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Mystical Italy 2019

Assisi, Italy Sept. 22-27th
including Monte Sant’Angelo-
Sept. 27-Sept. 30th, 2019

You are invited to journey to MYSTICAL ITALY–

in an intimate walking tour and pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy with optional Monte Sant’Angelo.
A Heart Opening Journey to Self

Sanctuary of Archangel Michael in a grotto


 Birthplace of St. Francis in Assisi Italy

I am pleased to announce being guided to create another sacred journey for 2019–this time to create a mystical pilgrimage to the Puglia Region in Italy to pilgrimage in Monte Sant’Angelo and the abbey itself, a very sacred place on our planet where Archangel Michael has appeared many times throughout history and to the birthplace of St. Francis–Assisi, Italy. Join us for ten days of magical days of meditation, ceremony, joy, spirit and laughter. The dates are astrologically selected to be in the Equinox Energy, which thins the dimensional veils and to coincide with the Feast of Saint Michael, Sept. 29th.

This sacred pilgrimage is for those who are seeking a deeper experience of peace and wholeness in their lives, no matter what tradition they may be from, and have felt drawn to Assisi in their search. Assisi is one of those spiritual “power spots”- a uniquely beautiful town on an idyllic hillside in central Italy, that has nurtured two of Christianity’s most beloved saints- Francis and Clare. Their radical practice of selfless love and simplicity, embracing all of creation, has made Assisi draw pilgrims from all walks of life, all traditions, and from all over the world, like a magnet to the soul.

To enjoy this grande adventure our pshycial activity will be moderate to extended walking at times on uneven earth and stone terrain. Our excursions in both areas are not wheelchair accessible and you must be able to walk unasssited. We also advise becoming familair with the altitute of the mountain villages we will be visiting.

We will also be working and aligning ourselves with the Apollo and
Athena Lei Lines powerful energy spots on the globe!

Assisi is one of those spiritual “power spots”- a uniquely beautiful town on an idyllic hillside in central Italy, that has nurtured two of Christianity’s most beloved saints- Francis and Clare. Their practice of selfless love and simplicity, embracing all of creation, has made Assisi draw pilgrims from all walks of life, all traditions, and from all over the world. Monte Sant’Angelo is a picturesque white town at the highest point on Puglia’s Gargano Promontory, the spur of the boot. Best known for its pilgrimage site, the Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael in a cave where tradition states that Michael has appeared and has spoken many messages. It is a medieval center, full of small, white-washed houses and interesting to explore on foot. Our accommodations are within 5 minutes walking distance from the shrine, so plan on some easy walking.

We will dedicate sufficient time for group ceremony and alchemy as well as solitary reflection and processing time. This journey is meant for all positive loving souls; space will be limited. We are on a pilgrimage, some may call it a mission….not tourists, though there will be time set aside to explore the areas on your own for shopping and cultural immersion.

Spiritual Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats in Assisi, Italy, Europe olive trees photo

The Chapel of San Damiano is where Francis felt his calling to serve with humility and an open heart. It eventually became the Cloister for St Clare.  It is nestled among the ancient olive trees and was where he began his journey.  The cross spoke to him here and was later moved  to Saint Clare’s Cathedral,  where it hangs to this day.



Check in: Sept. 22-27th. 6 days/ 5 nights

“Voted one of the top 5 meditation retreat centers in Europe by Travel and Leisure Magazine.”

This non profit organization and family run hotel (adjacent the center) supports people of all religions, countries and backgrounds to live a deeply satisfying spiritual life and we were so excited to source it for you! It is also located just minutes away from the Athena and Apollo lei lines which we plan to work with! They can provide all travel information and support solo travelers to make your travels as easy as possible. We recommend everyone fly into Rome, Italy.

What is included in your stay in Assisi:

  • All retreats will be lead in English and also include our local experienced guide David along side myself.
  • Daily abundant buffet Breakfast & Delicious all you can eat homemade dinners with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available.
  • Lodging ~ Shared room with 2 seperate beds and with private bathroom in a boutique, family run hotel in the heart of the old city of Assisi. It is within walking distance of most sites and only 75 meters from the piazza del Comune, the center town where there are amazing restaurants and cafes. 
  • Shuttle service during the retreat to some more distant sacred sites
  • Two – three guided meditations daily with daily guidance and processes from myself.
  • There are spacious afternoons as well, to rest, read, visit the sacred places as you wish.  Explore the hidden treasures, gardens, olive trees and back streets.

Some of the places we will visit: 
Tomb of St Francis, Cathedral of St Clare, San Damiano & the olive trees, Eremo della Carceri (Mountain caves of St Francis),  Santa Maria delle Angeli, Birth place of St Francis and  more as guided. You will be receiving a more detailed daily itinerary a little closer to our journey.

You will feel the peace and sacrednessof this ancient hilltop town. You will be served abundant buffet breakfasts and home made all you can eat dinners each day. Vegan, gluten free are all options.  Lunch is on your own with amazing family owned restaurants throughout the town.  You can inquire on your own about additional nights stay before our retreat begins. There are many local restaurants to grab lunch. In town, during free time, you can make a reservation for a massage or soaking in the ancient baths at Nun Spa a 10 minute walk from the Hotel. (not included).

*The cost for transport from your arrival destination to the Center is not included. However, if arriving in Rome we can connect you with a professional transport service which has been recommended to us to take you to our hotel. I’m told these reservations need to be made a month in advance.

For those who have decided to expand their journey to include Monte Sant Angelo after leaving Assisi, transport has been arranged to travel by minibus on Sept. 27th to the Puglia Region of Italy to the Palace Hotel San Michele. If you are not continuing on, there is the same transport service (and others) which you can contact directly to return you to Rome International Airport (and possibly to other local airports).

Check in: Sept. 27th after transport from Assisi.
PALACE HOTEL SAN MICHELE, Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy

The elegant complex of this 4-star hotel overlooks the vast Gulf of Manfredonia, on the Gargano, with wonderful view of hundreds of kilometers of coastline lapped by the Adriatic Sea and intense blue skies.
Each guest will have their own private room with private bath.
Breakfast is included.
 Located in the heart of Monte Sant’Angelo, this spa hotel is 0.2 mi (0.4 km) from Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo sul Gargano and within 12 mi (20 km) of Abbazia di Santa Maria di Pulsano and National Archaeological Museum of Manfredonia

We invite you to learn more in advance by visiting the video link:

Of course, we will be guided directly by Michael during our journey (and other master guides), to provide further insight into ourselves, expand our awareness of others and other places on our planet during this time of Ascension. If you are called to serve and learn more about yourself, don’t delay as space is very limited.


Sept. 27th: Arrival from minibus transport from Assisi to our hotel.
Sept. 28th: Visitation to the Shrine with processes from Kelly
Sept. 29th: THE FEAST OF SAINT MICHAEL OR MICHAELMAS DAY. Due to the crowds and number of masses scheduled, we have elected to reserve a portion of the day to visit the Shrine of Padre Pio in SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO after breakfast  via transport company. Return in time to attend the town processional at 5pm
Sept. 30th: Morning check out with transport to Rome International Airport, for those leaving Italy. Your minibus transport is included in your retreat package back to Rome. We will explore the Basilica and the underground cave where Archangel has said to have appeared on several occasions. 

“I am Michael the Archangel and am always in the presence of God. The cave is sacred to me and is of my special choosing…where the rocks open widely the sins of mankind may be released…that which is asked here in prayer will be granted. This is a special house of God, in which all sin may be cleansed, because this heavenly place is founded by angels.”

In September, summer comes to an end bringing relief from the heat in most parts of Italy, September has become one of the most popular months to visit Italy. On the East coast of Italy lies one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Italy.  It attracts visitors from around the world–The shrine of Padre Pio, possibly the most famous Saint of the century, whose body is kept here. Padre Pio was famous worldwide for his stigmata, his mystical miracles and his emphasis on prayer. He communicated with angels frequently. (About twenty five years ago, Michael told me to study St. Francis and Padre Pio as part of my early spiritual learning.) 


However, presently some have already registered, so only 4 spots remain.  Then we will form a wait list.

Register Here Today and Secure Your Spot

$800 Non-refundable Deposit to Mystical Italy:
Please send your  payment by selecting sending to family and friends via paypal, then enter or a 3% additional admin fees will be due when using c.c. or paypal no friends. Check is also accepted within the USA only, or an international wire transfer.

Receipt of your $800 nonrefundable deposit holds a place for you. To take advantage of the early bird discounted rate, your full paymentmust be received by May 31st and increases June 1st, 2019. Full payment us due by July 15th, 2019. You will be notified if our trip has been filed and you have been placed on a wait list. So please check with us before securing any travel arrangements! Also, no registration is considered confirmed without proof of you obtaining travel insurance including medical coverage and recent medical hisotry. This form and a release of liability and get to know me forms will be emailed  to you once your deposit or full payment has been received which need to be returned asap via good scan, google documents or mail within the USA.

$2,650 Assisi Only Early Bird in full
$3,400 Assisi and Sant’Angelo Early Bird in full

June 1st and beyond until retreats fills:
$2,999 Assisi Only payment in full
June 1st and beyond until retreat fills:
Assisi and Monte Sant’ Angelo full payment:

We have tried very hard to keep this trip affordable. What we are offering is carefully researched, and is very fair, and comparably very affordable.

Please Review The Terms and Conditions

REQUIREMENTS: Dress Code requires you to enter any Basilica, Church or place of worship with your knees and shoulders covered for both men and women. You may risk refused entry if you fail to comply with these dress requirements. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN



Healing Enterprises LLC  acts as a tour operator and reserves the right to refuse to accept or retain any person whose behavior is deemed likely to affect the smooth operation of a tour or adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of other passengers. Healing Enterprises, LLC will not be held liable for a refund or compensation by any such person.

Tour Cancellation By Operator: Be clearly advised that a tour departure may be canceled due to travel advisories or warnings, acts of war, war, terrorism, acts of God, natural disaster, or any other circumstances outside of our control, are not the fault of Healing Enterprises LLC and are not eligible for refund. If a tour is canceled due to lack of participation, Healing Enterprises, LLC will provide a full refund. Healing Enterprisesf LLC is not responsible for any airline tickets purchased ahead of time and thereby, purchasing travel insurance is mandatory.

Medical Insurance is not provided/included. Attendees are required to have coverage for medical & travelers insurance. Attendees are advised to check on travel insurance with your medical provider, airline or travel agent. Here is a good link to learn more about travel insurance.

We will have two pre trip webinars to build group harmony and establish our intent for the journey. We ask that all attendees participate in these. We also ask that all attendees return the personal-profile’ information which will be sent to you upon registration to allow us to all ‘get to know’ one another before the trip.

As described in the terms, the initial deposit and full payment are nonrefundable. That is because we are required to pay a considerable percentage in advance for the trip, on initial registration and this payment is nonrefundable to us. Commitment is then a major part of this very special pilgrimage. In the event of illness, accident or any scenario in which someone cannot go after remitting the full payment, please be fully aware that while there are no refunds, you may sell your trip package to someone else…but you will be responsible for finding the other person. We will assist in this process where we can, but the actual selling of your package will be between you and the new attendee. Please also note that there will be an applicable transfer fee of $350 dollars payable to Healing Enterprises LLC in order to process the hotel changes in the event you sell your trip for any reason.

We do absolutely require the Registration Form with passport information and travel waivers be signed and received from each attendee. You cannot attend the pilgrimage if these are not received. All trip deposits and payments are in USD only as we are required to pay for the hotels, transport etc in USD.

We strongly recommend you to arrive in Rome or wherever you are arriving, 1 or 2 days early. This provides several advantages, providing a safety margin in case of flight delays or cancellation, time to recover any lost baggage, and time to adjust to jet lag and time differences. In the event that the currency exchange rate falls below 0.85 Euros to $1 USD, I reserve the right to review the retreat fees due.


Our local bi lingual, accedted guide while In Assisi along with myself
Our retreat leader, David was a sensitive, receptive, and wonderful guide. He takes you by the heart into a deep, personal journey that only meditation can regard, with humility and patience. No dogmas, all dogmas, his door is open to infinite perspective. He takes us onto a great open flight and we are free to choose the destination… He is also a great tour guide on the trace of Saint Francis and Saint Claire, Assisi’s history, its poignant stories… Mystical figures come alive, with all of their passion as he walks and talks us through and through. Our lodging was at Hotel Posta Panoramica which is a 2-minute stroll from the center with the most stunning view I have ever had. Simple, comfortable and clean, remarkable service, adorable, loving staff. A real family run hotel. This retreat was the opportunity to dive into the joys of life, into the boundless potential it has to offer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be back!”

Spero di vederti in Italia!
Grazie e amore,

(I hope to see you in Italy!

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