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Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is a spiritual visionary, angelic Asended Masters and multi-dimensional channel, a medium, a compelling teacher and speaker, spiritual author and gifted healer. She is the founder of multiple new ground-breaking 5th dimensional healing systems from Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians. Each system is based upon Ascension energy which is often the topic of her guest appearances. Practitoner programs as well as private sessions are available in Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM, Star Healing EquineTM, Ascended SpacesTM. She has authored two books from Archangel Michael, “Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael” in 2005 and “2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael” in 2010.  

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy, powerful healing for the body, has a Pleiadian source and is being practiced in 6 countries by certified practitioners since its short inception two years ago and continues to expand and grow and reach more and more people who are suffering physical and emotional illnesses and wounds. Ascended Spaces, was revealed to Kelly by Archangel Michael in 2011 as a companion piece to understanding Ascension, 2012 and how to create abundance in your homes. It is a powerful system which can be learned remotely for inhome use or studied as part of Kelly’s practitioner program. As a prior horse owner and a lover of the species, Kelly was overjoyed when Archangel Michael presented another new system, one for horses which Archangel Michael asked Kelly to name Star Healing Equine.

As a spiritual teacher & founder of these powerful and NEW healing systems for the planet, she will work with you at a cellular level during a private Star Healing healing session. She works with people from all over the globe who have illnesses such as Arthritis, Depression, Cancer, HIV, compulsions, addictions, soul traumas, herniations. So far, with this system, there is no condition that cannot be favorably and in many cases, permanently removed. She will restore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and in so doing will also provide you with peace and calm. “Where there is peace and calm,” she was told by Archangel Michael, “you cannot have illness in your body.” Kelly has traveled all over the USA giving group healings, sharing with others some of the techniques from Star Healing to help heal themselves as well as train practitioners. Her live certified practitioner program is presently a two-three day training workshop. The remote online training may be done from the comfort of your home. 

As we are returning to higher levels of consciousness in what Archangel Michael calls the Awakening many more people are learning how to connect with Angels. Kelly can suggest ways for you to do this during your angelic reading if that is how you chose to use her professional services. Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in her angelic and mediumship consultations, Kelly has become one of the most gifted and sought after international spiritual counselors of mind and body. Kelly has earned a devoted following among thousands of clients from all walks of life who regularly seek her spiritual counsel. Kelly’s first experience as a medium happened near the age of 21 when she was able to communicate with her mother who had crossed over when Kelly was 14. Since that time, Kelly continued to expand her knowledge of healing and spiritual beliefs. During her thirties her psychic gifts dramatically expanded. It was as this time that she began her professional practice. 

Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael, was channeled to her in 2005 after she was awakened during the night with telepathic message from Archangel Michael stating that they would be working on this project together. Though filled with a level of initial disbelief, she began to listen and record the divine wisdom. Her most recent title, “2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL” was shared with Kelly in much the same manner as her first book–when Archangel Michael did so. Autographed copies of both books may be ordered from her store. She is devoting her life work to teaching and healing souls no matter their culture or religion. She has been a contributing writer to many holistic publications as well as having been a featured radio guest speaker on over 40 blog talk radio programs.

You are invited to listen to a sample of her interviews
(audio)       Where am I Going? with Michelle Cromer/Blog Talk
{audio}images/stories/audio/angels-11-17-10.mp3{/audio} Radio Interview with Talk-n-Angels with Rita and Ann
{audio}images/stories/audio/scott-kluthe-positively-incorrect-1180807.mp3{/audio}  Radio Interview with Scott Cluthe Positively Incorrect / BlogTalk
{audio}images/stories/audio/tna2-4-10.mp3{/audio}  Radio Interview with Talk-N-Angels Radio Show
{audio}images/stories/audio/show_835134_56k.mp3{/audio}  Radio Interview with Journey Into The Light / BlogTalk Radio

Kelly is available for individual confidential readings or Star Healing sessions via phone, inperson, via facebook chat and skype. To contact Kelly by phone at 1+636-346-7093 in the US and CANADA/001+636-346-7093 (UK). If you are unsure how to call from outside of the U.S, this link may prove helpful Enter St. Louis, MO as the locating city. Skype as kelly.a.hampton. Phone readings are just as accurate and helpful as in person consultations and Star Healing sessions are equally as powerful remotely as in person. Read what clients have said by visiting her reading and healing testimonials pages. 


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