Your Star Healing Intergalactic Session session is $150 for one hour of powerful, compassionate yet noninvasive healing.  Star Healing Intergalactic Energy may be given up to three times for the same set of conditions but never before a minimum  passage of three weeks per Archangel Michael from your first attunement.  Using Ascended Spaces, the new Ascension system for elevating and detoxifying your home space helps assure the greatest benefit. “You can eat with only a fork, or you can eat with both utensils,” Archangel Michael.

Client intake forms are emailed in advance of your healing session once payment is received. Please complete the intake form and scan it back to or reply in the body of the email in which it was sent with your consent and other information required. Kelly will review your intake form prior to your appointment time.

She asks that you are able to hear her as this is not a silent form of healing. This is Ascension healing and we can learn from each other.  Please note that remote healing sessions are every bit as powerful with healing capacity as in person sessions are. You may choose to lay comfortably during your session and if you have a crystal bowl c.d. to play during your remote healing session that will help elevate your home space, but is not mandatory. Kelly is happy to recommend sources for this.

Many clients enjoy sharing the healing sensations and visions they experience during their Star Healing session. Of course, many clients equally enjoy simply listening to the angelic wisdom Kelly or any of her practitioners share with their clients about what is happening  and describing the angelic wisdom behind the techniques or special symbols which may be given.

Your session can take place in person, on the phone or online, via Skype or Facebook video chat. To book your session, press the red button below. After you’ve completed payment, you’ll be in our scheduling area. You can set up your personal time for this special process that heals at the molecular level.


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