Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Small Animal™ Healer Certification

This is an intensive training program for experienced healers.  You MUST have healing experience to step into the shoes of a Star Healer. “You cannot run a marathon, not having run a race.”–Archangel Michael.

You must also have the heart of a healer and a love of service. This program is designed for energy practitioners wanting to expand their practices to that small animals, 2 legged or 4 legged.


  1. Purchase and reading of 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from
    Archangel Michael
    —”One must know the source of one’s
    instruction” – AA Michael
  2. 60 min. attunment to the Pleiadian frequencies, which may be done remotely anywhere in the world by Kelly in advance of the start of any online course or live workshop.
  3. Working knowledge of the Ascended Spaces the other Ascension system given to Kelly by Archangel Michael for your homes.


This intensive course will include:

  • One Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ for Small Animals Course Guidebook
  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Tool List
  • Star Healing Small Animal™ Healer Certificate and Web Badge
  • Online listing in our Certified Small Animal Healer Directory

Additional Benefits:

  • News Bulletin sharing information from Archangel Michael to help you build and grow as a healer.
  • Enrollment in Star Healer Newsletter to help build community, including featured practitoner status.
  • Ongoing support, mentoring and healer collaboration through regular refresher classes.
  • Advance notification on upcoming Training Events and Bonus Coaching opportunities.


This course is taught typically via  skype in group sessions. Kelly instructs and demonstrates the techniques, students are required to practice on  a minimum number of animals, complete and return case studies, Students are expected to secure their volunteer animals in advance.  Once your registration is confirmed with your payment, you will receive the Approved Tool list as well as a Course Terms, code of ethics, reporting and follow up forms which will need to be completed before the course begins.


In order to complete your “Certification” each student is required to exercise their understanding of their training through the completion of a minimum of eight (8) practice sessions. Students should plan on completing their online course training within  2-3 months upon enrollment.  Students will record case study information using the Online Reporting form and submit them to Kelly for review. Some early sessions will be overseen directly by Kelly until a level of mastery is achieved. Once all sessions are completed, you will receive your personalized Star Healing Practitioner Certificate. Some healers may be required to practice on 10 animals before mastery. Kelly will help you determine this. Your certificate is suitable for framing and will publicly demonstrate to others your level of achievement.  Certification is valid for the term of one year. In order to continue practicing as a certified healer per Archangel Michael, healers are expected to complete the terms of their signed course agreement with a process put into place by the angel to help ensure the integrity of this REVOLUTIONARY healing system.


$800  – Installment Payment Plan Available!

The first installment is charged to your Debit/Credit card through PayPal at the time of purchase. The second installment will be automatically charged 30 days later to the same account information provided.




DISCLAIMER:  This work is spiritual in nature and not considered a substitute for medical conditions for which you may typically seek out a licensed medical professional.  This certification does not give authorization to prescribe medications, perform surgery, or any other activity requiring a professional medical license.  While energetic work has been proven to aid in the healing of certain medical conditions. Patients under regular care of a physician are recommended to maintain those treatments and seek their advice before stopping such treatment.   Each client and their physical condition is unique.  We take no legal responsibility for the effectiveness results or benefits of these sessions nor do we make any promises, warranties or guarantees about the results of this healing work.

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