Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Star Healing Advanced Course


Required for enrollment: You must have completed Star Healing Level 1.

In this advanced course taught exclusively Kelly you will learn the basics of light surgery, extend your knowledge of sacred geometry, understand more fully and completely the principles presented in Star Healing level 1. This course will also explore phenomena like energy transference, particle recapturization, Bionome engineering and will help in preparing you for entry into Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Level 2.

Prerequisite: Completion of Star Healing level 1, along with 3 months of active practice. This is an individualized online course via Skype, Facebook chat or on location, in person, at one of Kelly’s healing workshops. You must possess clairvoyance or/and clairaudience.

You may enroll in as many 60-minute course sessions as you need to learn the principles and otherwise reach the level of understanding that meets your needs.