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Certified Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Healer – 2nd Attunement

This course is the next step for Certified Star Healers and required in order to perform a second attunement on their clients.  This training expands on your previous training through the use of sound and affirmations which unlock the power contained within the chambered nautilus shell.


1) 1st Attunement Certification


This course will include the following:

  • One Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ 2nd Attunement Manual
  • 2nd Attunement Star Healing Energy Tool List
  • 2nd Attunement Star Healing™ Practitioner Certificate and Web Badge
  • 2nd Attunement listing in our Online Certified Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Healer

Additional Benefits of this Course will also include:

  • Monthly News Bulletin sharing information from Archangel Michael to help you build and grow as a healer.
  • Advance notification on upcoming Training Events and Bonus Coaching opportunities.


Online Course:   This course is traditionally taught in a multi-media online format which may include use of video, teleconference and webinar formats.  Participants will be guided with instruction and activity that is expected to be completed within a 2-3 month period from receiving your course materials. Outside class practice will be required, including gathering live or remote volunteers for practice.

LIVE Training:  Occasionally this course is offered as a local weekend workshop.  Incentives are offered for arranging and promoting a workshop.  Check the Course Schedule for next available booking.  If you would like to coordinate a event to bring this training to your community, please contact Kelly to check her schedule availability.


In order to complete your “2nd Attunement Certification” each student is required to exercise their understanding of their training through the completion of 6-8 outside practice sessions within 2 months of the training course.  You will record this information on the Online Reporting form and submit to Kelly for review.  Once completed, you will receive your personalized Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Practitioner Certificate.  This certificate is suitable for framing and will publicly demonstrate to others your level of achievement.  Certification is valid for the term of one year and can be renewed through a refresher exam and renewal of your annual Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Membership ($75)


Payment $599

When purchasing your course through paypal select payment for family and friends upon checking out.

Payment $616.97

3% Fee included when paying with credit card.

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