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What is a Mediumship Reading?

mediumship-300x225As a divine channel, I have the ability to connect to and communicate with loved ones and pets who have crossed to the other side. These connections can bring closure, peace, and love. However, it is important to add that not all souls can come through, as they may first be in a place of healing, which Archangel Michael revealed as the Sacred Healing Garden in his first book INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. If a loved one cannot come through during a mediumship session, they may be able to do so at a later date. (Indeed, no professional ethical medium can guarantee in advance, a specific person is able to come through.)  If a soul (or animal) cannot come through themselves during our time together, Archangel Michael can access their soul pieces for you and communicate on their behalf or you may try again at a later time.

How Does a Mediumship Reading Work?

Because not all mediums perform their services in the same manner it may be useful to understand how I work. Readings are typically conducted via Skype or other international service provider or landline within the USA.  When connected, I will ask you to state the name of who you wish to connect as well as their connection to you.  I will begin by calling upon your loved one by name and asking Archangel Michael if they can come through and have left the Sacred Healing Garden. My voice may change slightly during your private mediumship reading or may not.  You are encouraged to speak to your loved ones in a normal conversational manner.  I will hear their communication telepathically in much the same manner as when connecting with Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters, or other supreme Sources.

Loved ones/friends on the other side come through to offer support, speak of love and may offer to send signs to you of their continued love and support or confirm signs you have witnessed. They may offer opinion when called upon for this, but do not offer prophecy – unless a soul has been to what Archangel Michael identifies as “The Viewing Room” in the Kingdom of Heaven. You may request to combine your mediumship reading with an angel reading, where we can call upon Archangel Michael to assist with prophecy. Please know that souls in the other side do not sit and watch our every thought or action as they too, are developing and evolving their spiritual knowledge and abilities.  They may  in some instances read your energy and know if you are sad, happy etc.

To learn more about what happens to a soul on their journey once they leave the Earth plane consider my first book downloaded from Archangel Michael – Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael.  It may help you to understand the spiritual truth of what happens when a soul makes the transition to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you have you have additional questions you are encouraged to book a private session.

Tips to Prepare for Your Session

  • You must be 18 or older to speak with me.
  • I will ask you for the name of the person(s) or animal (s) that you are calling upon and how they are related to you.
  • You are welcome to record your session or take notes; but I will not be providing this service for you.  Many clients use or smart phone apps to manage this task.
  • All appointments are booked in Central Time from St. Louis, MO
  • No refunds are provided after your consultation – partial or complete.

By proceeding with your purchase you accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS.

Booking Your Session

It is unusual for one soul to come through for more than 30 min.  Quite often connections are much briefer. You can use longer times (in Angelic Readings) to combine both a Mediumship Reading and an Angelic Reading to include prophesy if desired. Use the options below to selected the length of our time together.   Once your time is reserved, please email my office at to schedule the date/time of your meeting.

15 Minute Reading    

Price: $125.00

30 Minute Reading    

Price: $250.00


I had a wonderful, spot-on reading …with Kelly & Archangel Micheal. The information and answers given rang true to heart. There were many things that I had thought on, and to have [the information] validated was most incredible. It was a truly moving experience that will be with me always. I plan on getting on board and will order Kelly’s books.

AMAZING and WONDERFUL! Incredibly detailed – accurate – so on target. Tried and true – a life-changing source of guidance! Have consulted KH and MICHAEL for 3 years – always a blessing – would trust with any question. Here you will find hope, joy, inspiration, wisdom, respect and some pretty darn smart ideas! Having a high-ranking, holy angel in your corner is just the best!!

I had reading with Kelly. It’s been a blessing to have you and hear the words of St. Michael. Very interesting experience! A lot of people came through in my mediumship reading as there are many in my life who have passed away. However, each one validated the fact that is was actually them.

Receiving messages from my father was simply the best medicine of all … as on earth he was a steady, calm and kind man … and I felt him.   The comments he made — the joke book was his as he loved corny jokes … and the upside down umbrella his reference to me collecting pennies from heaven…. as that is one of the manifested physical signs I’ve received for years. –L. Earnest



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