Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

FAQ: 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael

What’s the big deal about 2012?

Everything. Everything that involves higher frequencies, higher vibrations entering in, love, kindness. The dispelling of myth will be revealed.

I’m curious. Is there anything special we need to do to prepare for 2012?

Yes. Replace fear with hope, inspiration, anticipation, rejuvenation. Then tell your friends, your neighbors to do the same.

Are there any new crystals to help us prepare for 2012?

Yes. I am aware of at least 15 at this time. I, too, am shown things in order. So this number may grow and will most likely will grow. Are you familiar with the rose crystal? Many are. The newness about the rose crystal is in the way it is magnified. Do you understand? The newness is in the hertz frequency that they/it will carry.

Is all the death and severe illness I see right now a pattern to cleanse, or to change people, when 2012 arrives?

Neither, actually. If I say it is a pattern to cleanse, then the mind will think that cleansing involves death. Rejuvenation can certainly involve death and decay before rebirth. But I will confirm that during this shift, which is going on now and will continue for a decade after 2012 and then again, illness is the body’s way of purging lower forms of energy.

Will everyone be aware of the change? It will be gradual or sudden?

The changes will be felt as individually as a fingerprint. However, there are some global commonalities. In direct answer to your question, the changes will be gradually put into place, with gradual awareness. This has already begun. That does not mean, however, that some overnight miraculousness will not occur -because, for some, it surely has. It is the intent of the god mind, god, infinite intelligence, to integrate these changes over time. Crystalline children and others have already entered in, or been put into place, if you will, to assist with the raising of the mind, the molecular restructuring of the human DNA.

Please ask AAM to advise us on how to stop animal cruelty and if it will end by 2012?

There will be many alternative energies entering in in the next five years that will help right this cruelty. The vibration of cruelty is being torn apart with every loving, gentle thought and action. How to stop it? Believe it will stop. And take positive action, sending loving energy to those who abuse and misuse. Remember, love has the power times one thousand, one million times the frequency of negativity. Grab hold of your inner wisdom, your inner glory, and honor each and every living thing.

I am in the process of making conditions for the year 2013, but I would be very interested to hear what AAM as to say about this time!

Most assuredly, the cosmic changes which are already affecting your world, your dimension, your galaxy, [but] not all galaxies, will continue past 2012, if I am understanding your concern. Waves and waves of new knowledge, new discoveries, renewal of plants and animals – besides human genome exploration – will be forthcoming and [will] continue. It is ascension energy. Once given, it cannot be taken away. And it has already been given in small doses. Currently, the doses are increasing and will continue to increase until near 2015 your time, [in] your world.

Will more people become more spiritually aware in 2012 and beyond?

In speaking to those who seek answers, coming [as they do] from all different awarenesses about vibration, energy, the mind-body connection and frequency, I will try to speak to the most common thread. Yes, as more and more lightworkers do their job(s), more and more souls of every description will become spiritually aware. If you are already aware, then your awareness will continue to grow.

However, parents, please note: many of your children are already more aware than you! How do you like that?! Yes, children who are more spiritually aware than their elders. What a marvelous concept! Learn from your children. Learn their wisdom.

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