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Angels are holy spiritual beings who build, govern and project themselves into the universes.

There are nine angelic orders. From highest rank to lowest, they are:

Of these orders, tradition says that only archangels and angels generally interact with people in the course of daily life, as they are closest to the material world. Yet, being angels, they possess total wisdom, love, power and absolute self-awareness.

A very large and well-known archangel, Archangel Michael is master of light and fire. In fact, the most widely recognized list of Archangels includes Archangel Michael, Chamael, Gabriel, Josphiel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel and more.

Yes, angels do communicate with people!

Angels speak to souls like Kelly in words and visions, but they also use scents and feelings. Angels want to help you with every area of your life. Kelly advises her clients to share everything with your angels. She suggests practising talking out loud to them, including your guardian angels. Ask them to send you signs in the physical world that you can easily notice, so you can validate for yourself that they’ve heard your concerns. Sometimes you may feel your body tingling in their presence. Other times, you might experience a knowing of events that are about to happen. However they communicate, you’ll find their messages are always uplifting.

Every Archangel has a different purpose.

For example, Michael’s chief function is to rid the earth of fear. The humans he enlists, like Kelly, are called lightworkers, and Michael asks them to do spiritual teaching and healing work as professionals. When you are feeling afraid, Kelly suggests calling upon Michael by name or in thought. He will instantly come, lending you courage.

You can learn more about angelic wisdom from Archangel Michael here.

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