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Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael DescriptionInto_20the_20White_20Light.225x225-75

  • What happens to a soul after death?
  • What are a register and a chart?
  • What is it like in heaven?
  • What is the best way to pray?

These are some of the spiritual questions which are explored in this book.  It began in 2004 when Kelly was awakened by a big, bright light.  As a professional psychic and medium, she quickly identified the energy as coming from divine source.  In subsequent visions, the presence identified himself as Archangel Michael.  As the overseer of the Virtues and guide to lightworkers, he telepathically channeled a profoundly amazing body of spiritual myths, truths, and prophecies to the author.

It begins with the time of the Creation, the fall and resurrection of Jesus, acknowledges other spiritual Masters like Buddha and Allah and ends with prophecies for the 21st century including the discovery of a new planet the Angel calls Nebulon.  He discusses the meaning of divine guidance and examines the purpose of registers, speaks with love and inspiration about the place called Nirvana, describes what happens when souls die and leave the earthly plane of existence. Archangel Michael teaches about the nine levels of heaven and provides a guided tour, beginning with a description of how angels are known and ranked. He describes why attempts humanity has made throughout history to become enlightened by examining history. He shares divine wisdom about how to communicate more effectively with the other side and tells the reader how to pray more effectively. It is an important, uplifting book that is timeless and speaks to every culture, every religion.

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What Others Have Said…

An absolutely wonderful book! Full of fascinating insights into Creation, Jesus’ Resurrection, Angelic realms, prayers, divine guidance, healing, and the nature of life. There is so much that is of interest, and so much love and wisdom contained on every page, it’s as if not a single word has been wasted, which I guess would be true of a book dictated by an Angel! Easy to read, yet deeply thought-provoking, even though I am not able to accept a few of the minor concepts, it seems as if more can be learned, and more understandings gained, each time it’s read. Highly recommended, especially to those seeking more advanced awareness of the spiritual realities `behind the veil’ of life as we know it on earth. Note: I purchased my copy in a downloadable PDF via Kelly’s website. –Perpetual Student, IL USA

I loved this book! St. Michael the Archangel is my favorite saint! The things he said does go against some of the world’s prominent religions & some, like myself, would disagree on a few viewpoints. Overall, His message of hope and spirituality is very welcoming. I thank God for giving Michael this special task –PortugeeMike, review

I could not put this book down. It is very inspiring and I appreciated the fact that it didn’t just talk about Christianity but it touched a bit on several other religions who each have Master teachers in their own right. That was very refreshing in a world with so many different religions. It touched on past world history with an Angelic perspective. Its ultimate message was one of love and if we as a world forget that, we’re going to change the future of Earth as we know it, and that’s not a good thing. A thought-provoking read.–James, Missouri

Contents: Into the White Light.

Kelly Hampton, copyright 2007, ISBN 978-0-615-15887-7, 136 pages. 6 x 9 paperback,eBook. All rights reserved. Compelling and inspirational, it is a book that will change your life.

“The most significant spiritual book since Conversations with God.

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Table of Contents:


1. Since the Beginning (Page 1)

Archangel Michael interprets the creation, the fall and the resurrection of Jesus, while acknowledging other spiritual Masters like Buddha and Allah. He discusses the meaning of divine guidance and examines the purpose of registers, which are written documents that exist for each human being’s reincarnations. He speaks with love and inspiration about the place called Nirvana. (more…)