Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help to my daughter Alejandra and my granddaughter Salma!!! (13 months old). She had her bottle, oatmeal and baby food this morning!!! Unbelievable!!! (after being hospitalized the night before for dehydration, severe colic and painful earaches). Thank you to you and beautiful Arcangel Michael …
Always grateful,–Lucero Ackerman, USA

I just wanted to thank you for the channeling session with AAMichael and the healing session, not to mention  the medium connection with my mother. I think I am just coming out of the “awesomeness shock” and realizing how truly, truly amazing the experience was. You are such a wonderful soul, with an amazing spirit, wonderful sense of humor, and contagious laugh…thank you so much for sharing all your gifts.With love and gratitude, Nancy O’Hara, USA 2013

My jaw pain got better from cavities. I felt more joyful, peaceful and filled with wonder, having a lot of synchronistic events during that week as well. I also noticed during the reading as Archangel Michael answered my questions I could hear the air pressure around me change which reminded me when I tune in to my own angels I would notice the air pressure change which I used to think it was car doors shutting outside. Melissa Mayhew, 2013

I had a channeling session and a week ago had the healing. Wowie Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing. People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves. Abundant blessings.Laura Dillard

It’s been 3 weeks now (April 2013) and here are some things that have changed for me. I definitely feel more peaceful and more relaxed. My bad headaches that I had for almost 30 years have continued but then at the end of the second week they reduced and there was a great improvement in a lot of things. Despite the usual pain during the first two weeks, I still felt (and still do) very peaceful, a deep peaceful inner stillness that’s difficult to explain. After that it felt like the healings kicked in and went into over drive. I have been sleeping much better as well. My appetite has changed and I don’t seem to crave coffee and fast food as much. I have not felt like overeating since the session, I eat less and feel better now. Overall there was an improvement in a lot of thing. The reoccurring infection in my right eye has also not returned. I have experienced different healing modalities before, but this one was different. It feels like the missing piece was finally found. Take Care Kelly, and Thank You for everything — George Plachy

I received a 30 minute AA Michael Reading and a 30 minute Star Healing this month…My testimony is regarding the reading as it by far, was the most profound.  I am a Mother who has struggled with other adults, the public school system, various sports coaches, and other children regarding my Crystalline son who is just trying to be himself, while I on the other hand, tried to mold him into something he was not.  I desperately needed spiritual counseling and who better to give it than Archangel Michael.  Many parents have gifted Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Golden Children and have no idea how to parent them.  Some parents buy into societies labels however, I refused.  I knew my child was like no other and came directly to earth to help humanity learn kindness.  As a parent, I needed guidance so I could better parent him and  he is better able to fulfill his life’s purpose.  My reading was exactly what I needed and I plan to have additional readings, or as I like to call them divine guidance, as I need all the help I can get.  Thank you Kelly for being this genuinely kind and humble witness as Archangel Michael stepped in and helped me out.  If any parent is struggling with what others want your child to conform to, I ask that you please get some divine clarity and guidance in a reading.– Teresa L. San Diego, CA

Great news!  I read with you last week and I was the one where my dad took up most of my time in my reading. Well on of the things that he said he would send came. a RED STRING! … and heat, of course I was the one that got the heat.. (smile). The lights went out in a power storm and I went to my sisters. Well while i was there I became hot for a short period of time, not knowing that this was it. A few moments after I happen to look down at my feet and there was a the string, I asked my sister what was it and she said it was a string, from her dress that was irritating her the other day, so she cut it but never threw it away. I GASP! it scared me, because the lights were out and I was afraid he would show himself and I wasn’t ready, but now I feel sort of bad, because I don’t want him to feel bad about me leaving. I will call you and make an appointment to speak with you in a couple of days, I have something else that I wish to speak with you about.  Just thought you would love to hear about this.–Katherine Dolorno

During my 2nd attunement Star Healing session with Kelly, when she first placed the nautilus shell on my navel, I did not feel much. But as soon as she started the upper journey, the real trip began.  I felt myself lifting up very gently, then I could actually see myself lying on a large nautilus shell and it was carrying me out into the galaxy.  I felt myself going through a stargate portal or perhaps a wormhole out near Sirius.  It was not all fast with lights flying by me as they show in the Stargate movies, but a very gentle rocking movement, like floating on a gentle sea.  Almost immediately I found myself moving into a healing cave on a planet with 8th dimensional energies.  I could see golden spires coming up from the floor and going down from the ceiling like giant shimmering stalagmites and stalagtites.  They moved out of the way and then closed back in around me as my nautilus magic carpet entered the space.  Even though Kelly indicated to me that we needed to move on to another part of the attunement, I told her, “No problem.  I can stay here in the cave and be back in the session with you. I am multidimensional.”  I did stay out in that cave for most of the day soaking in the energies of the golden light.  – Gwendolyn Hill, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner, age 63, Belen, NM

There was a constant negative feeling in my home. At night I would always leave a couple of lights on and I could never get a good night’s sleep. During the night I would hear noises like people moving around and sometimes I would hear voices. I felt afraid being in my own home. The negative energy in our house made both my boyfriend I irritable and we would argue a lot. When a practitioner came to my house and did a space attunement both my boyfriend and I felt lighter and happier. There was a drastic shift in energy from bad to good. At night I sleep like a baby and no longer feel afraid to shut all the lights off. My home is now calm and peaceful.

I had a star healing with Kelly last Thursday. Ever since things have been better I have more skip in my walk I have a better attitude I’m not having a drink every night. Everything is Blooming! I’m enjoying listening to the birds sing! We are so lucky right now at this time when you can have the time to pay attention to be in the now and listen to the spiritual leaders of today they are AWESOME!–Debbie DeForest, Fla. USA

I just wanted to thank you & the “Big Guy” for all your brilliant help & insights.  Your reading with me has truly changed my life.  Bless you both for it!  I doubt that Archangels “need” human blessings, but AA Michael, please accept my deepest gratitude & appreciation–and my blessing too!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you both.

Kelly explained that the effects of Star Healing can occur even decades after a treatment. In June I was treated, mostly seeking to heal my back (disc compression and weakened muscles), which has hurt for over a decade.  It had reached a point where I could not stand for more than 10 minutes and I lived constantly watching every move.  I felt no pain immediately after the treatment, and was a little better for months, but then – precisely on 12-12-12, that debilitating pain was gone… I can now stand for hours and work longer hours on my feet without needing rest.  I thank God, Archangel Michael and Kelly.  In addition to the daily affirmation: “I send my love and kindness to…” (how many beings need this!)… I add “I am grateful for this huge blessing, which allows me to be of more service.”–Catherine Cogorno, St. Louis, MO

Absolutely Amen! You can tell how grateful and how filled she is. It’s amazing! I am grateful too for my questions answered and predictions while talking to Kelly This is the end of March and I can’t wait to see it all come together. She honestly blew my mind by knowing a piano was in the room, no one was playing it, it was just there among other things too.

I am in complete thankfulness and awe about our session this morning. In AWE!! I wanted to share the following on today’s work: You mentioned when I was a French Maiden and France is so near and dear to my heart, I feel like home when I am there and since the moment I ever stepped into France it has always been,  and I am going to Paris mid-April. You also mentioned that I will star in a feature film and I must tell you , that was my dream to be a highly paid working actress, and I came to LA to live that dream, but it never did work out for me here. I think I had long forgotten about that until this morning. but ce la vie! I found it enormously interesting! Also I love little kids, even though I never had any of my own – it is so interesting to me as I believe with the right man I could still become pregnant, but you never know and I really love being around the little ones! I’ve been asking for this as well and you hit on so many of the wishes that I have been asking to be cleared of blocks that are keeping me from the divine plan. You also mentioned new Friends and that has been such an issue for me here in Los Angeles and also I’ve been asking the divine to bring more reliable and whole friends who are a great support to me and vice versa. It was wonderful confirmation that all of the inner work is leading me on the right path and Oh how Very Very Happy I am that I found you on-line! I cannot thank you enough also for telling me about the Ileo sacral valve, inflammation and enzymes-It is so helpful to know what the problem has been in the past and how it is going to be fixed. Every Homeopathic I’ve worked with has tried to give m enzymes and they have not worked for me, the body needs to produce them! Many Many Blessing to you and AAM for the blessed light work! for the very deepest part of my being and my heart! Thank you again! The Very Best–Mary M. Los Angeles, CA

My space feels 10 times better than before. I am not afraid of my own closet any more  It is also so nice to see my son this happy and unafraid. Before, getting him to sleep was always difficult but last night (after the attunement/clearing), he just rolled over and fell asleep. He also normally flips out in the dark and today, for the first time, I saw him run right across the street in the darkness. I was amazed! He is so much calmer.

Immediately after the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ session. Milinda joined her parents and they had cooked a big breakfast, and she was trying to think of a way to get out of joining them, as food is always a big issue for her. But she heard a voice say, “just enjoy it: and so she did. Without overeating, she enjoyed the food and the time with her parents. According to Milinda, that was the first time she just enjoyed a meal without guilt or remorse in years. Submitted by Terri Jo Hymel, Certified Practitioner USA

You amaze me! Thank you for your love and your amazing insight which blows me away constantly.

I have taken different healing classes, but nothing to compare to Star Healing. First I had a Star healing, and knew that I needed that energy around me all the time. Just over a month later I took the classes.  Kelly is the most amazing teacher, and the class & the energy just flow. Kelly does not hold anything back. She wants you to learn every aspect of star healing, and there is no reason that you cannot walk out of that class and running !   To access this energy and pass it on to others is the most amazing gift anyone can give themselves. You will not be sorry if you take this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Kelly– JoAnn Seckus

Since our session, I am able to focus better. I can calm myself down easier when I get upset. The golden halo is working, even though I don’t remember to use it often. I am reading better and I have more desire to learn. The pain from my wisdom teeth is mostly gone. I am still having lots of unusual, intense dreams. Most are about deep oceans, caving, and subterranean civilizations. There are non-humans present, but they are like glimmers of light in the upper regions. In the mornings, I have been able to wake up easier and feel more alert. I am taking less medication now. I have stopped taking any Lithium or Abilify in the morning. I am only taking them at night now.–Andrew Goodbar (3 week report from Star Healing session with Gwendolyn Hill)

As my training,  to become a certified Star Healing practitioner, approaches its end I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful program. Never has a teacher been so available and almost  all  the time ready for me, for my needs and my questions. Instead of travelling and paying expensive Hotels, I enjoyed the best, most customized training ever, but on-line. I would like to let every aspirant know, what a skilful and engaged teacher you are. You taught not only the techniques, but you conveyed in an authentic and inspiring  way,  your love and appreciation for this new, special  healing method and its creator, Archangel Michael. I truly wish that many people sense the profound uniqueness  of this opportunity to accessing and learning the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Method, especially  in this easy on-line way. Again, thank you, Kelly–Ellen Simon

Last night I had a wonderful spot on reading with Kelly & Archangel Michael. The information & answers given rang true to heart. There were many things that I had thought on & to have info validated was most incredible. It was a truly moving experience that will be with me always. I plan on getting on board & will order Kelly’s books.

I have wanted to become certified as a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner  for almost two years now but the timing was not right before and I was not in a position to travel to another location to take an in-person training. Now with Skype I can do it from home, on my own schedule. Kelly and I have been able to schedule the majority of my training and practice during my winter and spring breaks from my other work and that has been a godsend. I am very excited to be able to do this healing work and add it as the next level of ascension tools that I offer. Thank you Kelly and AA Michael for making this possible’.–Gwendolyn, Hill, New Mexico, Star Healing Practitioner

Today’s chat with Kelly Hampton and AA Michael was amazing and I’m really speechless. It was like someone was reading my mind literally. I’d recommend it to anybody. You and AA Michael together are AMAZING! thank you again!

I really find myself more in peace after taking to you and Archangel Michael. I have faith that everything will be better and that everything is in place and I feel more strong  and positive that great things are coming, I love the (Star) Healing and I even notice that my face started to be back to normal! That sadness I carry for years is going away and even a scar is disappearing  Thank you so much!!!!–Tatiana

Thank you for confirming my visions. I totally connected with the Archangel Michael’ s soul group, which we both belong to. I am so glad we spoke today.

I haven’t had many sugar cravings nor has my right knee hurt at all since my healing session. I have told all my friends about Star Healing and have a list of volunteers for when I take the training. I am working on the offering love and kindness- I find it lightens the energy around me considerably! I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Star Healing and you, and of course AA Michael. Be Blessed, Jolie Hasson

Kelly, I am elated! In my heart I can’t stop saying ‘Hallelujah’. You and AAMichael had told me I would be very happy at the end of March. Now, it is my testimonial as it truly happened. I was on bended knee thanking God for you and AAMichael. I am so grateful. It truly came true as you both predicted. Believe in what heaven knows! Blessings to all!

Thank you so very much for the most wonderful and amazing experience I had with you. I have never ever experienced anything like it ever before. The Pleiadian energy I experienced through you was indescribable, I was flooded with a love, peace and joy which permeated my very being.I loved the way you shared what you were doing with me… During the healing you were inspired to raise your hands, in doing so you took me higher and higher, I felt safe and loved totally. The frequency made my whole body and self tingle and tremble as I was flooded with even more peace and calm, there was no stress in my body. You were guided to raise your hands even higher which you did very slowly and gently and I found myself in the heart of the huge and vast Galaxy in the middle of what can only be described as an explosion of stars. It was intensely blue and the stars so bright, some huge, some near, all sizes and millions and millions were like dots….Kelly the experience with you of Star Healing and channeled counseling from AA Michael himself has been the most profound experience of my entire life. I thank you for all you so tirelessly do with all my heart and soul, what you do is priceless and beyond words. I am humbled and privileged to have had this opportunity to find out who I am, my purpose and where I am going.I have experienced many healing experiences in my 65 years but never ever anything like this. It has changed me forever and given me understanding of my purpose.–Christine, UK

Trustworthy, very clear and always 100% on target at providing what is most needed and most helpful at any given time.

I have two ruptured cysts on my back and both of them have shrunk…They were smaller the next morning and have stayed at the smaller size.–Danamarie I.

Just wanted you to know that your prediction came true… You (AAMichael) said that I would be continuing treatment with the physiotherapist that I am with (who happens to be the guy I’m in love with). You said, “You’re not going anywhere.” I thought the insurance company was going to put me into Secondary treatment for my injury, which is a more intense form of treatment. I thought I would be leaving so I was preparing to tell him how I feel. Since I am staying, I have decided to wait on that front… let the next 8wks that I have with him bloom and blossom. That takes me to about the middle of May. I will call you shortly before then. I wanted to thank you for your brilliance and insight.

After just 10 minutes …of using this powerful system in a group healing/expo event, a woman using a walker with severe joint pain in her knees told me later that day – with tears of joy in her eyes – that her pain was gone! Her niece added that it has been years since she has walked that well. It’s that amazing. That powerful. I encourage anyone 5 to 80 to experience it and be well.

While I was reciting the text about holding the Star…I was guided to close my eyes and to feel the position. I instantly saw geometric shapes moving right in front of me. I could not make what they were because the shapes were embedded in one another and changing so fast. Then, all of a sudden, it locked into a geometric shape, and once again, my heart skipped a beat, because it was a familiar geometric constellation. I have studied it and I knew right there what it meant. I saw 2 triangles pointing towards each other and overlapping at the tip, forming a third geometric shape – an octahedron. But this is not all. This is not just Sacred Geometry. This is an angel Star Gate !!!! Amazing…..It is called the Sapphire Star Gate, and none other than AAM is the keeper of this gate. It is the gate of Divine Truth. No wonder it is called “holding the Star” … It is holding the star gate for them to go through, to get that particular vibration and to hold it into their heart!

If you haven’t had a reading/guidance session w/Michael via Kelly, you NEED TO…My specific questions were answered, AS WELL AS details about my life/me that Michael thought I needed to know about that were not a part of my questions.(So, if you are wondering, “is this real, possible?” The answer is YES! Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It’s an experience I will never forget and has helped me tremendously. It has given me the direction, clear guidance, and courage I need to move through some major upcoming transitions. Can’t wait for the next one!

During the Star Healing…my stomach was making sounds and I was seeing blue to violet, and green colors with a yellow circle of light in the middle of the green.  When I meditate, I often see the blue, violet, and sometimes green but not yellow.  I did feel the strong energy in my lower arms and hands, my feet and sometimes all over. After the session and for two days, I was in a space between heaven and earth?  It was different and is hard to describe. I had a peace, calmness, a kind of numbness, and wonderment.   Then, for the next two days, I settled down and experienced only peace, calmness, joy, and a knowingness that everything I have been learning was really true.  My mind quieted down and I felt the connectedness to Source and everyone!!!  The most striking thing is that I am really experiencing the feeling of beingness and gratitude with intention and emotion!!  I now have a better understanding what it means to BE KNOWING, BE GRATEFUL, BE WORTHY. Today I’m feeling more settled and accepting all of the new experiences.   My mind chatter has really died down and doubts are slowly melting away.  The amazing thing that the Universe is surprising me with gifts to delight me by making my life easier with so little effort!!!!!!! I am trying to get things together to do what I have to do about my home.  AA Michael is making me aware of some of the sources that are at my immediate disposal.  I want to thank AAM for all the signs (feathers) he has given me!!!–Rita N. 77, Arizona

My hair is no longer falling out in clumps…and my gums stopped bleeding without me doing anything after my session with Kelly.

After my session with you…I am feeling more at peace, my thinking feels more balanced, and I am achieving a lot more of the tasks I need to in a day that have been feeling overwhelming. My left eye – red and sore for the past few month is feeling much better. It has often been blood red, sore and uncomfortable, but tonight, it feels fine and is only a little red and a tiny but uncomfortable. I don’t seem to feel quite as tired either, which is lovely! I would like to update that I have stopped smoking for over two months now. All thanks to your treatment session.

I’ve been monitoring how I’ve been feeling…since the healing with Kelly and I’m happy to report that I’ve been feeling GREAT ever since. I’ve been feeling consistently calm, peaceful, happy, and optimistic. I feel like it’s much easier to connect to Source energy and have been feeling a pleasant tingling sensation up and down my spine. I have significantly more energy than I’ve had in weeks, despite the fact that I haven’t had much sleep lately.

It felt wonderful…receiving the energy and healing during yesterday’s session with you; pure love and peace. Thank you and the angels!

After my session I could not feel anything but peace and love…this overwhelming love and beauty. I feel the energy is different. I feel like the energy is much more fluid. This healing is very powerful.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow…and I have energy. I can’t believe I am doing all this cooking and cleaning and I can still go. It is the healing session, Kelly do you know how sick I have been. No energy, sad, depressed. I am happy. I have noticed that the size of the enlarged kidneys has lessened. The same with the liver. I have a golf ball sized cyst on my liver that usually is very noticeable, it is shrinking. I wonder if the cysts on the kidneys are shrinking too? I am afraid to wrap my mind around it. This is a miracle. I must share it with all the other people suffering from this disease.–Linda P., 58, Oregon, USA

I believe this treatment is amazing…and has left me totally calm, I do feel different, can’t quite say how, but something has changed inside me. I have not taken a drink since last Saturday, normally if (something personally dramatic) had happened I would have hit the bottle but felt no need to! I am elated. I am going out this evening with a friend, don’t know if I will have a drink or not, but do not feel pressurized at all. All I can say is this has been life transforming for me and I do feel stronger every day, I can’t thank you enough. Believe this treatment is amazing and has left me totally calm.

I would like to thank Kelly, AAMichael and the Pleiadian galaxy for the gift…of becoming a certified practitioner. I feel proud to be part of the group of light workers who are doing this work. My heart is open, my world is beautiful and I have found peace x

I personally experienced two miracles …in one month. I was taken to Herbs and Angels in Johnston RI by my wife… The first time I met Linda, (a certified Star Healing Practitioner) I was experiencing pain that only another person who has had kidney stones can understand. The stress in my life was overwhelming. She came to me and ask if she could do an energy healing on me with Archangel Michael… we returned to her store for a group Star Healing…. As I remained seated with my eyes closed, I could feel my left kidney being poked by some force. I was scheduled for surgery in 3 days and the doctor said the X-ray showed a large 7 mm stone. This is where it gets interesting. The stone dropped and I went to the emergency room. The hospital put me on morphine to calm the pain. After 3 hours they decided to take another CAT scan before doing the surgery. The doctor came to me and said the stone was gone and I had to have past it. I told the doctor it never happened. When you pass a stone, the after effect is lots of blood. Not a drop in my case. He could not explain it. On the second CAT scan it showed multiple stones in the right kidney. This would require different surgery 2 weeks later. I had a star healing done by Linda one week later and had the kidney stone procedure done with absolutely no pain. NEVER took one pain killer. The doctor prescribed (another drug prescribed for pain) and said I would need them. Not one pill or one ounce of blood after the procedure. My past experiences 12 different kidney stone surgeries have all been painful and disabling. I could have returned to work the following day. I feel the angels are with me all the time.

I received Star Healing…from Sarah Tebbs (UK) and it was the most profound form of healing I have ever come across! It is a very creative and expressive form of healing. It made me think that humans are beautiful cosmic art forms, that the healing was a performance in which we are being built into angels. I felt revitalized, refreshed and inspired. Highly recommend to all. Thank you for teaching it!

On July 16th I attended…a session of Star Healing conducted by Ella Doane at her residence. I was immediately calmed by her as she explained what she was about to perform. She spent more that an hour with the process. I left her residence in a feeling of great peace. I felt like I was calm and on a spiritual high, similar to being in a some sort of trance. I drove home with this feeling, which stayed with me for several days. I feel more at peace with my current situation since the healing. I asked her about three maladies that I suffer from; tinnitus, a blood disorder related to my platelets, and plantar fasciitis. I have seen an improvement in the tinnitus, as I have had several episodes when it is not present. I will not know about my blood until a blood test on August 10th. My foot problem has not been resolved. But the spirituality is worth the effort, as I feel better about myself as a person.–Richard Binghamton, NY

I am so grateful to you…Kelly and Archangel Michael for my healing. I hope you can understand my joy at not feeling anxious at all anymore. This is how I have felt most of my life. To be free of this brings tears to my eyes. I am so very grateful.

I would like to thank…Leanne Jarvis (UK) for my Star Healing. What a wonderful experience. I have had many treatments over the past 35 years but none as powerful or profound as this one! I would recommend everyone to try one. Thank you once again I feel great.

I am feeling more peace…and calm and the next day, yesterday my sinuses just cleared up suddenly. Very weird but loved it! —Janet C.

I just wanted to share with you this comment…from my 18yr old step son after his Star Healing last night. It’s a reminder that we must not forget the younger generation as we have much to learn from them. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is officially cool 😉 This was the most unbelievable experience I have ever had and would recommend it if someone has any problems with fear or anything like that have this treatment and it will sort it right out for you! Thank you very much.

I was filled with a sense of peace…calm and love from Michael. The next day at work, I had an overwhelming feeling of being loved. The sky was filled with big white and gray fluffy clouds, and as I looked at them from my office window, directly in front of me was a perfect heart shape of blue sky framed with white clouds! I really felt like Michael was showing me his love. Thank you so much.

So many changes have happened…since I saw you. I will try to fit it all in here. lol. My confidence level has grown immensely. I don’t walk around feeling stupid embarrassed, ashamed, less than or not good enough any more  I keep meeting more people who are becoming dear friends. I feel so confident with massage. I will be graduating in Nov. Have no idea where I’m going yet but I’ve asked for help and it will happen. I’m getting better about speaking up not staying silent all the time. I still have a little jealousy and mistrust at home but I am getting better about that. I know it might be silly but a big improvement for me.

I’d like to thank you again…for the experience I had with you and AA Michael. It has been a great growing experience for me during and following the Star Healing. I had such tremendous lucid dreaming afterwards that all had to do with re-writing my past that I couldn’t believe it! It all had to do with past boyfriend/old crushes and every dream gave me a new perspective on these old relationships, really old relationships like grammar school crushes that I didn’t think anything about anymore, but seemed to still be apart. I feel so much lighter now as I continue my spiritual journey.

I wanted to share a couple of things…that have happened since Star Healing. My insight has increased, I have started studying again, it’s a 2 year course Diploma of Counseling, and I love it and feel confident that I will be successful with it. My dreams have been amazing, and I feel so much more LOVE. I have had amazing changes in my relationships. Thank you so much Kelly and AA Michael.

Had my first star healing with Leanne in the UK…a week ago (2011). The session itself made me feel fantastic, very relaxed and felt all anxieties wash away. Since then I have felt no pain in my knees, one of the areas worked on, and have felt calm and relaxed, more able to deal with situations. Thank you Leanne for the help you have given me, can’t wait for my next session!

I’ve had my first Star Healing last Thursday night…I’ve stopped taking my anti depressants which I was very frightened of doing but after I’ve weaned my way of them for past few weeks I’ve felt the strength to stop them completely, I feel less anxious and very relaxed. Highly recommended!

I am writing to give you an update…on my progress. Well, so far, what I have noticed is that I have not had a headache since the journey and also my lower back pain that I used to have is no longer there either thanks to the healing and I want to say thank you to you and to Archangel Michael for the healing.

Thanks so much again for giving me the experience…I’ve felt a Michael presence all day today. He is typically in my prayers, but today feels like more of a presence. Even though I have noticed that I have felt very heavy today. It could be I didn’t get very much sleep last night. That seems to be common for me after I’ve gone through some big spiritual experience. It looked like I had fireworks going off inside my head each time I was about to fall asleep. I had lots of bright colors, and white lights, that would show up just as I was about to fall asleep. At one point I had a huge spiders web, which reflected rainbow colors. I thought this was really interesting because I remember you making a spider web above my head, which was also where Michael said I have a rainbow halo. I just couldn’t believe all the bright lights and how big everything all was, like a grand finale of fireworks!

I have been trying to do some homework on the geometric diamond…that Michael had spoken about during my session with Kelly. So far I had come across sacred geometry, which I have found interesting, which also led me back to the sunflower, of which Michael said I should have some around. I completely forgot that I have a large light black and white photo in my bedroom that I look at every day, and also a wreath that I had made out of sunflowers that my mother-in-law had. I had never met her, only seeing her once a day or two before she passed. My husband and I met six weeks before she passed away and I believe there was more at work besides us meeting by accident.

Can things get any better?…Had a beautiful Star Healing (as a practitioner) this morning that lasted an hour and a half without even noticing. Whilst rocking the baby after experiencing slight tiredness in my arms, I had my left hand by my side and felt it being held, I did not see I just knew and felt very overwhelmed and emotional that I was being given support and guided. How lucky I feel for all the wonderful experiences Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is bringing me.

I am definitely more aware of my energy body…that seems to be increasing all the time. I am also more aware of other’s energy and starting to be able to separate out their feelings from my own.

I have not had a headache…since my session in Rhode Island on the 7th of July at Herbs and Angels and I am writing to give you an update on the healing I received. First. I want to say that I have not had a headache since the healing and also I have not had any lower back pain since the healing! Also I want to thank you and Archangel Michael. I look forward to seeing you again.

I don’t crave sugar or chocolate the way I used to…It’s Karen and I had (a healing session) three weeks ago. The day of our session I felt wonderful, peaceful, and relaxed. After that I slowly began to “purge” all sorts of emotions– anger, sadness, negativity. As I mentioned in my 24 hour email to you three weeks ago I have spent my life not being allowed to express my emotions so this “purging” felt strange. The marshmallows and chocolate put into my back amazes me. I don’t crave sugar or chocolate the way I used to and I don’t feel the need to overstuff myself with food when I am stressed! I have been receiving messages to clean up my diet and take care of my body for awhile and now I feel on the road to actually doing it. With the emotional purging behind me I feel healthier. I have taken my power back and don’t seem to be bothered by others negativity, judgmental people or bullies. I see them as people who are hurting and need love and acceptance.

My skin feels new, my body rejuvenated…Wow! I could not rest till 1.30am when the wonderful uplifting vibration (after my session) that I felt calmed down. I had the most beautiful dream where I was surrounded by pure white selenite crystal and told Sarah this is your stellar gateway and it is open. Then saw a multitude of key codes which were like stars mapped out and joined together! Colors were beautiful! This morning though very tired, my skin feels new, my body rejuvenated and I feel at great peace. What a wonderful experience….I almost forgot the wonderful beehive structure that was built was very significant for me as I am at present studying a bee course so my husband and I can have hives at our farm to help preserve the honey bee. Bees resonate a beautiful vibrational sound and use a form of dance for communication. But the most amazing thing about bees is how they build their colony in their sacred geometric combs and work together!

I am longer worried about my health…and feel a sense of rebirth like God has helped me to heal through this energy.

I received a life-changing experience…I would like to thank Kelly and AAM for Star Healing. I received a life-changing experience yesterday which has helped me realize what I have been missing out on all my life by trying to be someone others want me to be.

My depression has lifted …my knee is pain-free…I have just had a Star Healing treatment from Leanne Jarvis who is based in the UK. While I was having the treatment my arthritic knee seemed to have a life of its own. Before the treatment the pain I was feeling was affecting my life, immediately after the treatment the pain had subsided. Four hours later my whole body feels lighter, I feel relaxed and my knee is pain free. Thank you for my healing. It has truly made a difference to my life. At present I feel that I am not carrying the heavy weight that I have felt I have been carrying for years. My depression has lifted. I also suffered with menieres, which is a disease of the inner ear and one of the symptoms is vertigo and the feeling of nausea. After having this healing I haven’t had any of the symptoms. I feel much happier than I have in years!

I felt like I was driving home in a tube of white light…While driving home last night, which was a 1 1/2 hr. drive after my healing session I felt so happy and I offered love and kindness to everyone I could think of all the way home. I felt like I was driving home in a tube of white light. This work seems different to me than other energy work because usually when I’m around heaviness I have a hard time shaking it off. This time I just felt surrounded and protected in love.

The skin inflammation is also almost gone…I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but this healing works. I went through an intense emotional purge for the past few weeks. Emotions are just coming out and I express my feelings more openly. I feel this is healthier and my heart is not as compressed. The skin inflammation is also almost gone. — A skeptic in Newton, MA

I’ve been happy…feeling really happy. I feel like I’ve been relieved of negative energy. I’ve also used the golden halo visualization a couple of times and it really helps. I also feel stronger spiritually. I’m so glad we did this.—J.

I slept like a baby…My ear was also squeaky clean this morning and it didn’t itch… All day, I felt more peaceful and calm. Even if the weather was unbearably hot — this is difficult for me to tolerate and I tend to be more impatient and aggressive — I did not feel any wave of anger or aggravation inside. It is very nice. — Clemence, Canada

The tumor in my breast…has shrunk to about 1/2 its size as a result of having one Star Healing Session. I can’t thank you enough!

This weekend, I went to a family reunion and the salad had nuts….I stayed away from it but my sister gave me her glass ofwine from which she had taken a sip after eating the salad. I had a reaction but I did not need to take out my epipen. By the time I got home — i.e. within 40-45 minutes — I felt fine. This is a first! I am amazed! I am also feeling much more at peace in this very stressful time in my life. It’s like all my worries have lifted and I finally feel everything is fine and will be fine in the future as well. Claudia

I think the ringing in my ear…is not as high-pitched as it was. In 24 hours, this healing has accomplished more for me than years of consultation of traditional doctors! — Guillermo, Canada

I have two ruptured cysts on my back…I was at your class on March 1 and you wanted to hear back from me about what was going on. The first thing that has happened was a white unicorn appeared to me while I was meditating. The unicorn led me to a crystal pyramid and brought me inside. I sat down on the polished floor and started to meditate. During this three beams of white light came from the different sides of the pyramid. One went to my chest, one to my back and one to the crown of my head. When I came out of my meditation I asked if I was to always go in the pyramid o meditate ans I heard a yes in my head. I have two ruptured cysts on my back and both of them have shrunk. They were smaller the next morning and have stayed at the smaller size.

A note of appreciation…for meeting and hearing your lecture last weekend in Raleigh. Your reading was wonderful, I really appreciated it very much. Confirming that I heard the call when I was five, feels so good in my Soul. I brought the Truth 2012 and Beyond book and really enjoyed it, will be buying your other book. Know in your heart that you are appreciated for the Light you are. Much Love, Elizabeth

I feel awesome since the healing…I experienced a huge release during this healing. I was also amazed that I could sit without knee pain right after the session. I also did a lot of outdoor activity today and my knee does not bother me as much as it used too. Thank you for everything you did! —Maria, MA

I have not had the need for coffee…In my session we worked on mental alertness. I have not had the need for coffee since we did the healing session! It’s pretty amazing. I am now sometimes having one coffee during the day more for enjoyment or if I just was not able to get enough sleep the night before. But it just stays at that – one coffee. Big improvement and so much more joy from this. It’s 2:30 pm right now and I don’t feel drowsy at all! Normally I would have been on my 2nd or 3rd coffee by now! Also, we spoke of spiritual clarity, my desire for finding answers and being at peace with my practice. I have also been asking the universe and masters for help. Last weekend I went to see my Lama and I have had a wave of openness, thankfulness and Trust that I have not had before in the 7 years I have known him. It’s a feeling without words–Carina

It actually felt that I had gone to a spa…After my healing session, I felt very relaxed and tranquil. It actually felt that I had gone to a spa for a healing message and re-connection to my internal tranquility – do you know what I mean? Also, my right hip discomfort went from a pain level 8 (high is 10) to a pain level 2 (low is 0)… Thank you so much!

The first thing that has happened…(after my healing) was a white unicorn appeared to me while I was meditating. The unicorn led me to a crystal pyramid and brought me inside. I sat down on the polished floor and started to meditate. During this three beams of white light came from the different sides of the pyramid. One went to my chest, one to my back and one to the crown of my head. When I came out of my meditation I asked if I was to always go in the pyramid to meditate and I heard a yes, in my head.

I felt an angelic presence with me…(after my Star healing session). Since one of my requests for healing was help with sinus problems this is interesting: I heard something being inserted in my nostril, like a straw, and then feeling tingling in my sinuses. I’m better able to breathe now so thanks. I’ve also felt like I am sometimes seeing a cleaner, more colorful version of reality. For instance, one day while driving it suddenly seemed like all the grass was lush and green despite the terrible heat and drought we had this summer. My neck feels better as well….The most surprising thing has been other people’s soul reactions to my “love and kindness” exercises.–Liz Maulkin, St. Louis, MO.

In all the years that I have been treated for my bursitis…it has taken days for the shots to work fully and even then I had sore arms from the shots. This time, shots at 11:30 am the day I saw you. All pain GONE next morning. Very happy about this.

I am noticing that I am…self monitoring my words and actions and correcting to be more loving (after our healing session). That is a new behavior.–Karen Scobbie

My hip pain has completely gone away…and I am less focused on what was done to me and more on what I am going to do in the future. I have been having some dreams that I can remember. I can definitely say that I have been getting rid of lots of toxins from my system and I believe that this is why I am finding it a little easier to find peace. Thanks so much for including me in this healing. I was very surprised at how much I was energy I was able to feel while you were working on me. I was also surprised that I was thinking of a dark tree during our session prior to Kelly mentioning it to me. I seem to be sleeping more peacefully than I was and am waking up less frequently.–Kathy after one hour Star Healing with Gwendolyn