Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

*Everyone can work with harmonic codes.
This is a form of a light worker’s light language.

What are harmonic starcodes?

“For those of you who are new to harmonic starcodes, they are a powerful yet simple way for every man, woman and child to exercise your living breathing right to heal. Starcodes are a way to heal. It’s that simple. Harmonic codes may be numbers, they may be complex sacred geometric forms, they may be color, and harmonic codes can also be toning or sound codes. Everything is highly charged.  It is charged not only from the vessel that is providing the information to you (Kelly); it is charged from the numbers colors, letters themselves; it is charged by the Sources; it is charged by many different things.

For those of you who have not done any type of energy work, we ourselves feel it would be best to try one number series (code) at first, For example, see if you feel any effects yourself. Be moderate. It may seem simple, or you may even be disbelieving of the information presented here. You may feel as though you can certainly do these codes multiple times—the more is better sort of thinking. But we are asking you not to do this.  We are asking you to think about, as we say, one code a day, or one code a week, or one code a month as it moves you. But the point is not multiple codes in one day. Is this clear? Not that anything can harm you, but there are reasons behind everything that is infinite wisdom, and we would rather make sure that there is integration within your energy fields of what is being presented here.”–Archangel Michael

Click to listen to a personal message from Kelly about frequently asked questions about working with the (light language ) Star Codes from Archangel Michael.


Just wanted to let u know that I saw Isla, my friend’s 4 yr daughter earlier this eve, the one that had chicken pox the other week.  Seems she recovered a lot sooner from it than children her age. I suppose it was from the code you shared with me for her. It was lovely to see her jumping around and excited about her day at the rock climbing wall with her dad and brother! Much Love and thank you again for sharing your gifts.–Sadna

I broke my left shoulder 1 1/2 years ago. It is still in pain most of the time and in particular whenever I exercise it or when it is cold. It also keeps me from getting a good night’s sleep because it gets stiff and painful during the night.The first night after using the code for pain, I slept the entire night and woke up feeling great. My arm has continued to shown great improvement.–Pat T. USA

When I used the code for prosperity, it started making me sleepy as a release. I felt energy inside me is reacting so fast. I almost felt like I was somewhere like in the space. Very calm and peaceful. Thank you very much for creating such advanced bracelets!!–Richie T, Japan

I used the pain code on my forehead and my headache disappeared immediately.– Suzie, USA

These are very powerful! I started yawning as a release to (my) lack of prosperity right away. Thank you for sharing these! — Keiko Anaguchi, Japan

Feeling better & better, easier breathing (Asthma & other breathing issues), less fatigue, better sleep (insomnia), fewer aches from laying on left side. Today, I tried (the) Motivation  (code), for fun & had a productive, easy flowing day.–Sherry Aramaki

I am so excited! My knee pain, which I’ve had for over two years and which has prevented me from hiking, is down from a level 10 pain to a 3 in only a few days of working with the codes! And my back pain I’ve had forever, is also gone!–Laura Constantine

I have been using the diabetes code for the last 2 weeks. It has improved (already)! I keep it in my pocket, at my work desk and next to my sleeping quarters.–Manjunath Doddaramaiah

I shared the motivation code with my teenage daughter who is going through some issues by placing it near where she sleeps and the next day she was laughing and his mood seemed improved.–Ayako, Japan

“I love my earrings! I have started to notice more opportunities (while wearing the prosperity earrings) coming into my life already!”-Linda Q.