KellyHampton-Book-AnimalsThe Book of Animals

“Archangel Michael is at it again and I am so grateful! Through Kelly Hampton he has written another book, The Book of Animals: Wisdom and Healing from the Animal Kingdom from Archangel Michael, to help the world population understand and heal the animals on the planet! I enjoy the wisdom he shared, including the Harmonic Codes which will be so helpful, and are easy to use! I also appreciate the list of steps he gives to help our companion pets through this ascension energy shift. I could go on and on, there is so much of value and good use in this book! I know all who read it will enjoy and be blessed!”

— QiaJenae, Chicago, IL

“Wow! A wonderful book on the teaching of not only on how to open and expand our awareness to animals but how we can directly assist them with ease and grace. In the THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing and Wisdom from Archangel Michael by Kelly Hampton, Archangel Michael gently guides us by mixing narrative and prayer to help aid our understanding. After reading his words I am uplifted and filled with excitement for what is to come. A must read for anyone who is seeking a way to heal and expand love to our beloved Earth.”

— Tracy Redford, Fenton, MI

“Written in the same powerful, poignant prose as Kelly’s last two books, Archangel Michael’s voice (through Kelly) resounds through these pages with clarity and purpose. He gently educates readers about the animal kingdom – past, present, and future – to help us understand, connect with, and heal these profoundly sensitive, loving beings. He continues his teachings on such essential topics as ascension, Mother Earth, underground civilizations, intergalactic ancestors, Atlantis, harmonic codes, and energy healing while revealing many surprising truths about land, air, and marine animals. Finally, we learn the answers to many of our burning questions: what really happened to the dinosaurs? How can we help animals on the brink of extinction? How do animals find their way back home over great distances? And, most importantly, what can we do to help our animal friends during this great time of ascension? These answers and many more, lie within.”

–Chelsea J, Northern California

“Amazing and enlightening!! I have read and re-read THE BOOK OF ANIMALS and it is the most important information we need” to understand all types of animal species whether on land or in the water. Channeled by Kelly Hampton, Archangel Michael has given us inspiring information about the animals on our planet from the past, the present, and those yet to come. This beautiful information cannot be found anywhere else. In his loving way, he touches our hearts and shows us how to help all animal species on Earth. The Angel’s information about the mythical creatures that will be re-appearing on the planet brings joy to one’s heart. This book touched my soul on a very deep level.”
–Patti Ransford, USA

“Loving the book. Thank you Kelly and Archangel Michael.”
–Wendy Logan, USA

“I love it…Can’t get enough of it..Been waiting for this book for a while… makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!!! Thank you Kelly!!”
— Emmy, USA

2012_book_cover_itunes2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael

I really loved this book and the other one Into the White Light. I didn’t want to put the book down not even to go to the restroom. Once I started I did not want to stop. I will read this over and over, cover to cover and I don’t do that…once I have read a book I’m done except for going back to look something up. It was wonderful to have all my feelings and thoughts get a conformation. You do need to have an open mind and yes somethings you don’t want to hear but you knew deep down that was the case anyway. It was a fast and easy read a few typos but a great book. A must read! I say if you read only one book in your life it needs to be this one. Just a wonderful read and I felt hopeful, loved, very positive and a high vibration feeling almost like a buzzing feeling. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about this book you just have to read it for yourself. I have just ordered 3 more of each book for my friends and family. I met Kelly at a Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in the USA and it was the first I had even learned of her books and I was drawn to get them. The last thing I can tell you is get it, get it and get it! –Kellie Mitchell

I was divinely driven to read Archangel Michael’s last book. The confirmation of the Great Awakening is wonderful. These words were told to me in 2005 by him. Michael has personally visited me on several occasions, in different capacities. He is my rock. Someday in the not too distant future, those of us that are enlightened will live in harmony together, once again with these beautiful, magnificent beings of light. I love you Archangel Michael. :) Diane H. Holycross, Ransomville, NY

I received the book within 2 days. This book was the final message that has lead me to learn Star Energy Healing.–Barb, USA

Into_20the_20White_20Light.225x225-75Into the White Light

An absolutely wonderful book! Full of fascinating insights into Creation, Jesus’ Resurrection, Angelic realms, prayers, divine guidance, healing, and the nature of life. There is so much that is of interest, and so much love and wisdom contained on every page, it’s as if not a single word has been wasted, which I guess would be true of a book dictated by an Angel! Easy to read, yet deeply thought-provoking, even though I am not able to accept a few of the minor concepts, it seems as if more can be learned, and more understandings gained, each time it’s read. Highly recommended, especially to those seeking more advanced awareness of the spiritual realities `behind the veil’ of life as we know it on earth. Note: I purchased my copy in a downloadable PDF via Kelly’s website. –Perpetual Student, IL USA

I loved this book! St. Michael the Archangel is my favorite saint! The things he said does go against some of the world’s prominent religions & some, like myself, would disagree on a few viewpoints. Overall, His message of hope and spirituality is very welcoming. I thank God for giving Michael this special task –PortugeeMike, review

I could not put this book down. It is very inspiring and I appreciated the fact that it didn’t just talk about Christianity but it touched a bit on several other religions who each have Master teachers in their own right. That was very refreshing in a world with so many different religions. It touched on past world history with an Angelic perspective. It’s ultimate message was one of love and if we as a world forget that, we’re going to change the future of Earth as we know it, and that’s not a good thing. A thought provoking read.–James, Missouri

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