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Dear Beautiful Kelly~ 

I can’t thank you enough for my Mother’s Day Session with my mom, through you. You are such a gift. The words and expressions were Etta (my mom) for sure, I was so relieved when you were speaking of what she was telling you. It was too funny, I couldn’t help but in Joy, and laughter. Your timing of your most generous offer for everyone on such a special Day to celebrate, us one that I so needed. I am forever Thankful in Gratitude. (Our session) lifted so much heaviness that I put on myself. I now Truly Know I can move forward in my Life.
Looking forward to purchasing your book ‘’Into The Light’’ once I get moved over to New Mexico. Much Love Your Way In All Directions. Thank You Kelly & AA Michael In all you do.” –D.H.

The information I got from my mum were right on.–Robyn C.​

Although Kelly compassionately channels many divine beings including spirit guides, other Archangels, Ascended Masters such as Christ, Mary, Christed Extraterrestrials such as Ashtar, the Council of 9-12, Source as well as Mother Earth, Native Americans and elementals, in this private session Archangel Michael, will be your guide unless otherwise chosen. In a mediumship session, Kelly can bring through loved ones on the other side, including animals.

“Thank you for the mediumship (session). It was truly a wonderful to reach out to my loved ones.” -Donna R.

“The angel messages were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational.”
“I just had a life changing angel reading with messages from the Archangels Michael and the Ascended Masters. It was very clear, and spot-on. Archangel Michael and I had a wonderful conversation in the reading in which it felt as if we were best friends and he knew exactly what plan of action would be for my highest good. All the angel messages that came through were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational. After this session, my energy fields changed from feeling drained into feeling hopeful about life. Before the reading I was needing an energy boost and Archangel Michael provided that. An so please consider doing an angel reading with Kelly Hampton for she is kind, loving, and brings forth the Michael messages in such a loving way.”
-Gabe, Ohio.

“Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It’s an experience I will never forget!
“If you haven’t had a reading/guidance session w/Michael via Kelly, you NEED TO. My specific questions were answered, AS WELL AS details about my life/me that Michael thought I needed to know about that were not a part of my questions.(So, if you are wondering, “is this real, possible?” The answer is YES.) Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It’s an experience I will never forget and has helped me tremendously. It has given me the direction, clear guidance, and courage I need to move through some major upcoming transitions. Can’t wait for the next one! I think you are the best psychic I have ever spoken to — simply beyond amazing with such accuracy and details. I was blown away!” –Alice Claire, D.

“Awesome call. Connection with my departed husband Michael, confirmation in the fact that he wants me to go on my cruise in March like we always used to go on. He is with the angels.” xxoo– Nancy L, USA

“That was the best reading I’ve ever had!”
“That was the best reading I’ve ever had. I appreciate your honesty.” — Claudia C.

“I experienced the most profound healing after a message came thru from my mother.”
“Kelly and AA Michael are awesome! I not only got answers and validation about my life, I experienced the most profound healing after a message came thru from my mother, who has crossed over.” — Gina Torinitio

“This lady is AMAZING!”
“WOW!!! First time reading with Kelly, This lady is AMAZING! LOVED HER.”–Celeste, London

“Would you like to play cards?”

“During the session where you connected me with my dad, he had mentioned, “Would you like to play cards?”.  I remember when he said it, I was kind of like whaaat??!! He never played cards or had any type of affinity for that and neither did I. But it really is funny how the universe works and delights us! At the time, I was taking an online course on creativity. I had pretty much forgotten that there were bonus items. About a couple of days after our session, I received a package from Hay House in the mail. It was a beautiful angel card deck featuring Angel Gabriel (the messenger angel). The moment I opened the package, I remembered what my dad had said and I laughed! What I began to do was call in my guides and Angels to do a ‘reading’, if there was anything they wanted to share with me. I also asked if my dad could be present. I would then have these communications with him through the messages from the cards. Normally, I would shuffle the deck and fan the cards out and intuitively pick them. Then I was getting the sense that my dad would want me to shuffle them but divide them in stacks. Sometimes, I felt he was urging me to just flip over the top cards of each pile, sometimes the bottom, sometimes both. It was actually helping me feel really connected with my dad. The word that kept popping up in my mind was ‘magical’! I do this sometimes after I journal if I’m wondering about what to do next, etc. I just wanted you to know I really appreciate your offering that.”– Anna Johnston

“I could hear the air pressure around me change!”
“I noticed during the reading as Archangel Michael answered my questions I could hear the air pressure around me change which reminded me when I tune in to my own angels.” –Melissa Mayhew

“What an amazing message she passed on from Michael!”
“This is the first time I’ve listened to Kelly – what an amazing message she passed on from Michael! We are all TRULY connected, thank you Kelly! I love your straightforward, practical energy, too!”– Lana in West Richland

“I’m getting messages with numbers and letters a lot, and seeing little flashes of light! I received an answer from the council – in a beautiful, humorous way – and I received it double in the 14 days!”
“Both the 1/2 hour session and Star Healing was so calming and reassuring – it also brought clarity and peacefulness. Kelly is heart-centered and very real. Hearing from AA Michael and also my dad and nana was comforting and joyful. I am still receiving the effects from it – I’m getting messages with numbers and letters a lot, and seeing little flashes of light! I received an answer from the council – in a beautiful, humorous way – and I received it double in the 14 days! I am also appreciating the playful humor! It can’t help but raise your vibration!” – Anna in East Windsor

“My reading was exactly what I needed. I plan to have additional divine guidance.”
“I received a 30 minute AA Michael Reading. I am a Mother who has struggled with other adults, the public school system, various sports coaches, and other children regarding my Crystalline son who is just trying to be himself, while I on the other hand, tried to mold him into something he was not. I desperately needed spiritual counseling and who better to give it than Archangel Michael. Many parents have gifted Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Golden Children and have no idea how to parent them. Some parents buy into societies labels however, I refused. I knew my child was like no other and came directly to earth to help humanity learn kindness. As a parent, I needed guidance so I could better parent him and he is better able to fulfill his life’s purpose. My reading was exactly what I needed and I plan to have additional readings, or as I like to call them divine guidance, as I need all the help I can get. Thank you Kelly for being this genuinely kind and humble witness as Archangel Michael stepped in and helped me out. If any parent is struggling with what others want your child to conform to, I ask that you please get some divine clarity and guidance in a reading.”Teresa L. San Diego, CA

“I call her all the time!”
“She has this way on how to deliver her answers so that the messages are correctly communicated. I love talking to her because she chooses the right things to say so that you totally know she could not have made this up. Not only is it important to have the correct message to deliver but the delivery itself must be eloquent and she does a great job of this. This is why I call her all the time.” –Ruth, Wyoming, USA

“It’s been a blessing to hear the words of St. Michael.”
“I have no words to explain the experience I had reading with Kelly. It’s been a blessing to have you and hear the words of St. Michael.” –Barb I. USA

“Extremely detailed, high level information.”
“Extremely detailed, high level information that I know I can count on for my highest good.”–Alice Norley, UK

“I’m speechless!”
“Today’s chat with Kelly Hampton and AA Michael was amazing and I’m really speechless. It was like someone was reading my mind literally. I’d recommend it to anybody. You and AA Michael together are AMAZING! Thank you again!” –Christy In London

“Oh, how Very Very Happy I am that I found you on-line!”
“I am in complete thankfulness and awe about our session this morning. In AWE!! I wanted to share the following on today’s work: You mentioned when I was a French Maiden and France is so near and dear to my heart, I feel like home when I am there and since the moment I ever stepped into France it has always been, and I am going to Paris mid-April. You hit on so many of the wishes that I have been asking to be cleared of blocks that are keeping me from the divine plan. It was wonderful confirmation that all of the inner work is leading me on the right path and Oh how Very Very Happy I am that I found you online! I cannot thank you enough also for telling me about the Ileo sacral valve, inflammation and enzymes-It is so helpful to know what the problem has been in the past and how it is going to be fixed. Every Homeopathic I’ve worked with has tried to give m enzymes and they have not worked for me, the body needs to produce them! Many Many Blessing to you and AAM for the blessed light work! for the very deepest part of my being and my heart! Thank you again! The Very Best” –Mary M. Los Angeles, CA


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