Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly, when you said my word, I felt it deep into my heart. I continue to feel that word in my heart. Thank you. Luba

Felt tingling of inner smiles in waves throughout my body. Karen in Hollywood, FL

I feel like we just sent this through our world and out to the universeAnna

Wow, so much tingling in the left leg and hand, left side of my body. I am guessing receiving was strong! Love it! Dada in Vancouver

I don’t feel as lonely as I always do. Jen in Nyack

It is so peaceful and unifying. Energy flowing through me.Janice in Sacramento

I can feel Michael quite strong. Almost brings tears to my eyes. Marie in Shreveport Louisiana

Wow – I feel like I was just scolded about praying & calling out for Archangel Michael and Raphael. I prayed to them a few years ago. I didn’t hear or feel the answer so I thought I wasn’t yet worthy of their help. I’m very thankful Archangel Michael touched my right shoulder. Oh my, now I trust and I love him even more! It brought me to tears of relief & love. California

Just ordered the package – so excited – feel like a brother and sister have returned from distant places and have come to teach me! Penny

I just got the package! So excited! I feel like FINALLY I don’t feel ‘dropped off’ and left behind! Deborah

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