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The Book of Animals:  Healing Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom from Archangel Michael

In his teaching, Archangel Michael shares healing codes, and the history of creation, and examines through parables and angelic realities how the animal kingdom is also here to anchor the Christ Grid of Ascension and much, much more.

Mother Earth also shares her wisdom to help lay the foundation of this most amazing work from AAMichael. I am truly blessed and hope you find this book a true blessing for you and your families as well.”

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graphic for summit sales page with book coverAscended Spaces™ Home Attunement Guide Book

Tambien disponible en Español

The angel’s answer to Feng Shui.  Enroll to become the next certified practitioner today~

Learn how to create more abundance in your lives through this advanced, yet easy Pleiadian based home elevation system.

  • This program is should be compliment to Star Energy Intergalactic Energy™ services performed by Kelly or any of her Certified Healers.
  • The Ascended Spaces™ Home Attunement System came to Kelly in 2011 from Archangel Michael and is referred to as “Feng Shui for the 21st Century!”
  • You will learn how to use sound, harmonics, semi-precious gems, oils, imagery, commands, and body techniques to raise the well-being of your home or office.
  • Great for Real Estate Agents or anyone wanting to clear a space of lingering energy or entities (ghosts).  Ascended Spaces™ Home Attunement will not only detoxify but enhance prosperity, joy and harmony within your home and office space.
  • This book is also available in Spanish.

This is a digital product available for immediate PDF download

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2012 and Beyond:  The Truth from Archangel Michael

As 2012 approaches and subsequently in the immediate time past 2012, as a result of these shifting, renewing, globally conscious energies, there will be less war, less famine, less hatred, less poverty, fewer diseases. When you read about, when you hear conjecture and speculation about 2012 and beyond, which says that the world is coming to an end, I would agree to that with this point of distinction: the world as you know it is coming to an end.Archangel Michael.

 $19.99 plus $1.80 USA sale tax. Autographed paperback (shipping within the USA) to order:


2012 and Beyond:  The Truth from Archangel Michael 今日本語で Ima nihongode

Now Translated into the Japanese Version! A prerequisite for every Star Healer and an invaluable timeless book for everyone.

 $15.99 Click the link to order: 日本語版 Nihongohan,

Into_20the_20White_20Light.225x225-75Into the White Light:  The Revelations From Archangel Michael

“Have you ever wondered what happens to a soul after death or what heaven is like? These are some of the spiritual questions which are explored in Into the White Light.

Kelly was awakened by a big, bright white light which she came to know was Archangel Michael. As overseer of the Virtues and guide to lightworkers, Michael telepathically channeled a profoundly amazing body of spiritual myths, truths, and prophecies to the author.

It begins with the time of the Creation and ends with prophecies for the 21st century, including the discovery of a new planet the angel calls Nebulon. It reads like a sacred book in the depth of knowledge the angel shared because he told the author these truths as parables. It is a profoundly enlightening book for all faiths and for anyone on a spiritual path!”

Also available in Spanish as an ebook 

Partial Documented Reviews

This was such a great reading. It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now at such an important crossroads in my life. –Karen, C.

Into the White Light: Revelations by Archangel Michael, truly resonated with my soul beliefs about the afterlife. Archangel Michael’s messages are truly profound. I found this book to be very uplifting and inspirational. It left me with a sense of peace. Kelly is an amazingly gifted soul. Thank you for bringing us such Divine messages. –Linda Q.

Highly recommend everyone read this amazing book! It has taken me time to read because every word is enlightenment to one’s own soul & spiritual growth. It’s a book you will return to read over & over again. What a Blessing! –Wendy D.

$19.99 plus $1.80 USA sale tax. Autographed paperback (shipping within the USA)