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A Partial List of Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Practitioners for Children & Adults

The following are healing practitioners who have chosen to be publicly listed certified to perform Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ for Adults & Children. Feel free to contact anyone listed. Please note the training level obtained. Only those certified for 2nd and 3rd attunements may provide this service.

 Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioners, USA

Ariana Hughes

Certification: 1st Attunements
Atlanta, GA

Several years ago, I was strongly led to Intergalactic Star Healing to heal my own ailments in the midst of my spiritual awakening as a Usui Reiki Master. I had profound results, and it became apparent that this advanced healing system is truly superior, as it utilizes the wise energies of the Pleiadian galaxy. This system corrects imbalances by dispelling toxins that cause disease and disharmony within the body, restores one’s energetic vessel back to one of 5th dimensional love/peace while re-establishing a strong connection back to the Creator. I believe it is part of my soul’s purpose to share this miraculous healing modality with many to assist their soul in shedding unhealthy energies, catalyzing their awakening/ ascension, and helping one to return to the Christ’s Consciousness. It gives me great joy to be used as a vessel for God in the healing of others. I enjoy working with all souls, but my specialty entails working with high-vibrational Crystal, Rainbow, and Indigo individuals on the spectrum ( Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, etc. ) acclimate and integrate properly onto this Earth plane. I am willing to travel for healings.

Laura Logan

Certification: 1st Attunements

Wahiawa, HI (808) 352-2752

Aloha, my reason for becoming a Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Practitioner is to be in service to God and to help anyone and everyone that is sent my way. Being on this spiritual path is such a blessing and my wish is to help others along their journey as well. This type of healing modality is very profound and it is such an honor to be on the path of helping to share this with others.

Dr. Amy Lau – Irvine, CA
Certification: 2019 1st Attunements (presently in certification)
(949) 491-1816
FB / Twitter: @natureinhawaii | IG:

I am a white light healer and a spiritual life coach with a doctorate in clinical psychology and many years of practice both in mental and spiritual health. I was drawn to Kelly Hampton and was amazed at the powerful and loving energy of the Star Healing through a few minutes demo group healing from Kelly in the interview. The next day, my belly fat went away, and I felt in shape, healthy and confident in many ways. I have received and learned many various energy healing from many different healers, but the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy felt more completed, most efficient, and powerful than what I’ve known so far. It’s so wonderful to bask in its energy! I’m very excited to pass this beautiful yet powerful healing energy to you, so you can end your struggles in life, and be free and happy! Schedule an appointment with me now.

Naseem Hajizadeh (Arizona and Maine)
Certification: 1st Attunement 
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I have studied and experienced many healing modalities before Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. I was interested in trying something new and I felt guided to learn a different method of energy healing. I am excited to offer Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ work and services to others. Thank you Kelly for providing me with the opportunity to become a certified practitioner!

Kit Shepperd – Eureka Springs, AR
Certification: 1st Attunement

Poco Taylor- Eureka Springs, AR
Certification: 1st Attunemen

rosalie-rev1-e1417398407606-150x150Rosalie (Halligan) Aubrun – Mountain View, CA 94043
Certification: 1st & 2nd Attunements 

Born in San Francisco, California, I have a warm and inviting demeanor that makes for a wonderful relaxing healing experience. I offer phenomenal healings either in person (or I can travel to your required destination) or remotely now using the new Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ system.

Sometimes the healing takes place right away and continues to work over time. People usually report that emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues resolve. I myself have had continual peace granted to me. I love my new peaceful self. I can handle every situation with ease. I especially love the Ascended Spaces™ house clearing. I used to smudge with sage for years but this new Ascended Spaces™ house cleaning works so much better. I hope you all get to experience it. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful healing modality…many thanks.

ellen-bio3-10-08b-002Dr. Ellen Simon – Gualala, CA 95445
Certification: 1st Attunement 
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I have been a family doctor in Germany for 20 years. Then I spent 20 years in a Buddhist monastery. For almost 5 years I am now living in Northern California near the Pacific Ocean, practicing energy medicine. The personal experience of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ sparked my interest in practicing it myself.

jeanine-lajeunesse-108px-e1443152163163Jeanine Lajeunesse – Putnam CT
Certification: 1st Attunement 
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Sessions can be done remotely or by phone. I am willing to travel. I find Star Healing an amazing way to support people to heal their mind body and spirit. Since I have received this healing I have noticed many changes in myself. I am more peaceful and calm in environments that were quite stressful in the past. It is a pleasure to be able to offer this healing to others.


Kelly Hampton – St. Louis, MO | Founded Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ in 2010
Certification: Founder of all systems

Click here to email. | Skype: kelly.a.hampton

I am available for travel and in-person workshop training/seminars on Ascension, including Ascended Spaces™, remote Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ healing sessions available anywhere around the world.

cathyCatherine Cogorno – St. Louis, MO
Certification: 1st and 2nd Attunements
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I am blessed to be able to serve as a conduit for this wonderful healing practice, an upgrade to the Reiki work I have practiced for 14 years. Assisting in healing and raising the vibratory frequency of each and any being elevates the energy of the entire world. Celestial beings accompany us on this Sacred Path of enlightenment and sharing.

Testimonials from working with Catherine

I am thinking crystal clear and I’m dropping some excess weight..,.. my knee is completely healed and I’m emotionally stable… the doctor said I am no longer pre-diabetic! … I am now on only one medication…”.. After the last section of Star Healing: ” … This is the first time in 35 years that I am pain free (physical and mental)… I know I owe a portion of that to your Star Healing sessions…. I’ve begun reading complicated books after not being able to enjoy this favorite recreation for the last 32 yrs…my concentration was so badly damaged… I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart….. I can’t tell you how Star Healing has changed my life!. It’s like I’m reborn!  (Jane)

My sciatica pain was practically gone after the treatment. I have had many vivid dreams. Mostly, I have stayed more calm and relaxed and feel more motivated, focusing on things, writing, to attract prosperity. My visualization is getting better. I feel less anxiety and sadness. Am able to separate myself (Soul) from my mind, and I find myself talking to my mind. This all clears me from illusion. (A.G.)

Regarding the shoulder pain, it has improved a lot. The heart condition is something different that I don’t know how to explain, other than it makes me feel better. On the skin rash/eczema, it is going away. I notice more calmness. (Gaston, OR)

I felt the expansive energy and beings throughout the entire session.” 10 days later … ” My tinnitus in left ear went into a subtle high pitch, which I noticed, as a shift. My kidneys ached for 2 days which is what they do when I cleanse and they are being cleansed. So even though that may not sound positive, I’m well aware of the shifting that is taking place. Very calm and overall good sense of well-being. Thanks so much.” (Roxanne)

gwen-hill-221x300-221x300Gwendolyn Hill 
Certification: 1st Attunement
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I have been offering healing for body, mind, emotion and spirit for 30 years, using touch, breath-work sound and hands-on energy. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ uses some of those same healing modalities, but takes the vibration to a whole new level, to the 5th dimension and higher. It has become a wonderful ascension tool to add to my offerings as a healer. I feel very honored to be included in this listing.

Linda Pullano
Certification: 1st and 2nd Attunements 
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I am grateful to Archangel Michael and Kelly Hampton for the recent wonderful live training in Rhode Island.  Having already been trained in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Healing in 2010 for people, I was thrilled to include, in my practice, Animal Healing.

The power of this new healing system always amazes.  Having done over 400 Star Healings on people I’m looking forward to helping the 4 legged souls. Thank you Kelly for your commitment to teaching all of us around the world this beautiful and powerful Healing System. — Love, Linda Pullano, Owner & Healer, Herbs & Angels LLC

lauradillardLaura Dillard – Houston, TX
Certification: 1st Attunement
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As a child, I knew that I was meant to live life as a healer. For the last few years, I have worked using Reiki, Full Spectrum Healing (FSH), and other energy modalities. I was led to Star Healing™ by Archangel Michael, and when I received a Star Healing attunement, I knew that it was a healing system unlike any I had ever experienced. I’m excited and honored to be of service by offering this amazing healing energy to others.

Partial List of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioners, Japan

Emiko Michiai
Certification: 1st Attunement
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Masako Tsuboi
Akiyoshi Ono
Naomi Ueta
Yurika Takahashi
Takako Adachi
Ayako Hirano
Norkio Nishizawa
Saeko Tanaka
Yukiko Kataoka

Emiko Michiaia
Certification: 1st Attunement Adults/Children 2nd Attunement

Hiromi Tachibana
Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement

Margaret Hiro Kimishima
Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement

Hiroki Ban
Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement

Ayako Kanno
Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement

Eizo Kaneko
Certification: 1st Attunement

Certification: 1st Attunement

Michiko Watanabe
Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement


Naomi Ueta
Certification: 1st Attunement

Certification: 1st / 2nd Attunement

Kumiko Michiai
Certification: 1st Attunement 
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Hiromi Tachibana
Certification: 1st Attunement
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Kayoko Moriyama

Yoshie Kurosawa

*Setsuko Inagaki: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Level Certification

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Yukako Miyazaki

Miki Kobayashi

Kazuko Sugiyama  杉山和子 level 1 and 2 practitioner.

Cieko Suzuki chi-7-16-eko@ezweb.nejp

Yuri Ambai

Keiko Sawada

Satomi Horie

Midori Yamashita

Chieko Watari (Eve)

Yoko Waki

Seiko Kobayashi (hijiri)

Hiroko Uedo

Miwa Kono

YasuYo Nema

Riri Kobayashi

Kiyomi Sonooka

Kayoko Sato

Kaemi Koyama

Yasue Uehara

Arisa Igarashi

Kawori Hashimoto

Dana Silvoza


Norah Ramsay
Certification: 1st Attunement

As a result of receiving spiritual healing myself, to help heal the traumas I had experienced in my life, I was drawn to healing work and became a Healer Member of The Healing Trust. I am now guided to study Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM with Kelly and Archangel Michael. 

Susanna Terry

Certification: 1st Attunement

I speak English, Greek, and French. I was born in Athens Greece but I have been living in England for many years now. Holistic and alternative health has been my sphere of work for many years. I am a homeopathic practitioner,a trainer in Light Touch Therapies, and a coach. One evening I listened to a webinar with Kelly Hampton and Archangel Michael. AA Michael was the angel who I first saw in my dream when I was eleven years old. I then booked a session with Kelly and experienced Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ and a reading as well. I immediately bought her two books which I read again and again. Two attunements later I decided I was ready to learn this universal form of healing. There is still a lot to learn in order to offer this therapy to my clients but I am keen to master Star Intergalactic Healing™ and help as many people as I can. Love and kindness to all.

leannejarvisLeanne Jarvis, Co Durham

Certification: 1st Attunement

Studying Star Healing Equine™ and Star Healing for Small Animals™, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Second attunements.

Lisa Watson, Sunderland, Northeast of England, UK

Certification: 1st Attunement
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I have always been a spiritual person but it wasn’t until my late 30’s when becoming part of a paranormal investigation team, which brought me into contact with a medium, who in turn linked me with the person who would become my Reiki Master. I completed my 1st and 2nd degree in Usui Reiki. I enjoyed learning this healing modality but never felt totally connected to it and when I came across Angelic Reiki, I realized I felt so much connected and at home. I completed my Level 1/2 Angelic Reiki, attuned by Leanne Jarvis ( one of UK’s first Star Healers), and worked by way up to Master Teacher level, also completing level one and Master Healer / Teacher level in Metatronia Therapy along the way. Now I am embarking upon my level one in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ with Kelly Hampton. I feel privileged to have been guided to do so. I feel the time is right for me and undergoing healing myself along with preparing for the workshop, genuinely believe this is to be my life’s turning point whereby I begin to fulfill my life’s mission during this lifetime.


emmanualpries-150x150Emmanuelle Pries – Bonn, Germany
Certification: 1st Attunement 
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sharynShatara Mckenzie –  New Zealand
Certification: 1st Attunement
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I have followed Archangel Michael`s teachings and that of our Galactic neighbors for many years which gave me a spiritual understanding of life. This unfolding led me on my path to my passion for spiritual and healing knowledge and my desire to assist others on their journey to greater awareness and freedom. With training and certification in various modalities, I was guided in seeking my direction, and with divine timing, finding the perfect position for service in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy. I feel honored to be offering this new and powerful healing system for the time of transformation we are in.

Partial Documented Resuts 

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioners for Small Animals

The following are healing practitioners who have chosen to be publicly listed certified to perform Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ on Small Animals. Feel free to contact anyone listed. Please note the attunement training obtained. Only those certified for 2nd and 3rd Attunements may provide this service.

United States

Tisha Scurich – Aptos, CA
Certification: 1st Attunement
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I had been looking at energy healing as an alternative and supplement to my own health care and general well being. I studied intuitive energy reading for two years with a teacher from my area. I really wanted to learn how to heal people , and felt the energy reading was not quite what I wanted to do. I had tried other forms of energy healing in the past from other healers, and, did not feel any results. I heard Kelly on a webinar and decided that Star Healing could be the answer I was looking for. I signed up for a healing session with Kelly, it was amazing and powerful. I received immediate results and continued receiving blessings in many forms. My TMJ symptoms disappeared almost overnight and I had an overwhelming sense of peace which was very welcome. I am a certified animal healer through Kelly’s Star Healing program. She is a great teacher, very thorough , and helpful. She oversees all the sessions when learning so that a student gets a good grasp on the techniques. I have had some fantastic experiences during the animal healing sessions that absolutely amazed me! I was so glad I took this path with Kelly and animal healing. I also did the AAM Ascended Spaces Attunement on some client homes. They all received unexpected income and were truly surprised about the abundance they received! I plan to continue to also Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM for Children and Adults.

Patti Ransford -Naples, FL
Certification: 1st Attunement
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As a pet sitter, I realized the need for energy healing work because so many of my ‘clients’ came from homes and shelters where they experienced abuse and/or trauma – even if their current human companions are unaware of this. I found Star Healing for Small Animals to be exactly what I was looking for because this phenomenal healing system helps animals overcome physical, mental and emotional issues. It has now become my passion to help as many of our animal companions as possible to live a life free from disharmony. I do this beautiful Star Healing energy work remotely so that this healing system can be brought to all animals around the world.

Kelly Hampton – St. Louis, MO | Founded Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ in 2010
Certification: Founder of all systems
Click here to email. | Skype: kelly.a.hampton

I am available for travel and in-person workshop training/seminars on Ascension, including Ascended Spaces™, remote Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ healing sessions available anywhere around the world.

Gina Pirone – Old Bridge, NJ
Certification: 1st Attunement 
Throughout my life, I have always had a love for animals of any kind. I have been doing healing work in the past, but I felt it was lacking something, and that something was “Healing”. Then I found it! Star Healing Intergalactic Energy for Small Animals from Archangel Michael. This course has given me what I have been looking for and has brought be closer to the animal kingdom, which is where I want to be and belong.

Nancy Zuffoletti – Coventry, Rhode Island

Certification: 1st Attunement
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Linda Pullano, Rhode Island
Certification: 1st Attunement 

Having already been trained in Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM Healing in 2010 for people, I was thrilled to include, in my practice, Animal Healing. The Animal Healing was thorough and comprehensive and very wonderful.  The feedback from owners is coming in and I look forward to continuing to expand as AAM provides.


Wendy Duncan – Canada
Certification: 1st Attunement 

I have known about Star Healing since 2008.  I talked to Kelly many times and found her to be so accurate.  I was naturally intrigued and studied more about Star Healing.  I had Star Healing done on my animals and was amazed at the results.  I also applied Ascended Spaces and found this to be extremely important to the healing process. I am honoured to be in training for small animal healing and hope to continue to grow in my service of many. I am grateful for Kelly sharing the knowledge for the healing of all. I can be reached at

New Zealand

geraldinebix3800-2-150x150Geraldine Benedict – Auckland, New Zealand
Certification: 1st Attunement 

Animals resonate with us deeply, more unconditionally than some humans can. As a practitioner of the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ system, I facilitate the restoration of peace and calm to your animal. The consciousness of our animal companions is a mirror of our own consciousness. When we become aware of the work they are doing, we become more connected to caring for them and assisting with any healing. I offer Star Healing remotely or in person.
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Partial Documented Results

Marley, aka Bruce, is doing wonderfully! He is eating consistently and is finally gaining weight! He seems much more relaxed and playful too.  Very very happy and comfortable  compared to how timid he could also be at times. ( we think he was abused) . Once again thank you so much for what you have done! The star healing has definitely worked for him in many positive ways! — Jennie and Deanna, USA

Ginger has been feeling so much better.  She breathes more easily and less congested.  Her right shoulder is strong as I have not noticed her falling on it.  It is so amazing! We continue to say positive words to both dogs.  — Anna Fandetti

Io and Copper are learning to cohabitate and Io was given a clean bill of health the other day as well. She is without her anxiety now. Thank you!  — Kathleen

Sophie is a black and white American Short Hair cat that is 13-years old.  She seems bored, sad, depressed and sleeps most of the time.  She doesn’t want to play or interact at all.  After her session with Gina Pirone, I noticed a definite change in her behavior.  She was interacting more, playing and running around after her brother.  She is so much happier and her purring, wow!  Sophie is so affectionate than ever before.  I love her so much!  Thank you Archangel Michael for bringing this amazing Star Healing system to all of our pets!   Marie L.  –  NJ

Anastasia is a 3-year old longhaired cat and is the boss of the house.  She was very aggressive, hissing, swatting (scratching) and biting anyone that would come into the house.  When Gina Pirone had done her session in the beginning of April ’15, she was much calmer than I have ever seen her.  The biggest test was one night when we had company.  Anastasia stayed in the room for a while, which was unusual because she would be there by the door as they came in.  She then came out into the living room where everyone was sitting and to our surprise DIDN’T swat, hiss, bite or show any aggression towards any of our guests.  I was in shock to say the least.  She wanted them to pet her and was purring the whole time.  Anastasia is so loving, happy, and enjoyable to be around.  — Paul T.  NJ

Haze is a 10-year old mixed breed dog.  He was sad, depressed, always peed on the kitchen/bathroom rugs, and constantly barked. After his session with Gina Pirone I can’t believe the changes in his behavior so soon.  He hasn’t peed in the house since I have been sitting with him and saying positive loving words.  Just by doing this simple act of kindness and love made such a difference in our lives.  Haze has been so loving, much happier, and affectionate and doesn’t bark at every little thing.  Thank you, Archangel Michael!   Jayana V.  – NJ

Charlie is a gray outside cat with white paws.  I had shelter for him and fed him for the past 6 years. He always seemed afraid of everyone and was very cautious. After his session with Gina Pirone, one day he decided to peek inside the door and finally came inside the house.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so excited!  We brought him to the vet for shots to make sure he was healthy. He’s not afraid to come upstairs and look around to see if anyone is there.  Thank you Gina for bringing this beautiful cat into our life and home. He is so loving, affectionate and he purrs so loud, that I have to put the TV louder, which I don’t mind at all doing!  Archangel Michael, thank you so much for bringing us the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy system.   Annie L. — NJ

Bella is a Husky Mix dog that is 2 years old.  She was abused in the past, afraid of everyone (especially men), barked all the time and would hide in her crate for hours when we have company.  She is very nervous, anxious, paces back and forth and walks with her tail between her legs. My Aunt was terrified of her. After her session with Gina Pirone, there was such a remarkable change in her behavior.  She’s not barking and responding to visitors aggressively.  She’s slowly warming up to people.  When my Aunt came over to visit, she could not believe it.  She didn’t bark as much at her.  Bella went over to my Aunt, sat down alongside of her and allowed my Aunt to pet her under her chin.  When I look at Bella, I see how happy she is with her tail wagging all the time.  Thank you Gina for all the compassion you showed to Bella.  The Star Healing Intergalactic Energy system from Archangel Michael really works.  I have seen it with my own eyes!   Kristin K.  — NJ

Khloe is an indoor Calico cat that is 4-years old.   She has a bad habit of biting people when you go to pet her or she bites their ankles.  She always held up her right paw and wasn’t affectionate. After Khloe’s remote session with Gina Pirone, she was calmer and happier, doesn’t hold up her paw and didn’t bite me or anyone else that came into contact with her.  She has been so affectionate and loving ever since her session.  She wants to be petted all the time and purrs loudly.  She is definitely much happier than I have ever seen her.  There is a peace and calm in her and it makes me so happy.   Thank you Archangel Michael for bringing this wonderful system to all of our pets.  –Ann T.  NJ

Jordan is a Cocker Spaniel who is 10-years old. I rescued him from a puppy mill when he was a stud. He came to me with many phobias, especially with noises, boxes, anything out of place, people, especially children and especially if a person had anything in their hands or a hat on.  He always had a sad look in his eyes and stayed near me at all times.   He had a cataract in his right eye and smelly ear wax. He used to lick at his paws and feet out of nervousness.  After his first session with Gina Pirone, I took one look at him and noticed his big brown eye did not have that sad look any longer and I also noticed that both eyes were big and brown.  I looked and saw that the cataract had all but disappeared. I was delighted.  We went out for a walk, but it turned into a run.   We even met up with some children riding bicycles. The “Spaniel” has come out in him as he has his nose to the ground, to the air, sniffing out anything that might interest him.  His ears have stayed clean since the session and he sleeps and rests calmly.   Julie Calvey  — IL

Max is a 13-year old American Short Hair gray cat. He has issues being very aggressive, afraid of everything, anxiety and arthritis in his back hips and legs.  I had heard about the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy system through a friend and knew that he would be in good hands.  The system is done remotely. After his session with Gina Pirone, I saw a difference in Max the second day.  He was not aggressive.  After about two weeks, the aggression was still gone, along with his anxiety and I could not believe how much better he walked up and down the stairs.  Max didn’t look like he was in pain anymore.  He even runs around and plays more.  Thank you Star Healing for making our life so much happier!  —Joe D. – NJ

After Kelly’s remote Star session with Jasper, my beloved cat who had arthritic hips and wasn’t eating, all have improved. Thank you, Kelly and Archangel Michael. — Julie Ann T. Michigan

Last week AAM did an energy transmission for my kitty. His left eye had a serious ulcer. Initially, the emergency veterinarian mentioned to me that if I had not brought him in for treatment there could have been risk of me having to take him to an ophthalmologist and risk of him losing his eye. 3 days later, I took him in for an evaluation from his regular veterinarian, they said that there was no trace of the ulcer and all was fine. He was to finish out the rest of his meds, to just keep an eye on him and he could return to his regular activities, minus the awful collar he had to wear.  In 3 days? I absolutely think the healing was a miraculous help! We both thank you very much. He is such a blessing to me and shows a lot to me that I need to learn, so his well being means so much more than I could explain.–Lucy and Juniper, CA

I did Rocking the Baby over my anxious calico as Kelly taught us and he immediately calmed down. I am impressed it worked so quickly and easily!—Kelsey and Big Brown in the UK

As a puppy, Geedo was abused and neglected. He sleeps on my bed and always did a lot of tossing and turning. I also had to keep the door closed because this made him feel safe.  Since his Star Healing attunement he now sleeps soundly throughout the night and the bedroom door is open.  He feels safe and secure.  He is also more playful and I can see an air of confidence about him. Thanks to Star Healing my dog is happier now.  –Kathy – Grayslake IL

The jealousy has stopped between Lilly and Mocha. They were always competitively vying for my attention and now they are so much calmer.–Patti R.

This is such an amazing gift for our animals/families. Thank you for making this available to humanity. I will be taking notes and following up. I must say that she’s amazing as is but I have immediately noticed what seems like a restoration or heightening gracefulness in her running. She’s breathtaking to watch. Her energy has really shifted.  It’s like something has been restored.I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.”—Turia, Host of AWAKENING HEART GLOBAL TELESUMMIT

Sam is a three year old Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever. She came to me suffering from behavioral aggression, pain due to regrown hips, and lack of communication with her owner Teri. “I came home from the store the other day and jumped up on her back legs to give me a kiss. She has never been able to do that before! She only did it once, but still, it was fun to experience with her. She has been less growly in regards to her hips and back. I happened to be at the vet for her chiropractic appointment at the exact time you were working with her and the vet could not find hardly any areas of her back and hips that needed adjustment! She has been more loving and attentive. She has been active, running, jumping, catching balls and seems to be in no pain whatsoever, including to the touch.—Teri, Australia

Toreto is eating and drinking on his own, wandering around, enjoying time outdoors.  We are not aware of any more seizures (after his session with you.) Kelly, a week ago, he had about 10% chance of surviving due to his age, size, and severity of his condition.  Without your help, he would not be alive right now.  This is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.– Much Love, Shelby

Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Certified Equine Practitioners

The following are healing practitioners who have chosen to be publicly listed certified to perform Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Equine™ . Feel free to contact anyone listed. Please note the attunement level obtained. Only those certified for 2nd and 3rd attunements may provide this service.

United States

Kelly Hampton – St. Louis, MO | Founded Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ in 2010
Certification: Founder of all systems
Click here to email. | Skype: kelly.a.hampton

I am available for travel and in-person workshop training/seminars/speaking engagements on Ascension, including Ascended Spaces™, remote Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ healing sessions available anywhere around the world.

Shayne Gray
(603) 387-2121
I have worked in the medical field for many years. I have always loved animals and have owned many over the years.  My big love has always been horses.  I could not imagine my life without them.  I have a huge passion for alternative medicine.  I am a Reiki Master. I love crystals and have greatly explored and used them for their healing abilities.   I also have a huge love of Essential Oils and the many uses they have and use them daily for myself and my animals.   I heard a radio program Kelly was on this summer (2014) and I was immediately drawn to Star Healing and wanted to know more.   I had Kelly do a few sessions on me and it helped with some ongoing pain I had been having.   I enrolled in Star Equine Healing because it incorporates my passion of horses, oils, crystals and energy healing.   I look forward to being able to help horses in my local area but also through distance star healing.

Elizabeth Brownrigg

First Attunement Practitioner

PO Box 40/Carson, NM  87517/ 575-758-2758

I’m very drawn to learning another form of energy healing in addition to Reconnective Healing. I love animals, and I now have an equine area at Vista Verde Retreat, so it just seems natural that I should learn how to work with them on an energetic level.

Rosalie Aubrun

First Attunement Practitioner


Doralee Olsen

First Attunement Practitioner


Gloria Murray

Facebook: Blue Lace Equestrian

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In a short space of time and exposure to the veterinary clinic and their practises, I realised that there is so much more to helping an animal than just addressing the visible issue present… My alternative thoughts were ridiculed, so I remained quiet. In fact, this experience drove me further into discovering alternative healing practices, and this is where Kelly Hampton’s Intergalactic Star Energy Healing course caught my eye.

Partial Documented Results 

(My horse) Tonka was scared of everything…the wind, crossing water, and he wouldn’t stand tied very long.  He would spook at the slightest things especially when we were on the trail. After one Star Healing with you he is so calm now! I can’t believe it’s the same animal. Thank you, thank you!!-Lucy and Tonka, USA

Nexus (my horse) does not stand tied EVER. Someone always has to hold her when the Ferrier is there. Kris said he noticed a big difference in Nexus after her Star Healing. She usually prances everywhere, but this time she did it once and Kris asked her to stop and she did.  I’ve had her for 7yrs and this is a first!  I am so happy!! — Shayne Gray, Star Healing Equine Practitioner

 The farrier came to our barn today and Susan  asked him how his horse Clayton was after his Star Healing Equine Session and his response was, “He ran away from me the other day, all the way back to the paddock.”  Someone asked him if that made him mad and he said “No, it was a miracle!” He was bucking yesterday.  He said he didn’t know what you did but it is working. All I can say is wow!  His arthritis was so bad he was going to put him down this spring because he was out of options and now he is riding him!  Simply amazing!”—Ted, Clayton and Susan and Shayne, USA


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