Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

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60 MIN. MP3. Replay from live coaching call Oct. 2014.

  • BE guided through loving, immediate love and kindness blessings from Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters
  • RECEIVE homework from Archangel Michael and Christ using Love and Kindness as the cornerstone of your abundance
  • UNDERSTAND what Archangel Michael sees as the “petals of love” and how to “tend this most fertile garden.”
  • LEARN why this frequency is THE most powerful on Earth
  • BECOME part of a global community through collective consciousness to send love and kindness to others/other places
  • LEARN where Archangel Michael feels most love and kindness is needed on earth and to whom. (Don’t forget the animals!)
  • LEARN new ways to love yourself. All love begins here
  • LEARN how to create and use the love and kindness healing frequencies through the energy of sound, color, numbers (harmonics)
  • EXPECT to see optimal health after consistent use of being in this frequency.

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