Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Certified Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Healer
Refresher Course

Once you have been certified as a Star Healer, it is important to update your skills and renew your certification for the next year.




Online Course:   This course is traditionally taught in a webinar format which includes use skype or teleconference service.

LIVE Training:  Occasionally this course is offered as a local weekend workshop.  Check the Course Schedule for next available booking.  If you would like to coordinate a localized event to bring this training to your community, please contact Kelly to check her schedule availability.


In order to receive your official “certification,” each student is required to practice what you have learned on an average of 8 volunteers.  (Some may require additional practice before certification is awarded.)  Once you have completed and submitted all of your online assignments, training and case study reports, you will receive your personalized Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Healer Certification.  This certificate is suitable for framing and will publicly demonstrate to others your level of achievement.  Certification is valid for the term of one year and can be renewed through a refresher exam and renewal of your annual Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Membership ($75).

Once certified in the 1st Attunement, you are encouraged to enroll in the 2nd and/or 3rd Attunement courses to further understand how these Attunements differ from the first course.


This work is spiritual in nature and not considered a substitute for medical conditions for which you may typically seek out a licensed medical professional.  This certification does not give authorization to prescribe medications, perform surgery, or any other activity requiring a professional medical license.  While energetic work has been proven to aid in the healing of certain medical conditions. Patients under regular care of a physician are recommended to maintain those treatments and seek their advice before stopping such treatment.   Each client and their physical condition is unique.  We take no legal responsibility for the effectiveness results or benefits of these sessions nor do we make any promises, warranties or guarantees about the results of this healing work.

Payment $450

When purchasing your course through paypal select payment for family and friends upon checking out.

Payment $463.50

3% Fee included when paying with credit card.

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