Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Ascended Spaces from Archangel Michael is a new space attunement system, not feng shui, intended and capable of creating greater abundance in your lives! Each of the following practitioners has completed Kelly’s online course. You are invited to contact them today to begin to live the life you were promised!  Contact one of these Certified Ascended Spaces™ Practitioners to help you clear your home or office space to create abundance using Archangel Michael’s revolutionary Ascended Spaces™ home system. Each certified practitioner offers various spiritual treatment modalities such as telephone healing, and in-person appointments at their office or in your home, and their rates vary accordingly.    


Kelly Hampton, System Founder    St. Louis, MO Phone: (636)-346 7093 Email: Catherine Cogorno Saint Louis, MO USA Phone: (314)-782-7461 Email: Melody Bode Jefferson City, MO USA Phone: 573-680-9729 Email: Barbara Iverson St. Charles, IL USA Phone: 847-346-8418 Email: Linda Pullano Johnston, RI USA Phone: 401-383-2344


Florence George Perth, Western, AUSTRALIA Phone: 0428-550-1691 Email:


Zyna Langden Oxfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM Phone: 0428-550-1691 Email:


Ayako Yamamoto Email: Ayako Hirano Email: Kurumi Itani Email: Michiko Watanabe Email: Saeko Tanaka Email: Fumiko Kato From Tokyo Yumiko Kurata Michiko Watanabe Email: Saeko Tanaka Email: Akiko Tanikawa Email: Ayako Yamamoto Email: Miki Sakamoto Email: From Osaka Kurumi Itani Email: Fumiko Kato Email: Ayako Hirano Email: Ruto Email: Yuki Ozaki Email: Nana Yamada Email: Nakajima Shion Email: Tomoko Fuji Mai Harada Etsuko Sekine *Yuko Machizuki *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Yukiko Kataoka *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Sumiyo Sakaida *also a Star Healing Practitioner Miyuki Moridera Miki Noguchi *Reiko Obayashi *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Masumi Nakagawa *also a Star Healing Practitioner Machiko Mitsu *Yayoi Nakao *also a Star Healing Practitioner Marisa Koike *also a Star Healing Practitioner Sumiko *also a Star Healing Practitioner Naomi Murakoshi *also a Star Healing Practitioner Yumiko Yamamoto *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Kunihiro Sasaki *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Yukari Mise *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Emiko Motomura *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Rieko Katano *also a Star Healing Practitioner *Satomi Yamanaka *also a Star Healing Practitioner[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] If you prefer to elevate your own space by following the divine guidance of the archangel,    you may find the guide book in english, spanish and japanese here.