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Dominion Volume 3




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DOMINON has been something Kelly has been working on for the past 3 years, and has finally arrived!  This is the first in a series of information about a historical NEW Astrology-Astronomy system delivered through Archangel Michael.

“We are evolving into a multidimensional existence in and for our New Earth.” – AAMichael

Be among the FIRST ON THE PLANET to hear from Archangel Michael as he introduces through Kelly this NEW “Dominion” information and dig more deeply into your understanding of the planets, stars, cosmos. Learn why knowing about it may be vitally important to your awakening!

“Your astrology in some ways uses an older system. This system will be light years ahead of it. I am naming it Dominion. Do you know what Dominion means? It means Oneness/Ascendancy. Why do we need a new system to understand the stars? Because the one your earth uses is fading away energetically. If you have worn tires on your car, do you wish to keep driving on them, or would you prefer to get new ones? Astronomy? Yes, Dominion will encompass this, too.”–AAMichael

Step more fully into your shoes as light workers and awakening souls on our planet by embracing this NEW and NEEDED system for studying the COSMOS.

DOMINION – Volume 3
60 Minute Audio

A continuation of the celestial story about the varied galaxies in our Universe.

  • During this third hour, your journey will continue with Archangel Michael as he delves into deeper your understanding of Utopia, a far distant galaxy light years from our own.
  • Learn what seeding is and what seeding has to do with the Rainforest, Thailand and Mother Earth’s evolution.
  • Listen as AA Michael describes the Utopian civilization including the loving light beings that inhabit it.
  • Learn harmonic codes to connect with Utopia to promote healing for Mother Earth
  • Hear and discover a sound tone to connect with this advanced galaxy to work with energy.
  • Be guided to hear the angel’s wisdom about a sonic boom and how this will be one of the most magnificent times on Earth.
  • Learn about the many and varied animal species that inhabit Utopia and how this galaxy is still helping raise the vibration on Earth for Ascendancy.