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[FREE Q&A] Star Home Group Master Coaching Call for Your Pets: How are Pets Ascending?
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Renowned Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher Kelly Hampton Will Cover Topics Including:


  • What is your pet’s soul theme?
  • Where is their soul home?
  • Are they a starseed?
  • Where is their star home?
  • What is their star mission?
  • What are their gifts they brought into this incarnation?
  • How and why is knowing these things going to help your pets?
  • What are the ten 10 spiritual teachings which Archangel Michael wishes us to know to support our pets during their time of Ascension?
  • How can you increase your telepathy to communicate with your pets?
  • How to be in a like minded animal loving community

Join Kelly from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop in this master class as she answers these questions for you.


  • You will be sent the call-in information once her office has been notified of your package purchase.
  • Your call will begin with a healing meditation.
  • Replays will be available in the event you are unable to attend this Q and A call live.

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