Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Contents: Into the White Light.

Kelly Hampton, copyright 2007, ISBN 978-0-615-15887-7, 136 pages. 6 x 9 paperback,eBook. All rights reserved. Compelling and inspirational, it is a book that will change your life.

“The most significant spiritual book since Conversations with God.

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Table of Contents:


1. Since the Beginning (Page 1)

Archangel Michael interprets the creation, the fall and the resurrection of Jesus, while acknowledging other spiritual Masters like Buddha and Allah. He discusses the meaning of divine guidance and examines the purpose of registers, which are written documents that exist for each human being’s reincarnations. He speaks with love and inspiration about the place called Nirvana.

2. The Sacred Garden (Page 25)

This chapter is devoted to an exploration of what happens when souls die and leave the earthly plane of existence. Archangel Michael teaches us about the nine levels of heaven and the purpose of each level, with particular emphasis to the level called The Sacred Garden. He also educates the reader about the life review process.

3. Praying for Peace (page 46)

Archangel Michael examines the history of prayer and how different religions use prayer as a tool for understanding and inspiration. He cites the importance of Egyptian culture, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, and the Great Depression to illustrate his premise. He ends this chapter by discussing the spiritual rituals of several Native American tribes.

4. Salvation and Sin: In the Garden of Good and Evil (Page 73)

Archangel Michael provides a guided tour of heaven, beginning with a description of how angels are known and ranked. He clearly states in this chapter that there is no devil, although he does acknowledge the existence of dark entities. He reminds the reader of the importance of destroying evil if it should enter their lives.

5. The Kingdom as Seen through My Eyes (Page 88)

The fifth dimension is studied, beginning with the purpose of spiritual advisors who exist for each soul’s development. Archangel Michael instructs how to write a better chart for soul evolution prior to each reincarnation. He reminds readers of the importance of loving unconditionally. To close this chapter, he asks readers to reflect upon myth versus reality in the King James Bible, the Torah, and the Rue, an ancient oracle.

6. Enlightenment (Page 102)

Archangel Michael describes what attempts humanity has made throughout history to become enlightened. He speaks about the importance of holy principles like forgiveness, compassion, servitude, gratitude, humbleness, and loyalty. Several souls residing in the white light of The Kingdom who represent the arts, music and sciences send messages. Chapter 7 closes with ideas about how to communicate more effectively with the other side.

7. Let Us Pray (Page 121)

Light-hearted prayers written by and especially for children begin this chapter. Angel assisted instructions for reaching a meditative state prior to praying are lovingly offered to serve as models for both children and adults.

Epilogue (Page 134)

About the Author (Page 136)

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