Kelly Hampton Energy Healer

Kelly Hampton Channel for Archangel MichaelWhat Is An Angelic Reading?

As an advanced channel, Kelly has the ability to communicate telepathically many realms for your guidance.  Primarily during an angelic session, Kelly will hear the guidance from Archangel Michael who is often portrayed as a warrior helping to protect us and slay our fears.  He helps save lives, protects our bodies, vehicles and belongings, and oversees our Divine Life Missions.

Come to me with your questions and fears, I will help you find peace and clarity – Archangel Michael

Readings are performed via skype, chat, land line or face time all over the world. Questions tell Archangel Michael that you are ready to receive his council. Kelly will channel (telepathically hear) the guidance from AAngel Michael and the Angelic Realms or other light source of your choosing.

Tips to Prepare for Your Reading

  • You must be 18 or older to speak with Kelly.
  • To maximize your time, kindly come prepared with questions.  Your questions tell Archangel Michael you are ready to receive what he has to share.
  • You are welcome to record your session or take notes. Mp3 recordings may be sent to you via email.
  • All appointments are booked in Central Time (GMT-6).
  • No refunds are provided after your consultation – partial or complete.

By proceeding with your purchase you accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS.

Booking Your Reading

Use the links below to purchase the session you prefer.  Once booked, please contact Kelly’s office via email  to schedule the time and day of your appointment.

15 Minute Reading

Price: $99.00

30 Minute Reading 

Price: $198.00

45 Minute Reading 

Price: $299.00

1 Hr. Reading 

Price: $380.00


“I had a channeling session and a week ago had the healing. Wowie Zowie, I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing. People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves. Abundant blessings.”Laura Dillard

“Great news!  I read with you last week and I was the one where my dad took up most of my time in my reading. Well one of the things that he said he would send came. a RED STRING! … and heat, of course I was the one that got the heat.. (smile). The lights went out in a power storm and I went to my sisters. Well while I was there I became hot for a short period of time, not knowing that this was it. A few moments after I happen to look down at my feet and there was a the string, I asked my sister what was it and she said it was a string, from her dress that was irritating her the other day, so she cut it but never threw it away. I GASP! it scared me, because the lights were out and I was afraid he would show himself and I wasn’t ready, but now I feel sort of bad, because I don’t want him to feel bad about me leaving. I will call you and make an appointment to speak with you in a couple of days, I have something else that I wish to speak with you about.  Just thought you would love to hear about this.” –Katherine Dolorno


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