Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly Hampton Training on Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline and Atlantean Children

Divine Teaching for Aware Children and Young Adults and Those Who Love them, from Archangel Michael.

In this 60 minute Audio Kelly Hampton channels wisdom about the Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline and Altlantean Children from Archangel Michael. Through this message you will learn:

  • Traits and behavior that each of these soul types exhibit.
  • How to determine if you are the parent of a Rainbow, Indigo, Crystalline or Atlantean child or young adult.
  • Why they came (and continue to come) to Earth and their global purpose.
  • Ways you can support their missions/soul purposes rather than diminish them.
  • Understanding and support for those with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and other high spectrum frequencies.
  • What Michael advises about medication.
  • What nurtures them as a collective group.

PLUS – Why Archangel Michael says Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ is THE healing system for them and how this powerful revolutionary energy healing system given to Kelly Hampton in 2010 can help them integrate more completely into the frequencies on Earth including improving social interactions, successes in traditional school settings and more and why Archangel Michael says,

Bring the Crystalline, Indigo, Rainbow, Diamond, Atlantean Children and Young Adults.  They know this system as they know their names. ~ Archangel Michael

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