Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

No issue of anxiety or panic has come up. I have not felt again the anxiety and anguish; all is more tranquil.  Likewise, with the panic attack – it has not repeated, and at my home everything is more calm.  No issue of anxiety or panic has come up, for which I am very happy and grateful! In the mornings I awaken very calm, not like before, when I had felt restlessness and sadness.–P. from Peru

Nancy Upshaw
Nancy Upshaw

I believe star healing is a wonderful  healing system and I feel it healed my stomach issues and also my emotional issues.  I have given up all the guilt and silliness I carried around for years for no reason at all and it has made me a lot more peaceful and joyful. I feel like for the first time in my life I am going to live my life for myself and I think that is one of  the healing aspects I got from this star healing was peace in my soul and it really helped liberate me and lead me to my true essence – Thank you so much, Nancy Upshaw

QiaJenae Hamilton
QiaJenae Hamilton

Ascended Spaces Home System: It works wonderfully.  We used it to sell a home! Was on the market for 7 months before I could get my beloved to use the program, when he finally did, we started getting offers and it sold that week!  Closing was in a week!  Woohoo! Kelly, you ROCK!  As does Archangel Michael, of course! –  QiaJenae Hamilton

When I got up after my ½ session, the pain and feeling of “misalignment” in my left leg was gone. When you removed my 4th D layers I felt my insecurities and sadness leaving as you did this. My back was straightened and I felt the energy moving out causing my headaches. I saw and felt gold dust from Archangel Michael’s Golden Umbrella sift into my DNA! I experienced a deep feeling of joy being in Pleaidian energy again! – Isabelle Doucet

Definitely feeling more peace & calm. During the session & ever since, I noticed it was easier to breathe. When Kelly said she was removing the Saran Wrap around me, I instantly felt expanded as if I the “shrink wrap” packaging had been totally removed. This has continued & I feel less sensitive to environmental allergens. The next thing I noticed was how “chilled out” I became. I seem to have a Type A (and lately it was Type A+++!) temperament & after my session, I felt so “laid back” Type B. I always admired how relaxed the Type B’s appeared & wanted to be that easy-going, comfortable & relaxed–and now I am—I’d say 85% of the time! Amazing!! Along the same lines was my issue of harsh & critical self-judgment &subsequently judgment & evaluation of others & their actions. Even though I kept my opinions to myself. I still felt badly for having these feelings & then criticized myself for doing this. It seemed to be almost a reflex behavior as I didn’t set out to be or want to be the evaluator of the world!!Well, that is all GONE!!!  I first noticed it within less than 24 hours! This attitude has continued with noticing things, but not going to judgment. I used to awaken nearly every night with varying degrees of anxiety from disorientation to absolute panic. This has completely disappeared. Again, my absolute gratitude!!!!

I awaken refreshed & feel I sleep better now. Reduced craving for sugar & carbs. I am also eating no carbs (except those found in low glycemic veggies) & not missing them. I don’t feel any nervous energy around needing to snack or go rummaging for food. Bringing more JOY into my life. Spending my days in more joy-filled activities. Very excited to re-focus on stones & crystals–a lifelong love of mine.  I am back to my “get-er-done” mode of operations. I had fallen into such a perfectionist, procrastination state of delaying & anguishing to do things perfectly–and never doing them! Now when I think of starting to postpone, I check myself & say, “just do it” and it is done well–and most importantly, it gets done!!!;) This seems to relate to the releasing of self-judgment. Again, how freeing this is!!!!
Have released about 15 pounds since my Star Healing session a month ago. (After one session) My insomnia is very much improved. Digestive problems are very much improved. I do not get acid reflux as frequently as I used to.—Joanne Herrmann, USA

So much lightness and increased clarity following (our Star session). This is Day 4 which is the day given by AAMichael and the Council of Light as the processing and integration time line for the healing of my legs. I purchased your package from Darius YOU WEALTH REVOLUTION. It is still flowing in light language, geometric shapes, colour and codes. My NEW legs lol feel light and stronger. My whole body/mind/ soul/ spirit feels revitalized /renewed. Seeing Metatron’s cube and the flower of life and seed patterns and Pyramids especially the Great Pyramid when you opened the Star Gazes for me to go through. The Pleiadians can do their cellular repair at the speed of light. Much Love xoxo--Lorrie M. Ontario Canada

Karen Williamson describes her remarkable healing experience through Archangel Michael’s new 5th D magnified Healing system.

​​I have had a the greater sense of peace and calm in my life since my first healing appointment as well as the ability to reset myself more easily when I am upset or feeling negative about something.  I also feel like my vibration has been reset much higher than it was when I started and I am actually seeing more energy movement around things which is something new. It’s as if I can see the life force or vitality being radiated in the air between me and something else. I used to see it randomly but now I see it regularly. It is very powerful and sometimes I think I have seen the outline or shape of other light beings. The other thing that has happened since my healing is that I have attracted or manifested a couple of opportunities to me which I feel is a direct result of being clearer as well as vibrating higher.Thank you and bless you!​–Kasey Capener, USA

I am happier and feel lighter overall (since my Star Healing sessions). I love the angel wings and halo I received as well as the springs and my feather of protection! My self esteem and courage have increased and my self love has as well. I am inspired to lighten up my space (using Ascended SpacesTM) and I am perfectly healthy now. Thank you, thank you.–Maria, Northport FLA

This is so fascinating. I have studied many energetic healings–Theta, DNA and I feel as if I have been waiting for something more. What Kelly is saying makes so much sense to me….one of the children time travels in his sleep and he is clairaudient and clairconsciouness and I know I need an upgrade! Thank you.– Cynthia, Greenock, Scotland

The Star Healing session with you was a wonderful experience! During my healing session I was seeing colors and forms. At first there were sprays of green shooting upward. Then I was seeing cube shapes – transparent colors with symbols inside. The first ones were green, then appeared in a succession of colors with different symbols inside each color (the actual symbols did not register consciously), ending with pink cubes containing red hearts. The physical problems you worked on were: Clenched jaw. The next morning I woke up with my teeth NOT touching for the first time in years! Foot alignment (esp the left foot): I can tell that correction were made structurally, because I had some muscle aches in my left leg, just like when the podiatrist prescribed shoe inserts–muscles realigning because the foot is held in a different, corrected position. Now, I am feeling a pulling sensation in my left knee when I sit back on my heels- like in yoga class. Thank you so much for bringing this new healing into the world.–Debbie Antantis

Jurate, Reconnective healer comments on her first experience with Star Healing.

Much less anxious socially, noticed it in women’s group. Decreased critical voice, decreased thoughts about the negative past. Increased self acceptance, understanding and kindness toward self. Taking initiative in approaching people, expressing self to people I previously was anxious about. More frequently standing up for my own needs. My life seems more peaceful and smooth , with clearer communication with myself and others. Thank You So Much. —Nancy Renn

My post traumatic stress syndrome which has debilitated me in so many ways over the years, including depression is gone! I am again joyful. Oh, and gold energy comes from your eyes. I saw it when we were doing our sacred closing ceremony. Blessings!– John Schulz

Since the healing I have been feeling peaceful and calm. My legs have been a lot less painful, particularly my knees.–Pauline Rieniet USA

More powerful than The Reconnection—Linda Pullano. Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

Please thank AAM for me. I am so grateful! Things have shifted tremendously. My prayers have been answered. I am on the path I have always dreamed of, and with such amazing support that I yearned for all along. I am filled with SO MUCH JOY. Last year was so BAD that I CRIED FOR HELP MANY TIMES. It is all behind me and part of my experience now. Thank you for all you do Kelly –Lenah Z. USA

You shape shifted into AAMichael, then Christ, then Ashtar. I don’t know who you are, J what planet you came from, but I am so glad you are here. — Poco Taylor, Star Healing Certified Practitioner

In my 45 years as a healer, this is the most powerful healing system I have ever experienced!–Gwendolyn Hill, Certified Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner, New Mexico, USA

My jaw pain got better from cavities. I felt more joyful, peaceful and filled with wonder, having a lot of synchronistic events during that week as well. I noticed during the reading as Archangel Michael answered my questions I could hear the air pressure around me change which reminded me when I tune in to my own angels.–Melissa Mayhew

I had a channeling session with (Kelly Hampton) and a week ago had the healing.  Wowie  Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing.  People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves! Abundant blessings —Laura Dillard

I do have more peace & calm. I don’t have the sugar cravings as often & don’t feel as hungry.  I do the offering love & kindness and also have used the Golden Halo. I have done the home attunement but need to go around the house again this week. I am so glad I did this, thank you so much!  Bonnie Gogerty

During the energy transmission known as “The Journey” I felt a gentle loving, even soft energy flowing spiraling into my crown chakra, tingling my skin…fairie and elfin-faerie enjoying the energies. Thank you Archangel Michael–Carolyn Kitchener, ON

Again, thousand thanks you to you and beloved Archangel Michael for my outstanding yesterday healing session. Today, I woke up so happy, thanked God for your beautiful presence in my life, prayed AAM’s prayers from The White Light book. I slept much better, and the pain I had been feeling around the heart area practically disappeared!!!  Like a miracle!!!– Lucero Ackerman USA

I went up in the elevator when you did the Journey. The doors opened and there was a gold round temple with a clear solid quartz bed inside in which I laid on. It was very peaceful. —Julie, Denmark

The session felt powerful! I definitely felt shift from the session. For the first few days it felt like a deteriorating of the self, or that mind-dissolving feeling. It is good to have my energy moved. I do feel my breast has definitely improved, which made me really happy! —Fiona Carnie

Thank you so very much for the most wonderful and amazing experience…I had with you. I have never ever experienced anything like it ever before. The Pleiadian energy I experienced through you was indescribable, I was flooded with a love, peace and joy which permeated my very being. I loved the way you shared what you were doing with me. During the healing you were inspired to raise your hands, in doing so you took me higher and higher, I felt safe and loved totally. The frequency made my whole body and self tingle and tremble as I was flooded with even more peace and calm, there was no stress in my body. You were guided to raise your hands even higher which you did very slowly and gently and I found myself in the heart of the huge and vast Galaxy in the middle of what can only be described as an explosion of stars. It was intensely blue and the stars so bright, some huge, some near, all sizes and millions and millions were like dots….Kelly the experience with you of Star Healing and channeled counseling from AA Michael himself has been the most profound experience of my entire life. I thank you for all you so tirelessly do with all my heart and soul, what you do is priceless and beyond words. I am humbled and privileged to have had this opportunity to find out who I am my purpose and where I am going. I have experienced many healing experiences in my 65 years but never ever anything like this. It has changed me forever and given me understanding of my purpose.–Christine, UK

Yes Hurrah thank you!!!!!!  Wow (the healing was) so special nice and exciting. l love you. —Karin, Nibe

I felt a strong energetic charge on the soles of my feet going up the elevator. —Donna, Jamaica

This has been one of the most remarkable, energetic healings I have ever had.  It has been so very helpful on every level. Sending Love and Light to YOU and AAMichael!–Lyn Benedict, USA

Claudia Gómez
Claudia Gómez

Last year in June (2012), I took my second “Star Healing Intergalactic Session”. I was facing hard times…I’ve been experiencing panic attacks for months and was over stressed and wasn’t able to work, go out or do the housework. I went to different doctors to be given treatment though. To be honest I really enjoyed and loved the session. After that, I was able to sleep well –I mean I slept but I woke up during the night and was hard to fall asleep again. I started feeling better and better day after day. During and after the session I was able to feel the energy of the angels, healing angels as well as AAMichael’s presence. Kelly was lovable and compassionate and ready to help me even when to see each other or to meet each other is quite complicated cause I live in Argentina, south America. I was given a remote session. I followed all the steps the healing sessions has and enjoyed myself and felt wonderful. So, if you have the chance to take a session, do go for it!! Even if you have no pains or problems you should try AAMichael’s healing method, to experience peacefulness and gratitude. Blessings dear friend and keep on spreading this healing method around the world!! Namaste. —Claudia Gómez, Resistencia-Chaco, Argentina

My headaches have virtually disappeared. My body seems in better shape and less likely to overeat, needs less food on some days…. I have had almost no fear or any anxiety! I have felt at ease and peaceful most of the time. My capacity to feel joy and gratitude has indeed increased a lot! I feel like the last few months and the last few weeks especially my spiritual knowledge has increased a hundred times, sometimes so fast it leaves me gasping.–Joanna Renc, Hungary

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