Kelly Hampton Energy Healer


Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ A 5th Dimensional Healing System

NAMES.” –ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Anyone can experience this healing system, however the Crystalline, Rainbow, Indigo, Diamond and Atlantean Children are already in tune with this system, and as they discover the
powerful energy behind this healing power, it will be a natural course for these souls. Who are these souls? Let’s learn more about these children before we continue on our path to discover Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™.

Crystalline Children: These children are our peacemakers.
These souls were born starting in 1995, and in the subsequent year leading up to now. They are very compassionate and highly sensitive. Most Crystalline Children are telepathic and many of them can recall past life experiences. Crystalline children’s eyes look different than other children.
HALLELUJAH! They entered into your planet without judgement in their DNA! Again I say,HALLELUJAH!” ~ ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.
Rainbow Children: Rainbow Children are few in numbers at this point, but these souls are coming. They have never been in our world before and do/will not have karma to overcome. They are a source of deep and flawless love and are on Earth to give their love unconditionally.

Indigo Children: Although Indigo children have always roamed the Earth; there are a large number who have entered our world since 1978. These children are old souls, are very intelligent and highly creative. This level of intelligence creates boredom with routines. They appear to be antisocial and are often diagnosed
with ADD or ADHD. However, they become very close to those in their inner circle. Indigo Children are here for a higher purpose, so they often despise and act out against cultural routines.

Atlantean Children: Atlantean Children are the creators. Their soul roots are in Atlantis and they contain and give forth the energy of the 5 Dimension – pure love energy. They differ from Crystalline Children by the amount of crystalline in their bodies. “[Atlantean Children] may be recognized by the way they view the world.” ~Archangel Michael

Diamond Children: Like diamonds themselves, Diamond Children shine with a bright light and effervescent energy.

They are the last aware children to join us and they are here to channel Light into our world. They prefer when attention is drawn away from them, although they exceed at almost every subject in school. They are almost always right and it is rare to find a Diamond child in a situation of addiction or negative drama as they are a source of pure Light. “There are very few Diamonds in existence at this moment. They will enter in more fully in the next ten.” ~Archangel Michael

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