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Your Sacred Pilgrimage to Glastonbury and Penzance, England awaits you, with an exceptional optional add on
to visit magical Merlin's cave and the beautiful quaint seaside village of Tintagel, England

Please check back as we continue to finalize your expanded retreat!

Join like minded souls in 2021!

The dates for your 8 Day Spiritual Journey are July 6-13th, 2021. 

If you would like to extend your pilgrimage and continue your journey to Tintagel, 

your retreat ends July, 16th

Kelly Hampton Glastonbury Spiritual Retreat
Enjoying wonderful new friendships with a few of our group

“I invite you to join me on my third spiritual retreat and sacred pilgrimage to the mystical lands of Glastonbury, England (Avalon) in July 2021. Glastonbury is a joy to visit any time of the year. We will immerse ourselves in the transformational energies of St. Michael and Mary’s ley lines, world famous Stonehenge, the Tor, the holy Chalice Well and other ancient sites while deepening our connection with Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, and all that this mystical landscape has to offer. Stonehenge is often considered one of the 10 most powerful spiritual places in the world, alongside Machu Picchu, Peru and Sedona, Arizona. 

During this sacred journey, we will honor, heal, and transform aspects of ourselves and our planet during this profound time of Ascension. As part of your sacred pilgrimage, I will download and share as much divine information as possible. We will be working as alchemists in a wide variety of ways, including doing any repair work on the grid we may be asked to do, as well as be involved in powerful group exercises.  We will most likely also work with dowsing with rods to feel and locate the ley lines! To help ensure that this retreat is in perfect alignment with you, everyone is being asked to complete and return a brief application or questionnaire to start the process.” 

The town of Glastonbury is nestled beneath the commanding presence of Glastonbury Tor—the heart of the legendary Isle of Avalon and meeting point of several powerful ley lines. Glastonbury, a major pilgrimage destination for thousands of years, is home to numerous sacred sites, some of which date back to the Neolithic period. Legend holds that Joseph of Arimathea arrived in the area with the Holy Grail, blessing the land and spreading the loving gospel of Christ. He is said to have founded Glastonbury Abbey, one of the oldest medieval monasteries in England and rumored resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

   A visit to Glastonbury offers a unique portal into the mystical energies that overlay the land—the nourishing womb of the ancient Earth Mother, the divine presence of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, the enduring legend of King Arthur and healing powers of the Holy Grail, as well as the playful enchantment of the faerie realm. We’ll connect with these magical energies and call upon the divine presence of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, King Arthur, and more. On one of our sacred journeys the Ascended Masters Jesus Christ and Mother Mary energetically appeared and gave us all profound blessings and anointings. Another time, we were guided to create the energetic Shroud of Turin and taught how to use it for ourselves and others. 

For years, souls from all over the world have traveled to Cornwall in hopes of witnessing crop circles. We of course, cannot guarantee that we will be able to visit a crop circle for a variety of reasons, one being that many farmers now cut them down or deny access. However, it is the season for them while we are there and during two previous retreats Archangel Michael guided us to them where we worked on a planetary issues as guided like world hunger, poverty, etc. 

Our Tentative Itinerary as Spirit is Ultimately Guiding Us

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

We will have an informal “meet n greet’ at our Inn in the evening of the 6th. The first day of our pilgrimage begins the following day. Accommodations have been secured at Pilgrims Inn on July 6th. If you plan on arriving earlier and wish to stay at this same established inn (recommended but not required) please contact them directly at Of course, you may choose to advance stay anywhere of your choosing in Glastonbury. We recommend doing this early. *Depending upon any governmental covid restrictions next July, any rooms with a shared bath, must be by a someone in your “bubble”: family/friends/work colleagues, etc.

Day 1: Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The first day of our walking tour of Glastonbury. We will learn about the ley line significance, its story and how we may work with the line. If you have divining rods, it’s a perfect time to have them available! We will visit the main Glastonbury places associated with the line– including Glastonbury Abbey ruins, the Chalice Well and the White Springs.

These waters have been visited for thousands of years and are believed to have healing properties. There will be a break for lunch in town. All sites are quite close to one another. I will be downloading “lessons” from Archangel Michael and many of the Ascended Masters during our time together. This will be a full day. Back in time for dinner and evening rest.

Day 2: Thursday, July 8, 2021

After a delicious prepared breakfast, we will continue our second day with a morning meeting and centering exercise at Pilgrims Inn and if necessary to also share the day’s prior events. Then we will walk to the iconic Glastonbury Tor. If you are unfamiliar with the Tor, it is known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country with magnificent views of Somerset Levels, Dorset, Wiltshire and Wales. Plan on being involved in some spectacular spiritual “alchemic lessons” from Archangel Michael for yourself, others and our planet. This is also an inspiring spot to journal your impressions.

There will be afternoon free time for you to explore some of Glastonbury’s weird and wonderful metaphysical shops if you wish. In the evening, we will meet to group share our adventures. Kelly will also be offering a limited number of discounted private readings after dinner. Please contact her office for more information and advance reservations.

Energy healing retreat atop Glastonbury Tor
Feeling the good vibes from atop the Tor

Day 3: Friday, July 9th

We will meet our wondergful local guide Tor, as we  depart for our Stonehenge adventure by air conditioned van (a 75-min. drive). Lunch will be at the Stonehenge cafe. The rest of the day will be spent exploring and learning the origins and purpose of the Stone Circle itself as communicated from Archangel Michael. We will be guided to conduct energy “alchemy lessons” here also. Late afternoon arrival back to Pilgrims Inn with the remainder of the day open to shopping in Glastonbury, processing the day’s insights or whatever you like

some ladie at stonehenge
Understanding the Origin of Stonehenge with the Help of Archangel Michael

Day 4: Saturday, July 10th 

Today we meet up with Tor, our local guide who will transport us in morning to Cornwall via air-conditioned minivan.  We will be heading west through the counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. After a 3-hr. drive we will visit the Hurler’s Stone Circles and the Cheese Ring rock formation with about 3 miles of walking over uneven ground. We will complete our day with check in to Longboat Inn, our accommodation with a traditional Cornish restaurant, a 5-minute walk to Penzance harbor and near a good selection of shops, cafes and restaurants.

In the evening, please consider dining as a group for our Goddess Night. Costumes are optional, but totally fun and a great way to let out your inner goddess!. We did this last year and a good time was had by all. 

longboat inn outside
Your Accommodation in Penzance and the Site of Our Goddess Night!

Day 5: Sunday, July 11th

We will depart the hotel with our guide via mini van to explore Merry Maidens stone circle in Penzance, the Bos Cowen-Un stone circle and ending where the Archangel Michael and Mother Mary ley lines meet at spectular Carn Les Boel (Land’s End.) 

The Merry Maidens is part of an extensive ceremonial landscape and one of the few ‘true’ stone circles in Cornwall being perfectly circular. Lunch will be at a quaint wayside inn between the sites. Return to our hotel by 5 pm. 

time walking at stone
We Will Visit Many Stone Circles on Our Pilgrimage and Learn the Wisdom of Them

Day 6: Monday, July 12th

We will head to St. Michael’s Mount. Depending upon the tides, we will either walk over the causeway to the island or take a ferry. Lunch will be at the cozy castle café. We will spend several hours exploring the castle, the grounds and conducting further “lessons” from Archangel Michael that I will directly access. Depending upon their theatrical schedule for 2021, we have tentative plans for an optional night out at Minack Theatre, a unique open-air theatre, perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic Ocean. A spectacular setting (and entertaining night) not to be missed. More details will be shared as they become available to us. 


Soul retrieval work was asked of us here in 2019.

Day 7: Tuesday, July 13th

The  last official day for those pilgrims wishing to depart Penzance and their retreat, you may choose to do so via the train station which is conveniently located within walking distance from Longboat Inn. For everyone else opting for the extension to Tintagel, we plan a leisurely late morning departure from Penzance allowing for shopping or exploring Penzance on foot. Then our van heads off to Tintagel, arriving early afternoon with time for lunch on your own, and time for exploring the village before checking into our accommodations.  *For those wishing to depart for home via the Bristol train station, we can transport you there as we head to Tintagel for a small surcharge if the timing is agreed upon before your booking, so as to not to interfere with the rest of the day’s schedule.

Your accommodations in this lovely seaside village have been secured at two side by side highly rated Inns: Pendrin Guest House and Bosayne Guest House, due to current availability. Both are situated near situated near Tintagel Castle. A delicious breakfast is included in both accommodations with some vegan options.

Lovely Pendrin Guest House in Tintagel
Pendrine Dining Room

Day 8: Wednesday, July 14th 

A journey to Tintagel for spiritual workers is not complete without a visit and alchemic work with Merlin in Merlin’s cave and castle! 


Day 9: Thursday, July 15th 

King Arthur's Cornish Castle in Tintagel


Day 10: Friday, July 16t


Do you love spending time in nature and working with Mother Earth? Then perhaps, breathtaking Lydford Gorge and all the elementals there may become a favorite experience of your pilgrimage.
What is included in your 5thD Spiritual Pilgrimage Pricing?
  • Shared room accommodation at the Pilgrim’s Bed & Breakfast (includes a delicious breakfast, some vegan)
  • Shared room accommodation in Penzance England (includes a delicious breakfast).
  • Access to all sites with admission fees listed in the itinerary including Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, Stone Henge, Lydford Gorge, St. Michael’s Mount and Gardens.
  • Our local experienced UK tour guide
  • Comfortable van transportation or taxi transport when not walking.
  • Healing meditations, processes and channeled guidance for the group during the tour by Kelly Hampton
Your responsibility includes (NOT included in your tour pricing):
  • Transportation and travel expenses to and from Glastonbury (arrival and departure)
  • Meals (except breakfast at Pilgrim’s B&B)
  • Single room supplement
  • Optional evening outings, shopping
  • Private sessions with Kelly and any optional group workshops which may be offered
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for baggage handling, guides, waiters
  • Any other incidentals
Cancellation Policy:


Registration will remain open until the retreat is filled. Healing Enterprises LLC reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour. If due to unforseen circumstances, your retreat is cancelled by Healing Enterprises/Kelly Hampton your payment or deposit will be fully refunded. It is required that each participant secure trip cancellation insurance to cover refund of airfare in such a case as this is not our liability. Healing Enterprises/Kelly Hampton will not be held responsible for any cancellation due to government travel restrictions made by your country, France, England, Ireland or Scotland or any other country you may be flying through to arrive at your destination. In this case, your deposit would not be refunded. Although you may transfer your registration to someone else. 

  • Your initial deposit and full payment are nonrefundable. That is because we are required to pay a considerable percentage in advance for the trip, on initial registration and this payment is nonrefundable to us. Commitment is then a major part of this special 5thD power spot pilgrimage. In the event of illness, accident or any scenario in which someone cannot go after remitting the full payment, please be fully aware that while there are no refunds (that is why travel insurance is required), you may sell your trip package to someone else, but you will be responsible for finding the other person who must also meet our requirements for mental, physical and travel insurance criteria. We will assist in this process where we can, but the actual selling of your package will be between you and the new attendee.
  • Please also note that there will be an applicable transfer fee of $250 dollars payable to Healing Enterprises LLC in order to process any accommodation changes in the event you sell your trip for any reason

Your Guides

Here I am downloading divine guidance for the group at Land's End in 2018

Kelly Hampton is a way shower, spiritual Alchemist here to anchor the Christ grid of Ascension. She is a renowned author, elemental, angelic, ascended master and intergalactic channel. She is also an internationally known gifted medium, hearing guidance from your loved ones and animals on the other side which developed since the age of 14 when her beloved Mother first communicated to her from the Kingdom of Heaven. Since 2010, she is also the founder of multiple 5thD-12thD groundbreaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the planet. She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces™ from Archangel Michael—the angel’s answer to feng shui–for creating abundance in our New Earth. She certifies practitioners in all of these modalities worldwide with practitioners currently in six countries.  

She is the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology-astronomy system for the New Millennium from Archangel Michael since 2015. She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing Wisdom from Archangel Michael. All of which have been translated into a number languages.

She also leads 5thD spiritual retreats to power spots and conducts training workshops around the world. This will be her third retreat to the UK with plans to return to Mt. Shasta, Ca. and other 5thD power spots as she is guided.

More recently, she is also the creator of her own expanding line of StarCode Creations:The Light Way to Heal,  highly charged accessories for men, women and pets using healing codes from Archangel Michael as well as HiVibe light language original paintings. She offers continual support during this time of Ascension through her monthly online Ascendancy Program.

Kelly will be assisted by Tor Webster. Tor has been studying the ancient traditions of the early Celtic Christians called ‘The Way’ for over 25 years and knows the area well. As a healer, teacher in his own right, Tor personally knows many of the characters in Glastonbury and will lend his historical knowledge to our amazing journey together in his especially colorful and magical way. 

What Others Are Sharing

“Downloads from Mother Mary at the altar, chanting “om mani padme hum” at the crop circle, chanting and hearing the strength of my voice, receiving my energetic tools from Kelly and putting them to use,channeled messages from Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Yeshua were all favorite experiences of mine. I loved the time in our van when Kelly shared more teachings and offerings through her stories. Holding the nautilus shell in our circle the last day with all of our hands together in final ceremony, feeling a strong presence of Mother Mary at Lands End and really ALL that was offered.”–Carolyn

“I loved the variety and number of sites we visited, tuning into the energies in each place.”–Pat T.

“The sisterhood and the understanding that we were accomplishing something important were among my favorite experiences.”–Debbie

“Everything was my favorite! The synchronicity and magic of the group, how divinely supported we were. Glastonbury Abbey brought tears of joy. I felt like I had returned home. At Stonehenge, I loved Theo the Giant playing with me.” –Wendy L.

“The teachings and channelings Kelly shared from Archangel Michael, Jesus, The Council of 9-12 and others. Meeting and spending time with everyone. The work we did at St. Michael’s Mount and the surprise of the crop circle.”–Jean H.

“Every moment was truly a huge gift!”–Susan C.

“Magical is the one word I would use to describe this journey.”–Marian

“The Abbey in Glastonbury was one of my favorite experiences. I was also in awe of the beauty of Mother Earth at Land’s End. I learned from this journey that people have so much more depth than you can possibly know if you don’t spend time with them. I’ve learned that women are so courageous and resilient in their personal journeys through life. I’ve learned that every person has something to teach us. Thank you Kelly for sharing your gifts with us and for just being you. I would do it again with you!”–Ingrid R.

“With this sacred journey, I hoped to discover how I can offer more and see the divine in others and contribute to heal our world. Thank you so much for all the invaluable offerings!”–Susan C.

“What did I learn about others from this experience? That we are all one at the core whatever exterior we present to the world. The whole trip was hugely expansive and it felt like we had stepped into Lord of the Rings. The crop circle was a once in a lifetime experience and I felt wonder, awe and a powerful connection to my Galactic brothers and sisters. The rugged landscape at the coast, the rocks and luminous swirling waters were spell binding.”–Marian

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