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Publication release: 2012 and Beyond: The Truth by Archangel Michael

2012 and Beyond: The Truth by Archangel Michael


Kelly Hampton, copyright 2010

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“Loved it! Can’t wait for the next one!”

Kelly, your book is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve read it then passed it to my mother …. I can’t wait to get it back and have another read hoping I’ll absorb a bit more information 2nd time round. AA Michaels revelations are just stunning, I was awe-struck … eyes as wide as saucers in some parts, mouth open wide. Can’t believe its not been on the news somewhere in the world, there is so much information within your book, I personally will be using it a handbook/manual of what’s to come. It’s absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing such an important piece of history in the making, I feel very proud and privelleged to be part of it. Sending love and bright shining light from snow-covered UK xoxoxo

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Truths of 2012 Revealed by Archangel Michael

Psychic medium shares messages received about coming events in 2012

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The year 2012 is surrounded by speculation concerning the end of the world. In her new book 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael (published by Balboa Press), author and psychic medium Kelly Hampton reveals information she telepathically received from Archangel Michael concerning important events in 2012.

He speaks of the Mayan calendar and the importance of Giza, Egypt. He lovingly shares angelic wisdom about DNA restructuring in humans and within the plant and animal kingdom. He educates about the next generation, detailing Crystalline, Rainbow and Indigo children. By doing so, he dispels myth and fear and guides readers to a much deeper understanding of the complex realities of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions. In an excerpt from the introduction from Archangel Michael:

“If your eyes are reading this text, and I know for most of you around the world that your eyes will be reading this text before 2012, I believe it is important to imagine what that world will be like. From your vantage point, dear souls, wherever you may be, I ask you to begin imagining the world in 2012. Is it a world filled with fear or hope? Are you imagining a world near destruction or rebirth? I intend to share my divine wisdom to help paint the real picture. In order to do that, it is important for mankind to reflect upon certain things. The messages I convey are global in nature; they are everlasting in their truth and they will undeniably be questioned before I am finished. Like a loving father, I will be striving for a relationship with my children, you my children, based on trust. Some will be like rebellious children, and will find what I say irritating, and others will find my wisdom profound. It makes no difference to me where you stand.”

Through this examination and more, the Archangel gives meaning to what is meant by the Great Awakening, a time he says, when love overcomes fear, lightness overcomes darkness. It is an important book which speaks to no religion, but to the cosmic and earthly influences affecting all parts of the world today and for decades to come.

About the Author.

Kelly Hampton is rapidly becoming on the top international psychic mediums, angelic channels, energy healers, spiritual authors and visionaries. She has been lecturing and giving divine guidance for over 20 years helping guide and educate thousands of people on topics related to channeling, healing of the body and mind, development of intuition, connecting with angels and more recently the spiritual truths of 2012.

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She is devoting her life work to teaching us all how to clearly hear the messages from our angels while offering comforting guidance to all souls no matter their culture or religion. She lectures and gives workshops on spiritual issues. She has been a contributing writer to holistic publications as well as having been a featured radio guest speaker on many blog talk radio programs. She lives in Missouri, but resides, as the Angel has said, “In love and kindness.”