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Join the list of global healers in this powerful Ascension healing system given to me by Archangel Michael in 2010. Space is limited
Visit for more information and registration. Or contact my office: to review prerequisitesWhat exactly is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy as described by Archangel Michael:

“Let me describe an overview of what the teaching will involve since the actual course will vary from time to time and is experiential in nature, taught by master practitioner and founder Kelly. I have declared this Star Healing Intergalactic Energy® because the source you will be drawing from is the energy from the Star Galaxy. It makes no difference if you are familiar with this galaxy or not. My love goes to all. This energy goes to all, goes through all, extends to all. If however, you are drawn to learn more, just look up to the heavens and locate the Northern Star. This is the point most visible to locating the Star Galaxy. The energy from this galaxy is very powerful and wise.”How is this healing different from or better than other forms of healing?

“The beauty of this healing is that it will allow you to access higher vibrational levels than perhaps either the novice or experienced master may have accessed in other forms of healing. Again, make no judgment of this being better or worse, only different as all colors make up a rainbow. This I feel is a flexible, powerful, creative form of healing, accessing a different source. You decide for yourselves. Some will feel more comfortable in the old ways, some will be ready. 

You will know if you are ready.” –Archangel Michael

Testimonials “I had my first Star Healing a week ago (2011). The session itself made me feel fantastic, very relaxed and felt all anxieties wash away. Since then I have felt no pain in my knees, one of the areas worked on, and have felt calm and relaxed, more able to deal with situations. Thank you for the help you have given me.” –Jennifer, Canada

“I’ve had my first Star Healing last Thursday night… I’ve stopped taking my anti depressants which I was very frightened of doing but after I’ve weaned my way of them for past few weeks I’ve felt the strength to stop them completely, I feel lss anxious and very relaxed. Highly recommend.”—Elaine, Newport Rhode Island


I would like to thank Kelly, AAMichael and the Pleiadian galaxy for the gift of becoming a certified practitioner. I feel proud to be part of the group of light workers who are doing this work. My heart is open, my world is beautiful and I have found peace x—Sarah, UK Practitioner

The most powerful healing system I have experienced in my 45 years as a healer.– Gwendolyn Hill, New Mexico. 2013

I have taken different healing classes, but nothing to compare to Star Healing. I had a Star healing and knew that I needed that energy around me all the time. Just over a month later I took the classes. Kelly is the most amazing teacher, and the class & the energy just flow. Kelly does not hold anything back. She wants you to learn every aspect of star healing, and there is no reason that you cannot walk out of that class and running! To access this energy and pass it on to others is the most amazing gift anyone can give themselves. You will not be sorry if you take this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Kelly,–JoAnn Seckus, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, Chicago, IL

As my training to become a certified Star Healing practitioner approaches its end, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful program. Never has a teacher been so available and almost all the time ready for me, for my needs and my questions. Instead of travelling and paying expensive Hotels, I enjoyed the best, most customized training ever, but online. I would like to let every aspirant know, what a skillful and engaged teacher you are. You taught not only the techniques, but you conveyed in an authentic and inspiring way, your love and appreciation for this new, special healing method and its creator, Archangel Michael. I truly wish that many people sense the profound uniqueness of this opportunity to accessing and learning the Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Method, especially in this easy online way. Again, thank you, Kelly – Ellen Simon, Certified Practitioner, CA

Please continue to teach me and my family about the Love, strength and spiritual wisdom that we deserve. I am very proud to be a Light worker under your counsel.—Velma C. Certified Practitioner, Rhode Island

After seeing you shape shift into Archangel Michael, Christ, then Ashtar, the Galactic Commander, I don’t know who you are, what planet you are from, but I am soo glad you are here! I am proud to be a Star Healing Practitioner!—Poco Taylor, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
More powerful than The Reconnection—Linda Pullano. Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

I have studied and experienced many healing modalities before Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. I was interested in trying something new and I felt guided to learn a different method of energy healing. Thank you Kelly for providing me with the opportunity to become a certified practitioner!– Naseem Hajizadeh, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

I was guided to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ after I had experienced other healing modalities. I noticed the most improvement in healing from this system and became very interested in becoming a certified practitioner. I am finding much joy and excitement in offering this system to others.—Ella Doane, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

In the last 3 years, I extended my study into the realm of energy healing in order to further develop my own healing ability. After learning various forms, I discovered Kelly Hampton and the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy-TM that was given to her by Archangel Michael..After receiving Star Healing myself, it by far has been the most effective energy healing I have ever experienced. I feel better than I have in years and am now living a healthier, more vibrant and meaningful life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring Star Healing to others.—Melody Tharp, Certified Star Healing Practitioner, USA

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