Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Beginner’s Star Codes Class: Using Light Language to Heal & Expand




What are harmonic healing star codes?
“For those of you who are new to harmonic star codes, they are a powerful yet simple way for every man, woman, and child to exercise your living breathing right to heal. Codes are a way to heal. It’s that simple. Harmonic codes may be numbers, they may be complex sacred geometric forms, they may be color, and harmonic codes can also be toning or sound codes. Everything is highly charged. It is charged not only from the vessel that is providing the information to you (Kelly); it is charged from the numbers themselves; it is charged by the sources; it is charged by many different things.
“You may state that some individuals will benefit from healing codes alone and others will need a direct connection to Source, and involve them in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy. In denser situations, a soul’s home also needs elevating using Ascended Spaces.” —Archangel Michael
You will be given dozens of codes from various light sources along with proper instructions on how to use them, including codes for–
enhancing prosperity, increasing self-love,
easing many emotional, and physical conditions
along with star codes for your spiritual expansion.
“Light language itself keeps expanding, with more Star Races pouring more of their languages onto the earth. The study of sacred geometry is also expanding the forms themselves are being upgraded.

Everything is being upgraded whether you can see this or not.”
–Archangel Michael

You will receive the 60+ min. mp3 
$49 USD when sending your safe payment through,  or when snail mailing a check if are you in the USA.
$55 when using the paypal link:

What some of you have said–
I am so excited! My knee pain, which I’ve had for over two years and which has prevented me from hiking, is down from a level 10 pain to a 3 in only a few days of working with the codes! And my back pain I’ve had forever, is gone!–Laura C.

I shared the motivation code with my teenage son who is going through some issues by placing it near where he sleeps and the next day he was laughing– and his mood improved.–Ayako
These are so powerful! I use them with success for a variety of issues. Ella. D
These are very powerful! I started yawning as a release to (my lack of prosperity) right away. Thank you for sharing these!–Keiko

I contracted the Epstein-Barr virus and have been suffering from severe and chronic migraines. I used some of the harmonic codes and am astounded to say that my blood test showed the virus had left my body. This is amazing!–Melody